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  1. On 9/5/2020 at 7:25 PM, DRW50 said:


    I'm in 1966 with my parents (near the end of the Matthew Morgan story) and while I find the show a bit exhausting (mostly due to David, Burke and Carolyn irritating me), I have been trying to take in Roger as much as I can because I remember that once Barnabas arrives the character soon loses any complexity or purpose. 


    I wonder why the show never did more with the lawyer beau of Vicky's played by Conrad Fowkes. He is oddly prominent in the episodes where Vicky first disappears (after she realizes Matthew killed Bill) - almost as if Burke was intended for that part. I know Mitchell Ryan was having his issues...


    Jason was a very one-note character and could have used a reduction in airtime, even if the story was compelling.

    Yeah, I had heard the beginning was slow moving and it did seem to drag and repeat for some time. Even when Laura Collins came along, that seemed to consist of a lot of the same type of scenes played out over and over. As a result, some of the characters got annoying at times. That's what I'm feeling with Jason now...I didn't really like him to begin with anyway but these constant rehashes of his reasons for even being there are tiresome. Although, I"m at a point in the story where I'm thinking maybe some foul play is coming his way as it looks like he's getting in Barnabas' way.

    Now after a year the focus has shifted to Maggie. I was actually kind of bored by her all along as a supporting character and sometimes ff-ed the Evanses and Joe. I can also see Roger has been so back-burnered he's practically off the stove. As for Burke, he's like a floater. It now feels like he's propping stories rather than driving them; he's being used to search for the missing or  to have a drink/dinner with. And they had him in this weird harem....dating/using Carolyn, having a soft spot for Vicky, rekindling his love for Laura. It just feels like the character's potential is somewhat wasted at this point in the story.


  2. I always thought of Sonny on GH as a ripoff of The Godfather. Michael Corinthos/Michael Corleone. Nickname Sonny. Wife getting killed by a car bomb. Short & dark haired. I'm surprised he didn't have a brother named Fredo.

    RH did a Jaws thing with Joe & Siobhan at the beach in Long Island.
    AW and AMC had characters wearing "Phantom of the Opera"-type masks.
    On OLTL, when Tina went to search for her baby in Italy and pretended to be a nun, she met this big, hulking hermit contrarily named Piccolino (little one) in a church tower who developed a crush on her a la The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  3. I've been streaming the original for the first time recently. I'm now into 1967. Barnabas has started coming to Maggie's room and she's been feeling weak. I've noticed a lot less Vicky, David, Carolyn and Roger at this point. I'm finding the Jason McGuire character rather grating and the dialogue/blackmail between him and Elizabeth pretty redundant and I tend to ff a bit with those scenes. It also seems, and maybe this sounds contradictory, that the younger or less experienced the actor, the more natural or less theatrical he/she tends to act. 

  4. I'm missing Dr. Pimple Popper. I've watched some of her youtube videos the past few days.  :blush::lol: I'm getting quite knowledgeable about cysts, lipomas, blackheads and steatocystomas. :P

    I like the supernatural/mystery/paranormal/scifi stuff so also watching Beyond The Unknown and The UnXplained (Bill Shatner's latest show).

  5. I just joined and clicked around a bit. There's free stuff available. As expected, the older stuff I clicked on (Carol Burnett, SNL) was free. This Is Us was free. Everybody Hates Chris. Some newer shows have the first episode free only. Some things are free for a limited time. I think the interface could be a little clearer about what's free vs. not.

    I'm probably not going to use it much (just yet anyway) because they aren't on Roku yet and it's easier to watch some of this stuff that's already available via my Roku channels, cable on demand and Amazon.




  6. I'm probably alone in saying the only time I liked Max Holden on OLTL was when Nicholas Walker played him.

    Malcolm Groome sandwiched the role of Pat. The first and the last, with several others in between.
    Ditto Ilene Kristen with Delia.
    And while Mary Ryan was killed off with another actress in the role, it was originator Kate Mulgrew who returned as Mary's ghost.

    Anna Devane - Finola Hughes, Camilla More

    The Doctors
    Althea Davis - Elizabeth Hubbard, Virginia Vestoff

  7. Yeah, I also thought that blog seemed kind of out there but people were replying to it as if it is factual. Plus, some of those people are still alive, particularly the "victims." Wouldn't the blogger fear a lawsuit, or several?

  8. 17 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    Does anyone know why the first Sam Evans was replaced? I found David Ford likeable (even if he never seemed to do well with his lines), but this Sam makes a lot of sense for the character's background. 

    I've recently begun watching it for the first time myself, up to Barnabas about to debut. I had done some googling a while back, curious  about the Sam change myself and came across a site blog that has a rather lengthy, descriptive explanation. The original actor, apart from just plain sucking in the role, was a creep who made vulgar advances to Moltke and Scott, and hit David Henesy when the kid wrote a nasty note on his dressing room door. It's here if you want to read it:

    Seems like some of the behind-the-scenes stuff was crazier than the show.

