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  1. Will, you’re awesome—thank you! BTW, she unfortunately made a terrible Lorie Brooks. I hope she was much better as Janice Frame on AW!
  2. Forgive me for sincerely asking this without scouring through the 702 pages of this forum, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the actress who filled in as Lorie Brooks around March 1978 (I believe Jaime-Lyn Bauer was on maternity leave at the time). I could've sworn I read somewhere that the actress who filled in had formerly been part of the cast of "Another World," but I can't recall her name and don't recognize her.
  3. Gosh, I'm sorry that a week or two ago I posted a mis-rememberance of what Nella Franklin's job was back in 1988-89. I never insisted that she was a candy striper and personally never asked for proof. While I respect your wealth of knowledge about ATWT, I'm not sure a "LOL" about my saying she was a candy striper was necessary.
  4. DramatistDreamer, just for the heck of it, I just googled "Michael Swan Finn Carter" and this turned up first on the list. It's from Finn Carter's Instagram account back in December 23, 2015. She commented on the post "Photo by Michael Swan 12. 10. 15" Who really knows what kind of relationship they had (just hot sex--and don't talk politics?!) or for how long, but I feel like this supports what I posted about seeing on Swan's FB a few years ago. https://www.instagram.com/p/_p76MLimn9/?hl=en
  5. Just to be clear--I'm not at all standing firm that Swan and Carter were definitely together. Though I could have sworn that at the time that I was FB "friends" with Swan that it was mentioned on his page that he was involved with Carter, but I could have misunderstood. Maybe they were together and ignored their political differences until one or both couldn't anymore? Stranger couple combinations have happened in the world that eventually imploded. Maybe someone else can chime in with more definitive info one way or another?
  6. DD, I stand corrected. I hadn't heard about her 2019 Las Vegas troubles--and, looking on the web a few minutes ago, they sound pretty sad. I also deleted my Facebook (and, earlier than that, my "FB friendship" with Michael Swan) in Spring 2019, so... somehow I missed reading about her troubles. I'm kind of surprised the current soap websites (I regularly peruse Daytime Confidential) never posted anything about it (as they have about other former soap stars' legal troubles) unless I missed that, too. (YIKES! LOL) Unless Finn or Michael came forward and said they're no longer together, I don't think most people would have any idea whether or not they'd broken up.
  7. Hell, a slug would've written a better show for GL than McTrash--but Horgan would've been a good idea! Swan actually DID go to other soaps. He was on B&B for several years starting in the late '90s as Adam Alexander, Sally Spectra Sr.'s ex and Macy's father. Plus, right around the time of John Conboy's tenure on GL, Swan briefly appeared as businessman Brad Greene. For reasons I don't know, he was quickly recast with his ATWT co-star, Mark Pinter. Swan currently lives in Los Angeles, so (if he was interested) both Y&R and B&B could cast him (as could DOOL or GH). He's still very well-built, so that works in his favor as appearing quite virile for a 73-year old actor. Also related to his ATWT, I believe he's been in a relationship with former co-star Finn Carter ("Sierra Esteban Montgomery") for many years now. On a "personal" level, if this is your interest/concern, he's quite the vocal political conservative. At one time, I was his Facebook friend (what a surprise he accepted that!), but eventually unfriended him because the occasional conservative rhetoric was a turn off. Once again, it proves that sometimes you don't really want to meet your "idols" on a personal level. (And, admittedly, I simply lusted after 1980s/90s Swan--I didn't necessarily idolize him!)
