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  1. On 7/27/2021 at 2:14 PM, FrenchBug82 said:

    Indeed. Which makes Phyllis look dumb and hysterical but most importantly completely voids the entire storyline of any emotional investment.
    Why do they expect the audience to care or be particularly angry at Sally? It was a sneaky way to get out of town but it was enough of a great opportunity that Summer CHOSE to take it despite having reasons to stay in town.
    Fact it came from parties with an agenda is irrelevant. So why are the writers thinking this is somehow a high-stakes conflict?

    This is exactly my issue. The stakes are so low they're below the ground. Who cares? What exactly is the endgame supposed to be that we're anxious to see?

  2. Hey everyone,

    Sorry it's been forever and I've missed a zillion emails from Nikki. Do you guys still need the rest of 1994 until Taylor "dies?" I think it stopped at James and Taylor trapped in Big Bear? If so Nikki will do them this week and put them in the vault. 

  3. 17 hours ago, John said:

    Did Nina actually tell him that Willow is not his Mom. All I remember seeing is Nina telling him, Im not your Mom's Mom


    I still wont be shocked if both are Nina's daughters, twins


    That is all we saw. 


    All of this "what Nina did was SO wrong" stuff is melodramatic. All she said was "I'm not your mom's mom, thats not how we're related." Plus she apologized profusely to both that bullying banshee Carly and her wimpy son Michael. The kid is 2. He's not damaged for the rest of his life AND considering Carly's history with Michael and AJ she should be the last one lecturing someone on "confusing children." 


    It would be one thing if Nina did it intentionally or maliciously but it didm't play that way at all and she was genuinely sorry so the overreaction was absurd. 


    Maybe Nina should hang Michael on a meathook and they'd be more understanding 

  4. 4 hours ago, Ponds said:

    Well, Nina doesn't get any sympathy from me after telling a 2 year old that the only mother he's known is not his real mother.  You have to root for Carly on this one.


    Ehh, no I still root for Nina over Carly in this scenario. Though most of the time I root for anyone over Carly's loud and obnoxious behind. 

  5. I only watch this show sporadically cause it stinks but is Phyllis basically a bartender or waitress now? Every time I see the show she is behind the bar serving drinks. What an odd turn for that character. 

    I guess JG likes her being comic relief and nothing more but really....


    Also can anyone explain to me why this show LOOKS so bad? Like why are all the sets small? The only part of Jabot we see is that tiny boardroom, all we see at Newman is Victor's office, half the cast lives in a hotel room, and most of the other scenes either take place in the lobby of that hotel where Phyllis bartends, that other place where Lola works and the coffeehouse.


    I get budgets are being cut but GH does not look nearly this bad. In fact GH looks downright plush compared to Y&R these days (even with GH's sets being way too dark)

  6. I actually do think early Bold was kind of bad. I mean the first year or two were rough but Bill admitted he didn't really have a plan - it was rushed and felt that way, he was kind of copying character and story from Y&R. Eventually it found its groove but even after its premiere I have articles where most soap mags called it basically enjoyable trash.


    I've always felt watching Bold, even when I enjoyed it, it was obvious Bell wasn't very passionate about the show and it was never going to be one of the great soaps. It would sometimes have great moments but it would never reach the highs that Y&R, GH, ATWT, AW and GL did.


    Even if Thudley hadn't made it as awful as it is I have a hard time believing that in the end Bold wouldn't have just be seen as the "not nearly as good" little brother to Y&R and a soap who has Y&R to thank for its ratings (which was kind of proven true during the pandemic when Bold returned without Y&R and their ratings were in the toilet until Y&R came back)


  7. What does Nick even do? Does he have a job? What does Phyllis do?  Do either of them have homes? They seem to spend all their time in the lobby of that dumb hotel talking about Summer and Kyle or Victoria and repetitive flirting. Neither seems to have much of a purpose anymore. No significant jobs, no rivalries, no friends, no homes, nothing resembling a story. 

  8. 32 minutes ago, ChickenNuggetz92 said:


    Damn, you beat me to it! I saw the title of this thread and immediately thought of that scene LOL. MS as Phyllis during MAB's run was pretty much insufferable ("MY HUSBAND, MY HUSBAND!" or basically her stammering the same lines on repeat). MSPhyllis now isn't nearly as irritating as she was back in 2012, but I credit that to the writing, or lack thereof. My only criticism of her Phyllis now is that she is constantly portraying her as if she had just done 10 shots of tequila straight right before getting on set . 


