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  1. Yeah but what exact month range? Like what were his first stories? Did he write Brooke taking over forresters?
  2. So Bradley Bell took over Spring 1993, right? Does anyone know when his stuff started airing? I sometimes hear 1994
  3. Do u have the one for the whole of this year? Thanks
  4. I actually agree 1999-2002 was a good era but there was a lower attention span.
  5. Does anyone have the full episode counts for this year, thanks.
  6. What did you all think about the bold years 1994 and 1995? Do you think they were strong periods
  7. I would never wish cancellation on this show, there’s still 2 million who look forwar to watching this everyday. And there are actors who have jobs. I can campaign for improvement or stop watching but I don’t want it to be cancelled because I personally don’t enjoy it
  8. I was intrigued by Thomas VS Brooke in 2019, but Steffy vs Brooke if written write coulda been a serve. Or Katie VS Brooke, but the refuse to let them hate each other.
  9. Curious on you all’s Thoughts on the Brooke and Deacon story? Do you feel it did more harm than good or Vice versa?
  10. I agree Hope needs some type of revamp, but I feel like she js needs more she and substance, I don’t rly need them to like done complete 180 though. But I think her and Thomas would be a good messy dynamic. Also I get what you’re saying about Brooke, I don’t rly like this matriarch nonsense either. Ummm I woukdnt mind her being messy but not doing the same mistakes she did in her 30s, I think she need to evolve while staying interesting.
  11. I feel Brooke is too old now to be the victim, i want a equal rivarly. Honestly, if they had revamped Katie after brill I think her Vs Brooke coulda been good I think they need to stop playing and but Thomas with Hope. They have chemistry, the best in the set.
  12. Umm I would say a ambitious troublemaker who uses charms and sex to get what they want. They always have a goal.
  13. Y&R- Jill Abbott Days- Sami Brady bold- Brooke Logan Passions- Theresa what is you all’s picks?
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