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  1. 7 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

    What is Steve Burton alleged to have said? I missed this...


    Here you go (and he did not apologize or address it, he had Bradford Anderson go back and edit it out of the podcast later but people had already recorded it)




    For those that are confused, they were in Glendale. Steve basically made a joke that it was "ghetto" there so they were going to serve chicken and watermelon

  2. On Monday, June 29, in an episode that originally aired on September 21, 1994, Paul pulls out all the stops to propose to Christine.  


    On Tuesday, June 30, in an episode that originally aired on December 14, 1994, Paul’s mother, Mary makes a surprise appearance at Christine’s bridal shower.


    On Wednesday, July 1, in an episode that originally aired on December 29, 1994, Paul and Christine’s wedding day takes a shocking turn.


    On Thursday, July 2, in an episode that originally aired on August 7, 1996, Christine and Paul take the plunge, as Phyllis makes a confession.


    On Friday, July 3, in an episode that originally aired on August 15, 2003, Paul interrupts Isabella’s revenge plot against Christine.

  3. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/new-bb-yr-theme-weeks-announced/


    During the week of June 29, B&B will feature a “Love Conquers All” theme. 


    On Monday, June 29, in an episode that originally aired on August 13, 2014, Wyatt  convinces Hope to take the marital plunge — literally — in Monte Carlo.


    On Tuesday, June 30, it’s Maya and Rick’s wedding day. The episode originally aired on August 12, 2015.


    On Wednesday, July 1, Ridge and Caroline head to the beach, and pronounce themselves as husband and wife. The episode first aired on September 14, 2015.


    On Thursday, July 2, Eric and Quinn tie the knot; celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton guest stars as Reverend Murphy. This episode originally aired on September 26, 2016.


    On Friday, July 3, from the episode that aired in July 4, 2018, Steffy tells Ridge that she is ready to marry Liam, just as he learns that Hope is pregnant with his child. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    I don't think many Black actors would be crying over missing out on the blow up dolls.


    These issues that daytime soaps have makes me SMH. I also think viewers who are so afraid that the shows will get canceled that they'll watch any piece of schlock are also complicit. There has bee no collective movement to get these shows improve on their abysmal records on lack of representation, especially behind the scenes and I think because these shows have never had to truly improve, many have lurched toward cancellation with their lack of innovation.


    Preachhhhhh!!!!! Viewers are complicit

  5. 5 hours ago, ranger1rg said:

    And another show where I don’t see an Emmy winning performance. I like Rome Flynn — as I said about Clifton — but I don’t see the Emmy.


    Yeah these have been super underwhelming (and this is my first time seeing these). To be fair so was the Y&R episode  - have no clue with EB won an Emmy for that. 

  6. Apparently that Supervising Producer of Bold and Beautiful, Casey Kasprzyk, did a radio interview and this is the recap:



    He said they went back to filming and he had a very unusual assignment. He had to go to a "doll " store to purchase some "sex dolls" for use in filming romantic scenes. Since the actors cannot be closer than 6' away, they will artfully put wigs on the dolls to represent one half of the couple and then reverse it and have a second doll for the partner. These will be interspersed in the way that it will look like there is "romance" going on. He also said that they have asked spouses of some of the characters if they would be willing to stand in in some of the scenes and they have several "yeses." He said these dolls are quite expensive and he bought a mid priced model for $1300 and was going to go back to purchase a male model. They can use wigs on them to match the character's hairstyles and we will be seeing things like "an arm around the shoulder" or cheek and hair, or if in bed, the body form

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