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  1. It doesn't surprise me. The moment SBu came back I thought the writing was on the wall. I'm surprised he said this long. I thought that BM was miscast as Jason, but I like they wrote for Jason better when he was playing the role. His version of Jason was fallible, and so I found him more watchable, probably because his version of Jason wasn't stuck up Sonny and Carly's asses. I do think he'll go back to Y&R though at some point. I feel bad for JT. Because unlike SBu, I don't think the door is open for JT to come back to GH (if he wanted that).
  2. The cast is far too bloated. There are 30+ contract characters with another 30 or so heavily recurring. It's ridiculous, particularly when there are contract characters who are put in scenes with literally no dialog. I don't mind a love interest being cast for Lulu, but GH needs to have a one in one out rule. And FV needs to be limited to ex-OLTL hire a year. In terms of ML and BM, I think BM looks older. But, if they are going to recast Drew, they should find an actor who looks closer in age to RH and SBu. if Drew is supposed to be Jason's twin and Franco's foste
  3. If BM is out, then it doesn't surprise me. Once SBu came back as Jason, I thought the writing was on the wall. Especially, once they ended Drew/Sam so quickly without providing Drew another viable love interest. And to be honest, I felt like BM was miscast as Jason, and Drew didn't seem to have much personality. So I don't think it will be any great loss to the canvas. I just wish he could take Kim with him. I will be curious to see what BM will do next. It sounds like he doesn't want to sign a long-term contract with any soap, and I think that is probably a major o
  4. They really didn't. And I never understood why. They just didn't seem to care about the Bauers at all. Alan Michael was only allowed to be a Spaulding, except for the 4th of July. Michelle eventually turned into a mob appendage, and RIck was only really permitted to be Phillip's BFF.
  5. I like Cain, but it's a little bit ridiculous the amount of stuff he's gotten away with. However, I find his spawn Debi to be far far worse. Debi's list of victim's is longer. Everyone she screws dies or in poor old Andy's case has to leave town indefinitely. She may not pull the trigger, so to speak, but she causes them all to go mad. I still blame her, in part, for Gennie dying.
  6. My biggest gripe was that Hope never returned to the canvas. Her absence, especially in the late 80's and 90's, was a little ridiculous.
  7. I don't think that so many UK soaps were as focused on star-crossed lovers like US or Aussie soaps. But, I do think they used to do a better job of balancing out the dark gritty stuff with the more light hearted/comedic stuff. And I always felt like the UK soaps were much better about keeping couples together for several years before breaking them up. I like many of the darker and gritter storylines. But, I need them to be balanced out, and I get tired of seeing certain characters rotate through partners the way that they do (David and Debi are prime examples).
  8. I've never minded the Dingles. Well I like Chas and Cain, and Marlon doesn't annoy me too much. The rest of them I could do without. I agree though that there is a general over emphasis on their stories at the expense of other character's stories. To me the two most compelling stories on the show right now are the aftermath of Vic's rape and then the grooming stuff with Jacob and Maya. However, they are both dark stories, and I feel like the show really needs something happier to balance those out. And killing off Lisa and having episode after episode of Dingles crying about her death (
  9. Most soaps today are so terrified of losing viewers that they won't dare do anything contemporary. Plus a good story needs to be well paced, and that is something that all four of the remaining shows struggle with. I mean Emmerdale in the UK has a storyline about a teacher who groomed and abused one of her students and then a date rape story that has resulted in a pregnancy (and a rape that at least at this point isn't being used as a catalyst for a romantic pairing). I don't believe there is one US soap that has the guts or ability to tell those type of stories anymore.
  10. I think that role was pretty close to impossible to recast. But, I do agree finding a decent actress who had great chemistry with Frank Dicopoulos or even Rick Hearst would have helped. The problem with the recast wasn't necessarily that she was a bad actress, she seemed fine, she just lack chemistry with her co-stars and was kind of bland. And at least for me, I'll take an average or even mediocre actor that can generate good chemistry and has some spark on screen over better actors who can't do that. I get over a crappy performance from time-to-time, I can't get over being bor
  11. I didn't realize that. But, not shocking as Guza refused to really write for any African American character. Mind you he also had zero interest in writing for any character not named Luke, Sonny, Jason, or Carly.
  12. David and Gilly Grant were fantastic characters, and Monti Sharp had so much chemistry with everyone. I'm a little surprised that he didn't end up on another soap because he was such a great soap actor. He was a good actor in general, but not all good actors are good soap actors. The casting in the early 90's especially for the under 30 crowd was pretty terrific. Monti Sharp, Melissa Hayden, Nia Long, Rick Hearst, Melina Kanakarede, etc. Even Jocelyn Seagraves and Morgan Englund, who I thought were weaker actors, generally had good chemistry with their fellow actor
  13. I really liked Vivian as well. I think she, like many characters in 1996, were a victim of the rotating writers and change in executive producers. It stunk because I thought she was complicated, and while i think she was judgmental and at times pretty horrible, I understood why she was the way that she was. But, then 1996 was a mess in general. And the execution of stories was subpar at best.
  14. I tend to forget about Marland's contribution to the Lewis's. Although I also don't think Marland was just like most HW. He had his own pets and created a bunch of new characters. It's just that generally I tended to like his new characters. Mostly, because I felt like under Long's first tenure that it GL was becoming like Texas in Springfield.
  15. I haven't seen much of the mid-80's and so I can't comment on that, but 87 & 88 were terrible. And I wasn't a huge fan of Long. because she introduced not only Reva, but also Harley. And l hated Harley. However, she also introduced the Lewis family, and I thought they were a massive airtime suck. The best part of the Reva free years was that the airtime wealth was spread more evenly. But, mostly she was responsible for Harley. To be fair, I tolerated Harley during her first run (and I even liked Mallet with her), but her second run made me want to punch her
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