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  1. Dynasty.....Majordomo Joseph


    Dallas......Teresa, Liz Craig, Dora Mae, Sly, Marilee, Jackie, Muriel, Dr. Ellby, Jordan Lee, Detective Harry McSween, 


    Y&R.....Mamie, Carol, Lynn, Gina, Connie


    Knots Landing......The Fairgate children were pretty much used to move a plot along. 

  2. Was that the last appearance of Stuart Brooks on Memorial Day ? I really enjoyed those scenes of Stu & Liz with the vintage background music. I read that Robert Colbert was upset his character had little to do by this time and quit the show. I say it was a shock to him that within 10 years that his entire family was written out. 

  3. Loving the vault. Just saw Brenda's return as Jill and her confrontation with Dina. 


    The Eve Howard drama is getting good with crazy cross eyed Max. Victor and Julia teaming up sneaking into the house like super sleuths was great. I don't see current Victor doing something like that. He tells Julia he needs to get the door hinges oiled and Julia tells him to watch out for the kitchen table. He asks table ? And Julia was like " have you ever been in your own kitchen?......LOL 

  4. 1 hour ago, yrfan1983 said:

    Nice summary! I’ll add that BB loved his summer “social issue” stories. Here’s the ones I can recall:


    1979: White slavery w/Chris Brooks Foster and Rose Deville
    1980: Cult w/Nikki and Paul
    1981-5: none…?
    1986: teenage pregnancy w/Nina and Molly
    1987: teenage alcoholism w/Phillip III
    1988: can’t think of a “summer story” but Jessica’s HIV disclosure climaxed in summer and Danny had his “Save the Earth” concert
    1989: Cricket’s rape
    1990: Dru’s illiteracy
    1991: crack baby
    1992: Michael’s sexual harassment of Cricket, I guess? That wasn’t limited to summer.
    1993: senior citizens
    1994: Cricket bringing Keemo from Vietnam was kind of a social story… earlier in the year – spousal abuse w/April


    Starting w/1995, my memory gets fuzzy – what am I missing? 

    I would say:

    1982: was about Traci Abbott's struggle with her weight and self image.

    1983: was when Lauren came on and she tormented Tracy about her weight. Like inviting her to a pool party, shaking candy bars at her after aerobics, and ordering a banana split and sending it over. I also remember Danny & Traci were involved in a campus drug storyline and the ring leader forced them to take drugs.

  5. I noticed in the credits of the 1982 episodes that listed as "Assistant To The Creator" Bill Bell is William J. Asher. I think that is the son of Bewitched Producer William Asher & his wife Elizabeth Montgomery. Bewitched was a Columbia/Screen Gems production as was Y&R.

  6. 1 minute ago, OzFrog said:


    I think as someone said earlier in this thread, it is literally the story of Dimwit & Dimwit.

    Nikki sure is a dimwit if she thinks Victor is a catch. When she did her life history last year she complained the same thing about Greg Foster not be exciting enough for her. She has preferred to be Victor's doormat for nearly 40 years.

  7. 3 hours ago, sheilaforever said:

    Oh really!? Never knew that Randy Holland started as an actor... there’s quite a lot Y&R writers then who did. Very interesting!


    He was writing the show at the same time he started playing Rick. Meg started writing for the show after she left in 1981. I remember reading an interview that said she was not allowed to write for her own character. I say the same went for Randy Holland. 


    Nikki treats Kevin like crap and doesn't care. She complains he's too nice of a guy, like that is a huge character flaw. I wonder why Bell did not put Kevin with Julia at some point ? Victor thinks a lot of him and may have approved after he and Nikki married. 

  8. 17 minutes ago, yrfan1983 said:

    Here's another obscure question - anyone know if little Jennifer Foster (Snapper and Chris' baby) was ever seen? In these '82 clips, she's not even mentioned, and she should have been walking and talking by then...


    I read that Lynn Topping Richter (Chris) twins played Jennifer onscreen, but like you have never seen their daughter onscreen. I just watched some early 83 clips and Julia and Nikki are arguing over Victor. Eventually they became good friends. Rick Darros looks like he could be the brother to Michael Scott. Rick tells Allison he is a writer. Randy Holland who played Rick was a Y&R writer along with Meg Bennett (Julia). 

