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  1. 8 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

    From what I have gathered, Irna considered Bill her right hand man and they worked together on ATWT, OPW and AW.

    Maybe the feeling was that at some point, Irna would 'gift' a show to Bill. Perhaps co-creating was a step towards that but AW wasn't a great experience.

    So when Bill was approached to take on Days it was obviously tempting. Maybe the fact that the show was up and running but not really established was appealing and he was offered free reign.

    Wasn't there an interview with Bill Bell where he said Ted Corday basically on his death bed asked him to save his show ? Corday died in 1966. Ken talked about the barbaric cancer treatments at the time where they would zap his father with radiation, pack him in ice and bring him back to the house, carry him up the stairs and put him into bed. 

  2. I ran across a 1979 interview with Linda Gray. She mentioned the rumors of jealousy between her, Victoria and Charlene. It was implied the tension was because the Sue Ellen character was dominating storyline. She denied the rumors, but mentioned she threw a big party at her ranch and invited the Dallas cast. Victoria and Charlene did not attend, but later phoned apologizing and giving excuses. 


    I assume Charlene was part of the tight knit group of Linda/Larry/Patrick. Larry became kind of a surrogate father to Charlene since she was in and out of foster care most of her life. 


    Victoria is a mystery. Some people have nice things to say about her, but a lot of people describe her as cold, aloof, distant etc...Joan Rivers hated her guts and ripped her apart every chance she got. The Gibb family blamed her for Andy's troubles after he and Victoria broke up. There were also domestic violence stories with her ex husband and the story of her pulling a gun on her maid. Patrick Duffy once did an interview where he told Sheree J. Wilson that Bobby & April were a true love story and that Bobby/Pam was a mess.....LOL I laughed at that John Beck interview. He said he wished he had worked with Linda more and they were both hoping that would happen. He just described Victoria as professional. I don't think Morgan Brittany has ever described her working relationship with VP. 





  3. 1 hour ago, antmunoz said:

    Is this Pam vs Jenna or Katherine vs Jenna?


    Love the way Sue Ellen casually says, “We were friends.  Why?” when Jenna asks if she and Pam we’re close.  You kind of get the feeling, “Not really!”


    Watch Afton’s face throughout the clip.  People said Audrey Landers couldn’t act but she’s stealing the scene here with her reactions. 


    1978-1980 Sue Ellen had no use for Pam most of the time and would rip her part every chance she got. She would make remarks like " Pam should have good taste after all those years working in department stores".....she called her a gold digger, cheap hussy, that Barnes girl etc...she also would go out of her way to humiliate Pam and exclude her from women's clubs, parties, shopping trips etc...


    When Sue Ellen went to live with Dusty and fought for custody of John Ross, she and Pam began to develop a friendship. At lunch one day Sue Ellen said " Pam, I have something I have to tell you. When Bobby brought you home....I hated you"......Pam replied " Really ?, I would have never known" and they both burst out laughing. 

  4. 2 hours ago, JAS0N47 said:


    When I had research done many years ago on some of the 1966 scripts, I tried to get some info on minor characters as well, so I do have info on Sam!


    Cast: Tom, Mickey, Susan, Diane, Rusty, Sam Wilson.
    Sets: Hospital Room & Corridor, Mickey’s Office, Tom’s Office (University), Restaurant Booth, Diane’s Living Room.
    Mickey tells Diane that he can not set date for divorce proceedings, and Susie and Diane become further estranged.
    Sam Wilson Info: (Tom is just finishing taking Sam Wilson’s blood pressure. As he unwraps the arm pad, Sam looks up at him anxiously from his hospital bed. Sam, is young, robust.) Rusty and Tom are discussing whether surgery is warranted. Wilson is a baseball player and a possible gastrointerostomy  would end his career. Tom think it's adhesians from a pervious appendectomy.

    Thanks for the info. It's interesting that John Beck started in soaps that early on. He appears to be retired now along with Victoria Principal. VP is 70 now and JB is 77.

  5. I loved Miss Ellie and Jock's relationship. I always remember that scene where Jock is standing out on the patio and Miss Ellie asks " What's wrong Jock ? I want to help". He asks " What time is it ?" She says "About 3". He says " it could take a while" and she says' Jock, I have the rest of my life to listen to you".....it was a touching scene. Jim Davis would pass away shortly after. 

