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  1. I will upload them, but they are german
  2. @BoldRestless Thank you very much, I'm so grateful about every new episode.
  3. Have someone 2010-08-03 ? Does somebody know when TV starts sending Y&R in widescreen?
  4. It's the same episode as March 11, when March 12 is correct than March 11 isn't.
  5. the episode in the vault 2002-03-12 = 2002-03-11
  6. I accidentally uploaded 2002-05-01 in April 2002 :(
  7. I'm now uploading 2000 in clips and full episodes.
  8. I just uploaded them to the vault.
  9. Thanks @YRfan23 and @BoldRestless for the videos.
  10. I have been uploading recently in 1998 and 1999, you're welcome.
  11. Thank you @YRfan23 I appreciate your work!
  12. Thank you @BoldRestless I appreciate your work! I continue upload 1998 in full episodes and clips.
  13. I'm now uploading clips and episodes in 1998
  14. I'm uploading some more episodes in 1997 and few very old clips in 1974-1982
  15. I'm done uploading German episodes. 1995-11-06 - 1997-01-09. I'm now uploading 1997 english Clips and a few english epidodes: 1997 Jan., May, June, October
  16. Thank you for your help! Often one can determine a date from the discussions.
  17. Thanks BoldRestless for your investigation. By the way, when I watched these episodes I should have noticed that something was wrong, but it wasn't.
  18. Unfortunately I don't know Guten Morgen Mallorca. The Young & The Restless- February 9, 1988 (most) I have uploaded 1988-02-02 german The Young & The Restless- February 10, 1988 (most) I have uploaded 1988 1988-02-03 german I don't know which date is correct.
  19. Interesting, I thought that Americans put the u's in words. Different dialects are spoken in Germany. We Swabians have a way of saying primeval times that nobody else understands. I like Bavarian and Viennese very much. But Swabian is also spoken differently depending on the area and when a North German speaks in full dialect, I understand almost nothing. I would also be interested in how Australians say body weight and temperature. We Germans give our weight in kg and our height in meters. The temperature in degrees Celsius. Oh, and
  20. We Germans write it the same way! Are Aussies Australians?
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