  9. 5 hours ago, yrfan1983 said:

    Before that, when the nurse pulls away the knife, Eve yells at her "Oh, you crazy woman!!" 🤣

    Yes. I hope that scene turns up again. Margaret Mason was brilliant as crazy Eve. 

    9 hours ago, yrfan1983 said:

    I think so - Eve and Charles were roommates with Jill and Phillip at the Foster house! There was a synopsis mention circa summer 1981 that Jack saw Charles at the Foster house but assumed Charles was Phillip

    I remember one synopsis from 1980 said something like " The arrangement should work out fine, since they are both unwed mothers".....LOL Imagine that being printed today. 

  10. I love the scene where Eve tries to stab Victor after he reveals he is alive. The men in white coats come to take her away. Eve acts as though she is going away on a little vacation. I wish I could remember the line she say's something like " Yes, that would be quite lovely"

  11. 1 hour ago, OzFrog said:


    Wowsers. And Derek Thurston was involved in this? So Julia fell pregnant but was unsure if the baby was Victor’s or Michael’s? And she had a subsequent miscarriage?

    I think in the beginning. I'm not sure how Derek was written out after all that. Julia eventually discovered Michael in the basement and set him free. Victor and Michael struggled knocking Julia down the basement steps. She was rushed to the hospital and almost died. Victor prayed that if she lived, he would set her free to be with Michael. She miscarried the child. It was discovered that Victor's vasectomy didn't take and the child was his. 

    24 minutes ago, ltm1997 said:

    I really hope we get to see the scenes involving Victor’s faked death from ‘83! I wanna see the full scene where Eve slaps Nikki when Nikki says, “Victor would rather be DEAD than be married to you!” I’d also love to see the funeral home scene where Nikki causes a ruckus. 

    I remember that scene. Nikki wanted to get one last look at Victor and said he was the only man she ever truly loved while Kevin was standing right there. Kay told her he's gone let him rest in peace while trying to rush her way. Nikki also argues with Julia when she tried to get to the casket to open it.....LOL 

  12. 2 hours ago, OzFrog said:

    Another question I had - Victor had mentioned that Eve had caused the breakup of his and Julia’s marriage. What exactly happened there?


    Eve showed up in Genoa City in 1980 claiming her son "Cole" was fathered by Victor. Julia and Victor's 10 year marriage was already crumbling bit by bit. When Victor took over Chancellor industries in Kay's absence, Derek Thruston was angry. He and Eve found out that Victor had a secret vasectomy to keep from fathering children with Julia. 


    Did they send the test results to her ? I can't remember.  In the long run, Victor told Julia a child would be an intrusion upon their lives and he wanted her to choose him over the baby. Julia worried herself sick over it, then Victor "Had a change of heart" and told her he wanted the baby. He sent her away for a few days to a spa to relax. While she was away, he had the bomb shelter built and lured Michael to the ranch. He locked him in the basement. He talked to Michael on closed circuit TV. Michael could also see what went on upstairs on the monitor, like Victor making love to Julia which angered him.

  13. 58 minutes ago, titan1978 said:

    I love Kenney’s Y&R, so much of what I know the show to be happened during his tenure.  I also loved him on GH.


    Was Andrea Evans really a huge “get” at that time?  Tina didn’t become iconic until her return stint, when she was dropped into the story about being a Lord.

    I had no idea who she was when she showed up to replace Lilibet Stern. I did not like her in the role at all. It wasn't several till years later that I learned she had been on and returned to OLTL. I did not watch ABC soaps. She had been married to and divorced from Wayne Massey (also from OLTL). He married country singer Charly McClain in 1984 and were popular in the 80's on the country music scene, but they both faded from the spotlight by 1990.

  14. 13 minutes ago, Paul Raven said:

    Guess Bill Bell had a lot of respect for Kenney and trusted his instincts. There was an interesting Afternoon TVinterview with Kenney from that time. Hope someone has it and can post it.T

    he only thing I recall is Kenney talking about dropping the moody lighting. That may have been a production decision as much as an aesthetic  choice as there wasn't the time available to light the sets with the hour format.


