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  1. Watching the Soapnet marathon with the MIL. Haven't seen the show in months, but Mama looks nice. I'm so glad her hair is growing out. And that white blouse from Wednesday's show is really, really nice. Miss you guys--life is kinda crazy right now. Hope you are all doing well. I'm still checking email, if you need to get in touch with me.
  2. Hey, ya'll--quickly weighing in on the AU story. 1. Hated the wig and Jackie Zeman looked sooo very very bad. (Yet another testimonial to Growing Old Gracefully, guys....) 2. Totally illogical progressions--the only excuse I can find was that it was...um, dream logic? 3. Even the actors looked unconvinced. 4. I am absolutely sure Jane Elliot spent the day at home, in sweats, recaulking her bathroom and thanking the gods she didn't have to participate in that fiasco. 5. If I hear another word about Campbells, Prego, or freakin' V8 VFusion, I'm going to barf. Okay, VFusion is actually kind of good, but really guys--at least OLTL does their obligatory propping in a subtle way.
  3. Not a lot of time, but I'm with Lainey on the subject of TQ's freakin' hair! OMG, woman, why do you let them do that to you? I know it's easier to manage, but wow it don't look good. Watched Thurs/Friday eps on Soapnet's marathon yesterday. I don't remember much, because I watched it through a haze of mucous and sinus medication, but for some reason I have an overwhelming desire to purchase Campbell's products....lots of them....
  4. My votes: THE BEST OF TQ(S) '08!! Please vote for ONE in each category... BEST SINGLE EPISODE - DRAMA 1. Confrontation with Laura (Tracy and Luke keep each other interested, etc) BEST SINGLE EPISODE - COMEDY 2. Tracy goes on a rampage and the Q's want Luke to return to the mansion. BEST SINGLE EPISODE - ROMANCE 1. New Year's Eve BEST SPEECH 3. Tracy's speech to Laura about how she and Luke keep each other interested, etc. BEST SEXUAL INNUENDO 3. "Remember the time we broke the hammock in the boathouse" SEXIEST SCENE 1. New Year's Eve BEST KISS 1. Kiss on New Year's Eve BEST QUOTE 3. "Judging from the toxic glow on the horizon, I'd say we are over LA" BEST EXPRESSION 1. Tracy's expression during "I don't do generous" to Laura. BEST NICKNAME 1. Spankster BEST HAIR 3. Sopping wet BEST OUTFIT 1. Brown leather jacket BEST BLOOPER 3. Jane laughing at the "Campbells Healthy Select" line from Tony on "IV pole day"
  5. Way late, because I haven't seen most of this week yet (thanks, Nex, for clips! downloading as we speak), but I have to disagree with ya here, Stace. I frackin' loved Mama's collapse. I hate nansypansy actressy collapses. People don't collapse pretty. They collapse with odd noises and weird facial expressions. I love Jane's fearlessness as an actress, and I love how realistic (instead of soap opera-y) it seemed. Maybe I'll think different after watching the clips again, but it in first run it was awesome. (I also loved how tiny she looked when Patrick caught her, because I am pathetic that way).
  6. I will be off work on Monday and Tuesday for personal time. Does anybody know if the show will be pre-empted due to the Inaugural events?
  7. I stayed home sick yesterday, and happened to wake up from my 17 hour doze to see this. Yeah, OLTL has some cahunas. I can't imagine GH letting a "hot, young" couple do something like that, much less Alan and Monica...or Luke and Tracy.
  8. I'll be in the chat room for a very short time, if anyone's interested.... ETA: I finally finished "Oh, Baby!" Yay, MsQ! That was just awesome. Such a sweet, wonderful ending to a sweet, wonderful epic!
  9. Is anybody else besides me tired of this End-as-Beginning motif? I haven't seen the preview yet, but I keep thinking of that stupid MetroCourt explosion thing last spring. Ugh--I was so sick of it by the end of the month. I'm assuming Mama Bear has some good scenes coming up? I may be reduced to watching via clips, as catching the Sunday marathons is more problematic these days....
  10. You and subtle aren't even on a first-name basis. It's probably why you love Tracy so much! I miss you guys a lot--I just haven't had a lot of time online lately.
  11. That's what I love about you, Lainey. Always with the subtleties. Still haven't seen the episode--Fey picked last night to have a good book she wanted to read, so I'll have to wait for clips or for Sunday's marathon on SN.
  12. I am so rude. I come in here, beg clips, and leave! Well, I'll be on for a little while--if anyone is interested in a chat. ETA: I'm in the old Break room (in case there's a new Break Room) at http://pub13.bravenet.com/chat/show.php/1049349012
  13. Dear wonderful fantastic lovefestical people.....would someone be willing to email me links to the clips for the following days: Luke fakes a heart attack. Luke & Tracy NYE (yay!) Friday Today I managed to miss all of last week (but I'm NOT missing today's darnit). The spoilers look yummy. I'm so glad you guys are on top of things.
  14. HOOKED! I fracking love your avatar. Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know I FINALLY saw Tuesday's episode. Mama and Papa were SOOO nummy. I finally got my NYE episode. Dances around with joy! Anybody wanna email me with the url for clips (pwease)? I can't check this thread very often, and stoopid SON gave up sending email updates forever ago. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in, wish you all a happy new year, and squee some more about the LuNacy scenes from Tuesday!
  15. No. I think it was written afterwards. Thanks for the clips.
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