    God I miss Gina Tognoni. She knew when to ham it up and when to be subtle.


    On Y&R: Pretty much anything Brenda Dickson did on the tail end of her run. It's fun to watch but the acting style definitely didn't age well.


    On B&B: Shoutout to KKL when she had to deliver the "I FRIGGIN FORBID IT!" with such conviction in 2008.


    On GH: Grayson McCouch's version of Agent Kyle Sloane. MW as Ava can also ham it up sometimes but I personally find it endearing to the character.


    OMG, I forgot qbout Grayson's run on GH. Every scene of his was hilarious because he would overdramatize even the most mundane dialogue. 

  9. Honestly? 


    Slam me if you must but most Susan Flannery performances after like 1997.


    Talented as heck but man did I hate the ultraviolent ridiculous cartoon villain they turned Stephanie into. All subtletly was out the window in favor of screaming, yelling, punching, etc. 



    The worst was Phyllis on Y&R when she lost that Phick kid. I don't know what MS was doing (and she goes OTT more often than not) but that miscarriage of "blueberry" was so horrible and such ridiculous scenery chewing. 


  10. 2002 was the end of it being at least generally watchable.


    But if I am being honest I actually think the last time it was good was in early 94 maybe?


    This show has flat out stunk for so long though. Well over 15 years of it being as close to atrocious as it gets. There might be a decent spot here and there like the Avants but this show has been pretry horrific for well over a decade.  

  11. From Nikki:


    I added the following Y&R episodes to the vault. Hopefully they aren't duplicates of what's already in there but it's hard to tell because I'm an idiot and didn't label anything.


    Here is what was added:

    1984 episode (in folder labeled "unsure of dates")

    1988 episode (in folder labeled "unsure of dates")

    4 1994 episodes (in folder labeled "unsure of dates")

    2 1992 episodes (in folder labeled "unsure of dates")



  12. Nikki said she added more episodes to 1994 and asked to remind everyone she doesn't have anything after Hunter left so Taylor's death will be the end of the 94 episodes.


    Also what is everyone's general opinion of 1995 and 1996 B&B? I am finding those years a chore to watch - all of the focus on Rick and Bridget is nauseating. Why in the world was Brad Bell or whomever so in love with Steve Hartman? That kid ate up so much airtime.

  13. 7 hours ago, Vee said:

    God, just bring Hilary back.



    2 hours ago, Soaplovers said:

    Amanda has chemistry with Billy...that would put her in orbit to Jill and the other Abbotts.  


    She shouldn't be paired with Devon again..at least in a romantic way.


    I thought they cut Amanda and Billy because the audience wasn't into it at all? Pretty sure it was said fan reaction stopped Billy/Amanda (though I can't imagine anyone is interested in Lily/Billy who are dull as dirt). 

  14. 2 hours ago, kalbir said:

    @Money What's crazy is that Michelle Stafford is about the same age that Jeanne Cooper was when Jeanne had the facelift. Holy difference.


    Lol, medical advancements are amazing but Michelle has had work done on her face and body. There are videos on You Tube and other sites (promoting Michelle having had work from certain places.)

  15. I am not done watching 1994 and I hope we get as much of the early months of that year as possible but I am really struck by how much better the writing was from 92-94 than it was in any other period of the show. 


    Aside from the triangle and even Belief, I enjoyed the Sally/Jack/Stephanie triangle, the Sheila story, Thorne and Macy's marriage troubles, etc. It is crazy to me that Bill Bell seemed to step away this as this show was starting to reach its potential and not soon after you felt the decline. 


    I have obviously seen episodes from late 1994 after Hunter returned and it almost feels like a TOTALLY different show than it was before she left not just how it was written but it even LOOKED like a completely different show. 

  16. 2 minutes ago, All My Shadows said:

    I think that tweet is stupid lol Sex has definitely driven plenty of plot points in real life, so yes, it's often necessary to at least see some of it in a movie or TV show. Is it always necessary? Probably not. But to make a blanket statement saying that they're complete unnecessary is foolish.


    LOL I don't agree with him either (movies like Unfaithful don't work without sex scenes), but specific to soaps how do you feel? Have you missed them now that Covid prevents any show from doing them?

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