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  1. Is Days gonna survive? I have Prez interruptions too often. I don't think DOOL will survive. I've had President interruptions.
  2. I think we tend to forget over time that soaps have always wanted to be bringing in new viewers. And soaps also followed what was popular in the early "80's" clubbing, disco etc (yes I was one of those). Soaps to me have always tried to keep young viewers watching cause they were the future success of soaps staying relevant. I was so happy when VCR's came to be cause I could tape my shows. And watch since I worked for over 30 yrs on all 3 shifts at my job over time. I also see that soaps won't be with us forever. I'm 63 with a daughter in her 20's she never got into or liked soaps. GH has been my longest soap I have watched and really struggle to watch cause of mob central. Love almost all of the actors (1 or 2 not so much). Really looking forward to SB being back and hoping I finally get my super couple of Liz (Becky H.) and whoever Steve B is playing.
  3. ITA on the beginning and ending statement. However Jill & Colin really drives me crazy. Why is Jill still with Colin? Jill needs to cut the umbilical cord with her son's! I could like Jill if she talked to her son's like adults & not screeching at them. We need strong women on soap's. What is everybody take on Julia? It's like there is zero chance that she might have slept with anyone else. It's just getting old for this viewer. Then Hilary egging her on...I won't even comment.
  4. I loved Peter's character and he is probably the first older man I thought was handsome as a 15 yr old viewer.
  5. Loving Y&R and B&B the writers are doing a great job. GH is still failing to me. I'm done with the mob. Bring Jason Q back and his brains. Loved the mob in the old days when it started but the show is less hospital than it should be now. The Godfather movies ended awhile ago.
  6. Y&R was pre-empted for most of one epi. Y&R and B&B are my fav's I now put GH on but don't watch just so my fav's don't lose their jobs due to cancelation. The mob the prime focus for a show called "General Hospital" it's pathetic
  7. I can't stand any of the Biermann family. The female's think beauty is: how much work can I have to make myself beautifully fake. And a man who thinks it is beautiful is just as crazy.
  8. Wow I guess I don't see the doom and gloom of everyone on this topic. President T. has interrupted enough times it effects certain regions and viewers. So far Y&R has remained #1 for a long time. If the other shows were increasing while Y&R decreased I would say they are in trouble. It's all relative. I enjoy the shows that I like. I still "watch" GH even tho I have NOT liked it in the last 3-5 yrs. I use to watch DOOL in the beginning but now it's the only one I don't watch anymore just by choice. I've been watching since H.S. in the late 60's.
  9. I love Sally and I wish she wouldn't have listened to her grandmother! I so hope Bill get's his!
  10. I watch GH with barely any interest anymore. It's still mob central the hospital is hardly used. I'm to the point of just using fanfic to get my Liz and Jason I wanted that ABC trashed.
  11. I'm liking Sally with Pierson they are cute together. I'm not liking Liam & Steffy anymore. I'm worried what Brooke is gonna do. / and Steffy& Steffy anymore I'II'mI'm liking
  12. I don't think so Ponds he is just worried Jill will find out how little money she has. I thought the same thing!
  13. I will miss IiiiI came back to this show when I quit working so I was so amazed at all the new stuff. I watched when they first began the show so things were different. However I really like most of the characters now but not so much of Sharon, & Jill's husband or Jill today. Jill dictating to her grown son's like they are at most 10 yrs of age oh and her screeching similar to Victoria's. I like strong women like Phyllis, Sage (I know she is dead), Ashley, Lauren.
  14. I turn this soap on everyday and barely watch. Keep hoping it will get back to core family's ie: Q's, Webber's, Baldwin & not mob central. ie: backburner most of the mob. Make Jason a Q. I hold Lucky responsible for Liz even being in the park!! Been watching since I was a teen in the 60's. Oh and made a rapist into a icon never could grasp that.
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