  9. On 1/20/2020 at 2:40 PM, All My Shadows said:

    I could live off of DPP, Hoarders, and 600-lb Life every day for the rest of my life.

    600-lb Life had a disappointing season, I think. Most of the participants weren't really committed and either ungrateful or outright rude. I think the best one was at the start of the season, with the 2 brothers, one was a hairdresser. They were basically nice guys who were trying. Now they're doing the "where are they now" episodes and those, overall, haven't been too great either. I originally liked Erica, though I questioned her looking up the long-lost boyfriend that early in the process...now he's gone and everything is "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy." People thinking the scales are wrong. Lot of delusion out there.

  10. On 5/13/2020 at 7:26 PM, Hunnibunni1025004 said:



    I am new to the Doctors and have recently found this thread. I just binged the episodes of the Doctors on YouTube, so I am interested I  finding episodes before December 1967. So, my question is who is supposed to be airing episodes from 1963, and where can I find them.

    I think the pandemic put the brakes on a lot of things for the company Reach High Media, like being able to digitize the rest of the episodes from 1979-onward. For instance, they mentioned all this extra content (earlier episodes, trivia contests, message board, I think) that the website and/or apps were supposed to have and that's not there yet. I also get the impression that there's still trial and error as they're building these platforms, that things don't always happen smoothly on the first try, like when they tried to show the "Where Are They Now?" show as a Facebook watch party and it didn't work.

  11. On 5/2/2020 at 10:26 PM, All My Shadows said:

    Yay, they added episodes that they actually already have uploaded and ready to go on the website (along with the rest of the 70s). I just really need them to get on my smart TV so that I can avoid wiring or casting from my laptop.

    Have you thought about getting a Roku? They have the channel on there. 

  12. Andrew got an Emmy nom during his brief tenure. Ironic, not in the sense of skill because he's a talented actor but because he was let go for other reasons. DId any of the other Franks get Emmy noms?

    Another thing I thought was kind of funny was that Frank was basically supposed to be, I think, in the mold of JFK and Andrew later played JFK in a tv show.

  13. I liked AR more so in relation to being a Ryan than in being Frank, if that makes any sense. In other words, I liked his camaraderie with the other family members and thought his chemistry with Kate as brother/sister was terrific. (From what I read they have remained friends. He's also godfather to one of Nana Visitor's sons, although I think that's more from the DS9 friendship than RH.) The relationships with Jill and Delia, on the other hand, didn't have that chemistry. No fault of Andrew's, really. I just enjoyed him more as Frank, the brother, or Frank, the lawyer than as Frank, the lover or triangle focal point.

    I know DHK is the definitive Frank but my first impressions of him from my school-age intermittent viewing was as Rae's boy-toy and that kind of put me off him and the character. At the time I hadn't experienced AR and MH.

    It's hard to believe Kate was on so short a time...they crammed in a lot of story for her that makes it seem considerably longer.

  14. I stopped watching GL the last few years it was on but had seen BE since she had started and she had become my favorite. I went to one of the fan events at the height of the Gus & Harley popularity. I had a couple of pictures taken with both of them and I told Beth I had enjoyed watching her for years and thank you. She was touched and gave me a big bear hug. I thought that was very sweet of her.

    I think I agree with the assessment that she was getting burned out. CBS/Les Moonves didn't give her flexibility to do other projects. I can understand frustration over her AMC experience. She wouldn't be the first actor who took a job thinking, or being told, the job would be a certain way and having it turn out otherwise. Think Marcy Walker on GL...did she not catch on with viewers because of herself or because the writing did her no favors? Also not the first actor who experienced a certain longevity and popularity and probably expected to at least be paired with other experienced actors. I mean, AMC wanted her because of who she was, not because she was some unknown ingenue.

    Anyway, I was curious what she had been up to as I hadn't seen anything new for years. Glad to see she's doing something she's really happy and proud about.

  15. 29 minutes ago, All My Shadows said:

    I get your argument, but I feel is more of effective in discussing 60-minute soaps than it is in discussing 30-minute soaps. The characteristics of 30-minute soaps that you've described are due more to the period in which 30-minute soaps reigned (1960s and 1970s) than they are to the 30-minute format. This was before the VCR age, before the turn to action/adventure storylines, before the desperate pursuit of younger audiences, etc. Even Ryan's Hope, as a half-hour soap, was affected by these and became less dialogue-heavy as time went on.

    That's why I asked the questions about B&B, since it has the distinction of being not only the sole 30-minute soap today but also one that's been on since the 1980s, offering up a comparison of their old vs. modern storytelling styles and viewership. Could that serve as a barometer for measuring how a new 30-minute soap might do? 

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