  8. DD, thank you for pointing out that you commented about the "herds of characters/actors" on ATWT. You're right about big events not being exclusive to Marland. As the '70s progressed and shows were fighting to stay relevant and exciting, the big, fancy parties/balls seemed to become more frequent. I believe on one of the Locher Room episodes, one actor (can't remember who or which show) mentioned that being part of those big event stories meant super-long days and were usually pretty boring. I'm sure they were also fun in that you were dressed up (whether in fancy clothes or a costume) and could be silly or whatever, but... I'm sure they were also tiresome in that everyone "there" had to stay to be in the background. Honestly, I'm not sure how Jay Connors survived past the revelation about his mother being a murderer because that kind of thing usually is a perfect opportunity for characters to "leave town," but... he obviously was kept around even though Frannie was off canvas at Yale, Kirk was involved with Marcy, etc. I would've understood the budget eliminating Jay and bringing on Frannie's college boyfriend following her back to Oakdale. I can also see where Kevin was a character that was needed for a specific story and maybe wasn't going to work (or be needed for) long term. Maybe Steven Weber made the decision for Marland and TPTB by saying he wanted to leave? I take this with a grain of salt, but IMDB indicates that Horgan stayed on as a writer on ATWT through March 1987. *shrugs*
  9. Thanks for the clarification on Eddie Earl Hatch. Probably not the first (nor the last) time, but it seemed that if you were not a leading actor on a soap (aka the lead in a featured storyline), TPTB tended to treat you as dispensable. I remember Roy Franklin's family being introduced. Wasn't there a story point about how his mother and father didn't like Heather because of her singing career? (Or am I confusing Heather with Jessica Griffin's law career...? LOL) I was shocked and amused recently when I ran across a clip on YT where Victoria Rowell was playing Roy's sister, Nella! I remember Tiffani Caesar in the role when I believe Nella was being portrayed as a smart-mouthed teen, Kasi Lemmons when Nella started to mature a bit and became a candy striper at Memorial Hospital...but I completely forgot Vicky Rowell's turn as the final Nella! And clearly the character left town/the show without much fanfare because...POOF! Nella who? Thank you, WW! I forgot about the AMC connection! Yeah, apparently Doug and Marsha were already there with who knows what exact intentions when Marland took over. I believe Horgan stayed on at ATWT on the writing staff for years, so maybe she contributed to that free wheeling, energetic, somewhat campy, and core family feeling you liked about ATWT? ATWT became somewhat labyrinthian and heavy under Marland as his characters took root and his stories had lots of Sturm und Drang, but I kind of appreciate that in retrospect. Look at the last year of ATWT and their "6-week Storylines"! Now that was a real nightmare of storytelling! Oh--and yes, I loved Shannon/Margaret Reed when she first arrived, but... the whole Duncan/Scotland/Castle thing just got to be eye-rolling. (Michael Swan was always sexy as hell, but... the Scottish accent after while? Ugh.)
  10. I could be wrong as there were no credits at the end of the episode, but I think this (with the Halloween party) was written under headwriter Susie Bedsow Horgan. Though we know Doug Marland was first credited as headwriter sometime in November 1985, he *might* have been there beforehand (October), tweaking scripts and storyline points though SBH was still being credited as HW. I'd venture to say that the Marie Kovac mystery was possible tied deeper into the Doug Cummings storyline than originally intended. A few observations about this episode: Many viewers/critics like to put the "herding" of actors at the feet of Marland, but... if this WAS SBH's writing, she sure did a good Marland-esque crowd. As someone else pointed out, the Halloween party was a bit frenetic (music, tens of actors, and then add costumes), but...watching it just felt very ATWT to me. Still, you can appreciate why P&G might have said, "trim this cast!" I had forgotten that Jay Connors was still on the canvas by this point. My memory would've said he left around the same time that Kirk McColl and Marcy Thompson did. Let's face it. His long-term story was based around his mother, Dorothy Connors, having had an affair with and