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  1. The Dimera House Kristen opens the front door after hearing a knock. She is surprised and delighted to see Bo. Kristen “Bo, Come in.” Bo “Don’t mean to barge in like this. Are we alone?” Kristen “No one is here but the maids. I’ve missed you.” She gives him a hug. He holds her back. Bo, pulling away from her “Listen, we have to talk” Kristen “You’ve come to a decision about Hope and I? You chose Hope didn’t you?” Bo “No. It’s not that easy. It’s about your sister. I wanted you to hear this from me.” Kristen “Hear what? Which sister are you talking about?” Bo “Megan. Megan is claiming to be pregnant with my child.” Kristen “What? Bo? How? How could this happen? My sister?” Bo “Kristen I am sorry. I was drunk. Megan took advantage of me.” Kristen, deeply hurt, wiping a tear rolling down her face, “When will you find out if this child is really yours?” Bo “Hope and I are waiting on Lexie to call with the paternity test results.” Kristen “This is a hard one to swallow Bo. You have Hope, Megan and me out on a limb. “ Bo “I didn’t ask for any of this. What you and I have just happened. Naturally. I can’t control it Kristen. I love you Kristen. I love you.” Kristen overjoyed to hear those words from Bo’s mouth, runs up to him and holds him. He wraps his arms around her as well. They look into each others eyes, and giving into to passion Bo kisses her. He then pulls back Bo “I can’t do this Kristen. I am hurting so many people. “ Kristen “I love you and you love me. Bo love me. Love me now.” She kisses him and pushes him into the Dimera living room. She begins taking her clothes off and then his. She pushes him onto the couch as they are both naked. He looks at her nice curvy body. Unable to help himself he pulls her down onto to him as Bo and Kristen have a love session in the afternoon. Life in Salem Episode 450: Love in the Afternoon Written by: ML Cooks Bo and Hope’s House. Hope is in the kitchen feeding Pam and Addie. Addie “Where’s daddy?” Hope “I don’t know sweetie. (She says as she wonders if Bo is with Kristen or Megan) Hope “Guess what girls; I rented some movies for us to watch. Let’s go into the living room and get comfortable.” Pam “Ok mommy.” Hope escorts her twins into the living room. She turns her flat screen TV on and gets the movie ready to be watched. Wondering where Bo is, she dials his cell phone number but it goes straight to voicemail. She sighs. “I’m losing my family. I’m losing everything.” Tuscany A waiter walks over to Kate, Justin’s and Philip’s table. Kate “I’ll have a water crest salad.” Justin “Give me the Filet mignon.” Philip “While you two eat your bird food, I’m going to eat like a man. Give me a t-bone, well done.” Waiter “As you wish sir.” The waiter walks away. Philip “ Salem …. I see nothing has changed. “ Kate “A lot has changed my son. Victor is dead, Stefano is dead, and Marlena is dead. Vivian owns Salem . It doesn’t feel like the same place anymore.” Philip Well I knew all of that. It’s just going to take an energized go getter like myself to get this rolling. It’s time for things in Salem to be shaken up. 2010 is going to be one hell of a year in Salem . I don’t know what Vivian has on her mind, but she’s a fool if she thinks The Kirakis’s are some push over. And because my dear cousin here Justin couldn’t get the job done, I guess this task rest upon me.” Justin “Well Excuse me. I tried. I can’t do this by myself.” Philip “I can” he says smugly. Justin “I like to see you try. Vivian has garnered a lot of power.” Philip “So what does that mean? You could only nip at her heels?” Kate “Ok you two. Enough. This is not the way we are going to get back our empires. This is what Vivian wants. Let’s focus.” As she says that, the waiter comes back with their food. Philip’s mouth waters as he is about to dive into a piece of heaven after been served jail food for the past few years. Justin smiles at Kate and Kate gives him a flirtatious look. Salem Jail Mike with April walks over to his mother’s cell. Laura, getting off her cot is thrilled. “Michael. So glad you came to see me honey.” Mike “I miss mom. How are you holding up?” Laura “I’m used to being confined. Nothing new for me.” Looking at April “I see you brought my attorney. Is everything ok? Did something change?” Mike “Oh, no. I just thought I would let you know April and I are dating now.” April “I hope that is ok with you Mrs. Horton.” Laura “It is. I am so glad it’s just not that vial Robin. Mike I am telling you, she is setting me up to be in here.” Mike “Mom, please don’t. This is hard for me to deal with. I got my own mother, accusing my son’s mother of faking a fall and framing you for it. “ April “Don’t worry; we will get to the bottom of this. It’s only a matter of time.” Laura “Oh I know. Liars never win and Michael you will see I am telling the truth. I have no business being here. Robin is not a good mother for Jeremy. She’s a liar and a cheat. I hope you can come to you senses soon.” Mike “I love you mom. Your trial is soon.” Laura “I’m counting the days. That’s all I have to do in here. I’m counting the days until Robin is exposed for the lying Bitch she is.” Mike “I’ll be back soon; I have an appointment with the board of directors at the hospital.” Laura, frowning up, “You have a meeting with the board? That can’t be good.” Mike “Very interesting to say the least. Something big must be about to happen. I’ll keep you posted.” Laura “I love you Michael.” Mike and April leaves, leaving Laura to ponder her thoughts of her freedom. Hotel, Lucas and Eugenia’s Suite Greta stops pounding Nicole’s head into the ground. She is unconscious. Jan “Please Greta. We have babies. Just let us go. You have to get help. I’m sorry for everything. “ Greta “No way in hell. It’s over. This ends now.” Greta aims the gun at Jan, then at her son Bentley. Eugenia “Greta, it doesn’t have to end like this.” Greta “I thought I asked you to quit talking.” Greta fires the gun in her direction but it misses. Josh and Bentley begin crying. Greta “Damn shut those babies up! I can’t take it.” Jan and Eugenia both try to comfort their sons. Neither one is getting any quieter. Greta “That’s it.” She fires the gun in Jan’s direction but the bullet hit’s Bentley in the back. Jan let’s out this horrible scream. Greta screams as well “SHUT UP MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE.” Lucas comes too as he hears all the screaming and sees blood pouring from baby Bentley. Lucas is horrified. He’s angry. A rage is building inside him as the cries of the babies get more intense. He jumps up and grabs Greta, knocking the gun out of her hand. He begins to choke her. Pinning her against a wall, he is choking the air out of her body. As the baby cries echo louder in Lucas's head, the tighter his grip becomes on Greta’s neck. Eugenia hollers out “Lucas No! Stop it!” Greta’s face is now purple and she’s making gagging noises. Eugenia “You’re going to kill her.” Lucas “It’s too late for that.” Lucas drops Greta’s lifeless body onto the floor. Greta is dead. Lucas has killed Greta!
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