  6. Ron Becker is a character I have read about over the years, but have failed to see one single scene featuring him. I think Carolyn Conwell who would start playing Mary Williams in 1980, also played Ron's mother. Dick DeCoit who played Ron still acts and you can google recent pics of him. He seems to mainly do theater and online web projects.

  7. 6 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    That scene with Sue Ellen and Pam is beautifully done - reminds me of how much more invested I was in the first season or two of Dallas. You don't get that contrast between the Ewing wives enough in later years. 


    I guess they were still fake slaps, but Victoria Principal really makes those whacks look real.

    I agree. Pam was putting Sue Ellen in her place after months of her snide remarks etc...I loved when Pam said she wasn't going to listen to her disgusting self pity about her finances. Another one of my favorite Pam/Sue Ellen scenes is when Jock has his heart attack and Sue Ellen is drunk roaming around Southfork playing lady of the manor. Pam catches her and they have it out. Sue Ellen brags she will be throwing Pam out when she takes over and Miss Ellie is at the top of the stairs listening. She quickly tells Sue Ellen no one is taking over while she is alive. 

  8. How much did Kay"Katherine" interact with Snapper & Greg Foster ? I know Jill & Liz and later Bill interacted with her the most ? Did Katherine have scenes at all with Jennifer Brooks ? Someone said there was a hilarious episode where Katherine, Jennifer and Vanessa Prentiss all winding up in the office of a plastic surgeon on the same day. Did that happen or is it someones faulty memory ?



  9. 29 minutes ago, mikelyons said:

    Early Y&R Scriptwriter (Dialogue Writers)


    Kay Alden

    Kay Lenard*

    Elizabeth Harrower

    Bill Rega*


    *Worked with Bell on DAYS while writing Y&R

    Elizabeth Harrower is the mother of Susan Seaforth Hayes.

    I remember Kay Alden saying Bill Bell asked her if she was serious about writing for soaps and gave her work assignments. She would mail them to him to critique and then a check would come in the mail if he liked them and used it on the show. This went on for a few months till she graduated from college. She said he then offered her a job. She figured she would rest up and take a vacation etc...then come to work. Bill shook his head and said " No that will not work for me. I need you here to start on Monday. That's what she did. He set a typewriter up and she went directly to work. They would watch the show during lunch. If Bell saw something he did not like onscreen, when the show finished airing he would call directly to the control booth and blast Conboy....LOL


    Alden also said when she met Bell, he told her he had been invited to speak to a college class about writing soaps and they pretty much tore him apart for writing bottom of the barrel trash. So when he met Alden, he was ecstatic that a young person of her generation wanted to write for daytime. 

  10. On 5/15/2020 at 4:50 AM, Paul Raven said:

    The staircase with the round window, position of the front door and the french doors with curtains seem identical to the Horton house. Wonder how that came about?

    incidentally, I have read that the Horton house was originally used for a Screen Gems pilot. I wonder what it was?

    I think it is the Horton house. That round window is a dead give away.


    On 5/15/2020 at 12:49 PM, Khan said:

    Well, if it was the Horton house, they certainly picked the right location.  That bridesmaid's entire story seems straight outta the Bill Bell era, lol.

    I wonder who the actress was in the commercial and if she went to do anything like soaps etc...? I can see that brides maid crying as Laura marries Mickey ( she's in love with him) and Laura really loves Bill....LOL

  11. On 4/25/2020 at 5:34 PM, Khan said:

    Am I wrong, or was that Paul Tulley, a.k.a. OLTL's original Dr. Larry Wolek, playing Norman?


    Yes that is Paul Tulley playing crazy Edward. He also appeared in episode # 2  of Dallas " The Lesson" in 1978. He played Lucy's teacher who she falsely accuses of trying to rape her when Pam forces her to attend school. Pamela confronts her about the lie and Lucy agrees to clear his name if Pam gets off her back. A classmate Roger (Jeffrey Byron) knows the truth and blackmails Lucy into going with him to the disco and implies she has to put out for him. 

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