killing Whit McColl...and that Kirk was also his half-brother via Dorothy's affair with Whit. With Whit long dead, Dorothy dead (did that pesky brain tumor kill her?), Kirk gone within weeks, and the fact that Jay was not a McColl, what was he still doing on the canvas? Still, every character (such as Kevin) should have friends--and better established other characters than someone appearing out of nowhere. Same thing with Heather Dalton. I guess by this point she was no longer with Tucker? Was he already off the canvas? It was like they had people still on contract and needed to do something with them, so... connect them with others around their character's age! Mady Kaplan was the niece of classic Hollywood-era actor Van Heflin, so that may explain why she was a fairly decent actor in this episode. What I find interesting is that Kaplan was not "pretty"--she had an interesting face, but it wasn't part of the typical soap castings beginning in those days ("pretty, pretty, pretty--who cares whether or not they can act?!"). Nice that TPTB must've cast her on talent rather than primarily looks. I wonder whether or not SBH had planned to write off/kill off Marie from the beginning? She certainly could've caused problems for Kevin and Frannie (had they stayed together) and had tension with Jay and Heather for longer than the time she was on the show. And speaking of a surprise, what was up with Julianne Moore's acting choices during that scene with Eileen Fulton? At one point, she was shrieking and over the top and then she finally reigned things in. It was just a surprise to see. Lucinda, of course, was SO Lucinda...but the last several years, I've gotten to know Elizabeth Hubbard's work as Dr. Althea Davis on "The Doctors" and...wow. You see her as Lucinda and appreciate her talent. Sometimes actors leave one show and go to another (or later get a job on another show) and they're basically playing that same range, the same character. Having watched ATWT over the years, obviously I knew what Lucinda was like with EH, but... man, she was a million miles away from Althea! Just a "hmm!" moment I'm sharing. I wonder whether La Hubbard just decided when she took the role of Lucinda that she, a millionaire, was going to be over the top (in a good way)? Rarely, if ever, was Althea over the top, IMO. Dramatic, yes. OTT, no. Someone else pointed out that it was later revealed that Iva Snyder was behind those disturbing phone calls that Lucinda was receiving (OTT, anyone? LOL) basically threatening to reveal Lily's parentage. I'll bet anything that SBH still hadn't decided who exactly was on the other end of that phone line and MARLAND chose to create Iva (and those numerous Snyders), make her Lily's mother...and put her on the other end of those mysterious, threatening phone calls. Though I did like this episode and it still felt comfortable/familiar, I also liked ATWT during the Marland era--when everything seemed to eventually revolve around the Snyders, the Snyder farm, and Lily-Lily-Lily.
  11. Ahhh... the good ol' days of TV Guide having these full-page soap ads! My family never got TVG (we used what came in the Sunday newspaper), but my best friend's family did and I used to love to read TVG when I would be over at her house. Good question about the location of the times listed because they are definitely not East Coast. I grew up in northern New Jersey and watched soaps on WCBS out of New York City. My first recollection of the soaps schedule was Y&R at 12:30PM, ATWT at 1:30PM, Capitol at 2:30PM, and then GL at 3:00PM. B&B's debut prompted the shift with it following Y&R and ATWT bookended with GL. Honestly, it was probably better to put the Bell soaps together and the P&G soaps together in terms of flow at that point after so many other shows were gone. Perfect example was when Capitol was still on (which I liked up until the last 6-9 months or so) and you'd go from ATWT lit like a typical P&G show to 30 minutes of EP John Conboy's signature moody dark lighting before you continued on to GL which was lit like a nighttime football game. Sometimes it made/makes sense to pair/group by look and feel.
  12. Robert Mandan did another week on TD as the focus character at the end of September 1963. Sometime that same year (before? after the first TD appearance? the second appearances?) he played “Nathan Axelrod” on “The Edge Of Night.” He was cast as heroine Jo’s love interest, “Sam Reynolds” on “Search For Tomorrow” in 1966 and stayed until his character’s death (poor Jo!) in 1970.
