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  1. It took me a little while to get into Generations. But I felt like it was so good by the time it was cancelled! I still have that catfight between Maya and Doreen on tape! LOL And what was the name of that crazy aunt who was trying to kill someone? I liked her.
  2. I think I was in 5th grade when Texas came on. I LOVED it! My cousin and I were addicted and devastated when it went off the air. I was so happy when AOL showed videos of Texas and Another World and was almost as equally devastated when they cancelled it again! I wish I had put them on dvd or saved them on my computer so i could re watch them again! And it was just starting to get good too!!!!
  3. I have a feeling we will never see season 3 on DVD- thank goodness I taped every episode when it was on TNT years ago(minus a handful). Now to dig out my old tapes from where ever they are. I was so looking forward to the introduction of Ciji. That was my favorite season ever. She was my favorite character ever.- Though I do have a soft spot for Abby, Linda, and Anne.
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