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  1. Hey everyone, 


    Those 1999 episodes are apparently from Nikki N who does the B&B episodes. She emailed asking some of us if we knew the dates and could rename them.  I don't know the dates though. Can anyone rename those clips? Can you even do that in the share?

  2. 5 hours ago, Soaplovers said:

    Had Terry Lester stayed on...do you guys think the Nikki/Jack wedding in 1990 would have happened?


    I don't know if it would have happened the way it happened necessarily but I think Nikki and Jack definitely would have married eventually anyway. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Chris B said:

    To be fair, Brad Bell has been getting international headlines for his show. I can’t knock his hustle. He’s at least TRYING to drum up interest. What is Y&R or CBS doing? Nothing. The show has no promo and is down a million viewers. I’m no Brad Bell fan, but at least he is trying. 


    Lets raise the bar a little higher than that. It can't be "well at least Brad is trying" when trying is gimmicky embarrassing nonsense like sex dolls and dolls as characters. 


    Yes Y&R could and should be doing more however if them doing more is stooping to EB doing interviews about dry humping mannequins than they can just cancel soaps. Its not worth it.


    I am under no illusion that soaps will ever be what they once were but they can and should be better than they are now. I'm never going to be of the opinion that its better to have them on while they're embarrassing and awful than not on at all. I would have much preferred GL get cancelled in 2007 and go out with a shred of dignity over what it became when it moved to Peapeck.

  4. 1 hour ago, BoldRestless said:

    Thanks for posting the full podcast!





    They have done it before though? Brooke thought the baby dolls were her children, and Omar making a wax version of Taylor for her open casket funeral was a major plot point?


    I guess Bradley enjoyed getting attention from people snarking about the dolls in major publications. 


    I've never been so embarrassed to watch soaps....


    This. And the sad part is Bell thinks it's funny and entertaining. Nevermind the fact that all his goofy interviews about dolls did nothing but make B&B return with 1.2 million less viewers. He loves a goofy gimmick, anything for a laugh or attention no matter how detrimental it is to the genre as a whole. 


    I always feel bad for his actors. Even when the show returned he spent more time talking about dolls and spouse stand-ins than actual storylines or compelling storytelling. 

  5. I didn't put this in the spoiler thread because he doesn't give much information but it sounds utterly stupid.


    BBC: The one question that has come up consistently amongst cast members and their friends is 'What are you guys doing with the dolls?'


    Bell: Well, the dolls are working! They've been kind of a hit with the press. So we're going to lean into the dolls a little bit. We have a storyline coming up that actually involves a doll as a character and not just a stand-in. So that's a little sneak peek into something we've never done before, but under these circumstances you get new ideas for story and this should be a fun one.



    BBC: Can you tell us anything more.


    Bell: Well it's amazing what some of these artists in L.A. can do. They can make dolls the spitting image of someone so the dolls are just getting started on The Bold and the Beautiful. 



  6. 1 minute ago, YRfan23 said:

    I think the B&B cast seem pretty tight, but that being a smaller cast helps...and Passions definitely was a soap were everyone was friendly backstage....GH and Y&R seem to choose who will be their "friends" though the GH cast certainly has had more problems in recent years then Y&R ever had. 


    Well I'm not so much talking about now but the period that Peter is talking about (mainly the 80's and 90's).


    I think the B&B cast seems fairly close now but I don't believe that was the case in the 90's either tbh. 


    The GH cast now is a mess but the 80's and 90's crew are still SUPER close to this day (Kim Shriner, Lynn Herring, Jane Elliot, Jackie Zeman, Tony Geary, Ian Buchanan, Emma Samms, Tristan Rogers, etc). I didn't actually realize how close they all still are until they did those GH fan events together and told like a million stories (Jane and Tony travel overseas together, Lynn, Jane and Kin talk multiple times a day, etc).

  7. 8 minutes ago, YRfan23 said:

    I guess it's fitting since there's always this idea the Y&R cast isn't that "family oriented" like other soaps...I don't really agree , but It's probably very "clique-ish" more then any other set.



    The East Coast soaps had a reputation for being very close. I know the GL cast used to go out drinking together all the time, they all would walk to a local bar. The west coast soaps are different. Everything and everyone is spread out. Several actors have said the Y&R cast was standoffish and didn't socialized much. 


    Its interesting though evem compared to the other west coast soaps Y&R's cast never seemed particularly close. Even in the 80's and 90's the stories you hear about the cast of GH and all of their shenanigans - you rarely hear those kinds of stories about backstage Y&R

  8. 36 minutes ago, BoldRestless said:

    That episode comes from archive.org I believe it's March or April 1986.


    Thank you. 


    What was happening at that time? Jack was really in love with Nikki? 

  9. Scott’s book also addressed a rift with Victoria Rowell, who played Drucilla Winters. In a lawsuit against Sony Pictures Television and CBS, Rowell claimed she was subjected to “various racially charged attacks,” including Scott mocking her by wearing an oversized Afro wig. The case was dismissed in 2017.

    Scott recalled things differently, writing that there was a carnival set built for a few episodes of the show. She and few other show members, bored and goofing around on the “out-of-the-ordinary” set, found a bin of clown wigs and tried them on. She said they were “just giggling, pretending to be clowns” when Rowell appeared and went on an “angry tirade.” Scott said Rowell “thought I was making a statement about her hair because of the multi-colored Afro wig I was wearing and accused me of being a racist because of it.”



  10. 1 minute ago, John said:


    Fun fact: I saw , now playing Brooklyn, for the first time when tapes rolled. We have to be masked at all times. Crazy...


    I think that just means they blocked and rehearsed with masks on and didn't get to take them off until they were actually filming which is expected. 


    But its all the touching that I think has people baffled lol

  11. I have to say, I do not hate the ELQ story. It is pulling in characters all over the canvas, both newbies and vets, and they are doing a decent job using history (like Lucy having the tiebreaking vote because of her divorce from Alan). Tracy is very much needed her though. Ned and Michael being the only Quartermaines in these scenes is a little lame. 


    I remain very confused by Frank's choices though. It feels like there are a lot of actors on this show that are recurring but have more to do on the show and are in more stories than contract castmembers. 


    The story that is still not working for me is anything involving Peter. Anna looks STUPID. Maxie possibly being pregnant is atrocious. It feels like Anma only shares scenes with Finn, Peter and now Robert and all of her conversations are about Peter. 


    I also think LH is doing a great job as Sam. She has ENERGY something this show desperately needs as it's often quite lethargic (though I think Y&R now has them beat in that department)

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