  13. Just finished watching the first episode of the Doctors—which really seemed to be entitled “House Of Hope” and NOT “TD.” The set was entirely different (and I dare say bigger and more expensive-looking, but was probably a drab gray- and green-painted set being that it was taped/filmed in B&W). The “leading man” was Dr. William Scott and was (IMO) a basis for the later character of Dr. Nick Bellini (although we know Gerry Gordon played his role much bigger than Jock Gaynor played his). Dr. Jerry Chandler almost reminded me of a Dr. Matt Powers-type: friendly and supportive. The hospital chaplain, Reverend Sam Shafer, seemed to also show shades of Matt Powers: wise, helpful, the “elder statesman” (even though he wasn’t that old). Psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Hayes was wallpaper in this first episode. They could have had a floor director read her lines and it wouldn’t have mattered. It doesn’t seem she lasted on the show much past the summer of 1963. It appears she stopped acting on TV for the most part after TD, so maybe it was her decision to leave? The day’s stories were kind of forced. I can see how this might have worked in primetime on a show where a well-known actor(s) recurred as the doctors, but...TD (or HOH as they called it) on daytime needed a lot more drama besides anonymous patients. Had I been watching NBC on Monday, April 1, 1963, for this, I can’t say I would’ve been back on Tuesday. I have to admit, it is tough to look at what we saw today (S1, E1) as a soap opera. It tried to be dramatic, but I wouldn’t say it started with a traditional soap base. It was an anthology of stories (the first day? apparently being encapsulated) run daily through the course of each week. It wasn’t until sometime later in 1963 or early ‘64 that someone clearly felt it wasn’t working/sustainable and they decided to plan the shift to a traditional, ongoing soap-style format. So who knows what “cliffhanger” might have been on the first day of the soap-structured TD? It wouldn’t necessarily have been shocking as it WAS still 1964, but it must’ve been enough to keep people interested due to the changes.
  14. Yes, yes, and yes, Mitch! All three of these hit the bullseye, IMO. Oh--and as for Jake Silberman (who played Noah Mayer, Luke's boyfriend), I don't think he was a very interesting actor. The writing was basically there to bring this relationship life and potential interest, but Silberman was just so dull to watch. Van Hansis ticked two boxes for me in his portrayal of Luke Snyder: 1) he was a good actor, and 2) he is gay. Silberman ticked neither of those boxes and the on-screen relationship suffered because of it. Think of Carly and Jack, the show's central couple the last 10+ years: some of their trials and tribulations were really good, some were not so good, but what carried things through the entire time is that both Maura West and Michael Park made them INTERESTING because they were/are good actors. I think the fan boys out there WANTED Luke and Noah to be interesting, so they insisted they were. The storylines (some of which for Luke and Noah were admittedly quite lacking) were only able to take things so far. Together, Hansis and Silberman were not hot and they were not interesting.
  15. I think it was really a problem with the writing. Brian Starcher never necessarily set the show on fire, but... he wasn't given all that much. Hank was a talk-to--a supporting player--from beginning to end. Add to that his frequent mentioning of the ailing-but-invisible Charles and there wasn't much else available to work with. I just think, "don't tell us, show us!" I think had Marland been daring and actually brought Charles onto the canvas it might have opened things up for Hank to grow as a character and be able to take more than a supporting role. Then again, Marland may have been that daring, but P&G said "hell no, we're not bringing a character who's supposedly dying of AIDS to Oakdale!" I think doing so could have been a great "teaching" moment and given a name (soap?) actor the chance to play a sympathetic role for 3-6 months, indirectly "teach" the citizens of Oakdale a few things, and then pass away. I think it would've been something great for the show, for America, and, well, for the character of Hank. Woulda-coulda-shoulda.
  16. YES! Watching that episode of "The Locher Room" online when I was like, "HS! Gregg was/is GAY?!" Watching it, I was like, "why isn't this guy on Y&R? in 2020?" Yeah, what you're describing is what I figured it was. Such a shame it's gone now. And even though Andy was closeted in that fan fic, I'm sure it made for great drama!
  17. Yes! I forgot about Shanks, Marx, and Bloom all having hairy chests. I don't think the viewers were given as many opportunities to see them as Hensley's though! BTW, Gregg Marx is a lovely, talented, and sexy man and, little did many of us know, gay IRL. It's too bad he's not on one of the LA soaps today--gay or straight character.