    The first decade did have a more moody melodramatic feel to it. It was basically a different show. Then came the changes of the core cast, lighting, and some light hearted (comedy) elements were added to bring the show into another phase. 



  15. 1 hour ago, BetterForgotten said:

    In fact, TEB has always credited H. Wes Kenney for casting her on Y&R and for remembering her from DAYS. I think TEB once told a story about Kenney coming to her house and talking about the role with her. 


    Would love to learn more about Kenney's involvement on the show at this time - especially after things broke down between Bell and Conboy, and Kenney was hired to replace Conboy and to help Bell reinvigorate the show. Unlike say Ed Scott, Kenney seemed to have much more creative involvement than other EP's who worked for Bell did. 


    I read that Kenney insisted the Stevens family be removed when he stepped onboard. I wonder why ? Did he just take one look at them and some of the other cast member and say " Ahhhh Hell No,  I'm not feeling this " ?

  16. 4 minutes ago, cassadine1991 said:

    Do you think they can do a redemption/rehabilitation storyline with Patty??

    Only with Lilibet Stern in the role......LOL


    I wonder how Krista Tesreau would be as Patty ? I just remember her as Mindy on GL, but heard she was horrible on OLTL.

  17. 30 minutes ago, trainman said:

    Lilibet Stern was very likable as Patty.  Andrea Evans, not so much.  As for Hadley not being on contract, I think he actually was a number of times, but it was always "on again, off again".  To be fair, he probably wasn't always needed around too much when the law enforcement element wasn't a part of a particular story.  As for the most recent "crazy Patty" story, they tried to bring Carolyn Conwell back (Doug Davidson personally asked her to), but she was well into retirement by then, and refused.  So, they did what they could with the family, and most of the actors just kind of ran their course.  I miss seeing the Williams house set in particular.  It was so middle class and relatable.

    I agree. I always remember the Williams home and it's middle class colonial suburban style. In the mid 90's they randomly started talking about Patty around the time Bug & Paul were planning their wedding.They showed photos of Lilibet Stern in the family photo album as Bug & Mary looked at it and Mary told her that Patty was her sister in law. Then a few episodes later they showed the back of a blonde woman in a phone booth dialing the Williams home while everyone was at the wedding. It never amounted to anything. 

  18. Another thing that killed the Williams family was the loss of Lilibet Stern as Patty (Bell was upset at her leaving). Andrea Evans was a bust in the role and the character was quickly written out after a year. I say if Lilibet had stayed, Patty could have driven story for years. Bell never brought Todd on canvas and quickly wrote Steve out after about a year. I guess the Andy character filled the void as he and Paul were close like brothers. 



  19. A few month prior to Y&R premiere, there was a highly rated ABC movie of the week that aired on November 22, 1972. It was titled " All My Darling Daughters".....in it Robert Young is the father of 4 very different daughters that all get married on the same day. Their similarities to the Brooks sisters is uncanny. The youngest daughter played by red head Judy Strangis even sounds like Pamela Peters Peggy. I wonder if Bell saw this movie and became a bit influenced by it that he tweaked his storyline bible for the sisters ? 


    Yes that is a pre- Cagney & Lacey Sharon Gless as one of the daughters.

      Fawne Harriman, Darleen Carr, Robert Young, Judy Strangis, Sharon Gless Appearing In 'All My Darling Daughters' : News Photo

  20. I agree about Lorie fitting right in at the ranch. If she had stayed on, I can picture a scene something like..... Lorie throws a surprise birthday party for Victor. Things get ugly when Lorie, Nikki and Katherine start to fight and starts slinging birthday cake in each others faces while Douglas half lit and amused looks on. Julia is there and tries to break things up and gets pulled into the brawl. 



  21. 19 minutes ago, Legacy said:

    What an interesting take on her character, that could have been really juicy for her to tackle and it could have definitely added more of a presence to her.


    Does anyone know how long the bayou was apart of the show i assumed from 81-83 if im wrong im sure someone will correct me.

    I think the Bayou did last till 1983. Roy who worked there was a guest at Nikki's wedding in 1984. 

    I agree about Peggy. I wish Bell had done more with her instead of letting her linger and disappear into oblivion. I don't think she made into to 1982. 

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