  18. HA! DRW, I assume by "websoap" you more meant written fan fiction? Imagine those storylines where not only was reliable good guy Andy Dixon secretly in a relationship with Hank Eliot, but originally jerky Dr. Jeff Ward was swinging both ways? I think the beauty of fan fiction--GOOD fan fiction--is that it often goes places that the show SHOULD go, but is too afraid.
  19. I should have posted this earlier (but since I've been posting here today...) I probably saw this back in 1988 (possibly live or likely VCR taped) and either swallowed hard or totally reveled in the moment... and then promptly forgot about it. The thing I always found attractive about Jon Hensley back in the day was that besides having a decent body, he had a hairy chest. For all the himbo photos posted in magazines like SOD, most of the guys then were either smooth or shaved (the latter unbeknownst to me/the public, of course). You had these guys with nice physiques and smooth chests... and then along comes Hensley with his furry pecs! Yum! What is flooring me about this clip with Holden and Lily at the Snyder pond is two things: 1) Hensley "goods" are clearly visible beneath the exterior of his tighty-whiteys. Men's briefs are not like men's speedos. Speedos are intended to streamline the body for more speed in the pool; briefs are just intended to "carry the load." HOW DID NO ONE ON SET (producers, actor, etc.) not say, “um, should we do this?” Or maybe they were like, “hehehe… let’s do this!” In 2021, I’m glad it made it to air! LOL 2) Holden just out of the pond after a swim wearing only his white briefs. His body is speckled with water, his hair is a little wet, but… his white briefs are clearly dry and “not” clearly showing anything as wet underwear material would after being fully immersed in water. Sure, they weren’t going to go THAT far by allowing everything Hensley had to truly be seen, but… LOL who gets out of a body of water and the one piece of clothing they were wearing is bone dry? Oopsy, ATWT! LOL
  20. Well, actually, I had an older boyfriend during my senior year of high school in 1987. I think many gay guys had boyfriends back then and years and years before, too. I think the difference was not living an open life, "out and proud." Your straight friends often knew, your family sometimes knew, and (of course) your gay friends knew. To be honest, what might have been considered more "weird" back then was that you were into soap operas. It wasn't exactly a draw (when seeking long-term companionship) as it was often seen as having an interest in something that your mother or grandmother liked. All that said, coming out back in the 80s was/could be easier depending on where you lived in the US. I grew up in the New York metropolitan area. It was the suburbs, but still a bit more cosmopolitan than other small towns in the US. I will admit--I thought Starcher was handsome, but not hunky. I don't think that in 1987-88 soaps were writing and casting for a gay character with the idea of "is (the actor) hot/hunky?" An attractive actor, sure, but not "we want everyone hot and bothered by this guy" like they might have with roles like Holden or the Oakdale himbos that followed. Let's face it: Marland still had Hank's partner off-screen (that's non-threatening!) and (IIRC--it's been 35 years) I think Charles (was that his name??) was either sick and dying or had died. This was no acceptance of someone being gay. Still, it was reflective of the times, for better or worse. Unless they were going to bring in his partner (if written as still alive) or a new love interest, they weren't going to do much with the character of Hank Elliot other than make him a supporting talk-to. I have to clarify--it wasn't a HUGE surprise to me back then that Hank Elliot was gay. Of course, as a gay man, I knew the character was supposed to be gay (even if Mrs. Average America may not have), but "the big SQUEE!" was that ATWT actually went there and said it out loud and fairly matter of factly. I do wish Hank Elliot had been kept on the show longer--especially considering there were characters in Oakdale who LIKED Hank (and Paul absolutely did)--but I suspect that, IN THOSE TIMES, they were stuck in a corner with Hank and what they could and couldn't dramatize in the late 80s without experiencing backlash from the viewers (or vocal non-viewers who just got their panties in a twist over any gay characters on TV). It wasn't until almost 20 years later that they had a gay character (Luke Snyder) who developed a romance with another man (Noah) that was just as dramatic and tumultuous as pretty much any other romance on the show. Perhaps if ATWT were still on the air today in 2021, we might see Luke either in a committed relationship with or perhaps even married to another man. Maybe there would be more gay characters besides Luke (and his "beloved") on the canvas in 2021. Imagine if there was a "gay Lisa" on ATWT in 2021--someone generally likable, but with their fingers in everything and stirring up trouble? Getting married and divorced multiple times? I guess I'm just saying that Hank was a reflection of the 80s. Luke was more of a reflection of the '00s. Perhaps ATWT could have had a gay character for the '20s reflecting the times, too.
  21. I have a good memory of the days of Hank Eliot. I had just started dating a guy and wasn't yet aware that he was also an big ATWT fan, but we were watching daytime TV together one day and had ATWT on when the big reveal that, "Hank Eliot is GAY!" played out and we both screamed out loud with glee. As a gay guy in his late teens at the time, when coming out of the closet was still an incredibly scary prospect, to see a TV character being gay revealed so matter-of-factly was like, "AAAAAAAAH!" (Yay!) Now, whenever I think of Hank Eliot's story, besides Brian Starcher (the handsome actor who played the role in such an understated way), I also think of the glee when two young gay guys watched a daytime first. Makes me smile.
  22. Here's the thing about some actors running "roughshod" over chats. Yes, those actors could be more considerate and aware, but... let's really put the "blame" where it belongs: Alan Locher. It's WONDERFUL that he began producing and moderating these chats, however, he has made some odd guests combinations. That being said, actors such as Elizabeth Hubbard or Kim Zimmer do not belong in a group chat. It's clear they have plenty to share, so why would you constrain them to sharing the stage for an hour with 3-4 other actors with whom they may or may not have even worked? Personally, I feel that Jada Rowland should have been given her own hour to discuss not only "The Doctors," but also her long stint on "The Secret Storm"...which, of course, would relate back to TD because of her pairing on that show with David O'Brien. Alan Locher should have realized this--especially after having hosted, what--9 months of these chats? Is it any surprise that Elizabeth Hubbard has plenty to say? Or Kim Zimmer? Nobody has mentioned the fact that when you have, say, 5 people participating in a chat and ONE of them has a bad internet connection, the whole chat quickly devolves into a mess. I've turned off a few of these chats because they just devolve into stop-start-stop conversations. I put less "blame" on the actors than I do on Alan Locher. Not only does he need to choose better combinations or solo appearances, but he should also (after all this time) be better planning to ensure these actors have strong, reliable internet and camera connections. That's not intended to be a dig at some of these actors who may be financially challenged in 2020/21, but just that if it's determined that they don't have a strong enough connection and equipment, where can they relocate to do so? Is it worth Locher spending $50 to buy them a web cam? Perhaps the actor with a weak connection is better suited to a 2-actor chat? The production side of this is being given more of a pass than I feel it should. My two cents...
  23. There have never been a ton of posts here to begin with, because most of the fans here who watched stopped posting at SON for one reason or another. I enjoy coming here to see what folks are sharing and discussing and check in daily, but I spend a lot more time now discussing things about TD over on Facebook in "THE DOCTORS Soap Opera (1963-82)" group. Though it's a closed group, we are a welcoming bunch and will let in pretty much anyone who asks because of interest in the show! People are sharing links to video uploads of the same-day aired episodes, old magazine articles, and plenty of intelligent and humorous conversation! If you crave regular discussion about the show, find us there! Thank you for the information about the Facebook group... I joined yesterday and am enjoying it immensely... I'm glad you're enjoying it, Darlin! Looking forward to seeing you there--and here!
  24. There have never been a ton of posts here to begin with, because most of the fans here who watched stopped posting at SON for one reason or another. I enjoy coming here to see what folks are sharing and discussing and check in daily, but I spend a lot more time now discussing things about TD over on Facebook in "THE DOCTORS Soap Opera (1963-82)" group. Though it's a closed group, we are a welcoming bunch and will let in pretty much anyone who asks because of interest in the show! People are sharing links to video uploads of the same-day aired episodes, old magazine articles, and plenty of intelligent and humorous conversation! If you crave regular discussion about the show, find us there!
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