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Episode 14 "Fireworks light the sky Part 2"

JM Fanfiction


Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Josh Manning


Jack is still tied to the chair when the door opens and a young woman walks into the room carrying a tray of food.

Girl- I brought you some food.

Jack- and how do you expect me to eat it with my hands tied behind my back?

Girl- Well I guess I could always feed you. I'm pretty sure my father doesn't want me to untie you.

Jack- Zack's your father?

Girl- Yeah he is and my names Dara. So how do you know who my father is.

Jack- because I'd seen him before this morning. I saw him a couple nights ago at Llanview Park.

Dara- Oh... really well um... Did he seem normal to you?

Jack- Well he raped me that night, so is that normal for you? And I also think he killed my dad.



Olivia- Well why don't you tell us how you really feel?

Tea- okay I will. Todd has caused nothing but hurt for my family. Hell he shot his own twin brother and lead all of us to believe he was dead for almost two years. He's hurt my daughter on more than one occasion. So am I sorry that he is dead? No I'm not but I wouldn't be the one to take him away from his kids. And if you want to continue to accuss me of murder you can leave my house now.

Blair- Tea now just calm down she's not accusing you or anyone else right now. All that is important is that we find Jack.



Ella- wow I can't believe how much you have turned out like dad. Such a player.

PJ- Will you hush? Listen as far as everyone knows mom left when we were little and dad died when the apartment exploded which is how I got the scar.

Ella- more lies PJ!

PJ- well you do what you have too, to stay hidden.

Ella- Well your not doing a very good job by hitting on two sisters.

PJ- wait what?

Ella- Oh please that girl there you guys were totally flirting and her sister Starr is your girlfriend, right?

PJ- you are crazy. I was not flirting with Dani. What are you doing here anyways? We can't be seen together.

Ella- please like anyone is going to recognize me. Cause they sure as hell haven't recognized you.

Shows someone using a camera taking pictures of them.




Matthew is slowly pacing around his apartment when their is a knock at the door. He walks over and answers it to see Noah standing there.

Matthew- Hey! Come on in.

Noah walks in as the door is closed behind him.

Noah- So Aubrey said you had something to say to me.

Matthew- yeah listen about yesterday. I am really sorry that I said any of that. I know you would never risk anything to hurt Drew or myself. I should of known that and I do know that but I was so pissed off that I had to take my anger out on someone and it just happened to be you. So do you forgive me?

Noah- I will on one condition.

Matthew- what's that?

Noah- You go out with me tonight on a date to the firework display at the country club? Are you in or out?



Karen- Katrina what are you doing here?

Katrina- Well I had some business to take care of in town and I thought I'd stop by.

Connie- Oh don't tell me that you have brought your nasty work to town.

Katrina- my nasty work is what keeps your business afloat. So yes my work is here in town. Along with some other business.

Karen- Well um... how do you plan on getting out of here without Aubrey seeing you?

Katrina- Kristine has no idea that I am alive and besides remember I had facile reconstruction done. So what's it like living the good life here in Llanview?



Kelly is sitting on the couch rubbing her pregnant belly as she is reading the paper when Joey walks into the room.

Joey- hey sweetheart!

Kelly- hey! your home. So how was London?

Joey- Nothing's changed.

Kelly- Well how's Zane doing with us not being there?

Joey- why don't you ask him yourself?

Joey turns towards the opened doors and Zane appears in the doorway.

Zane- hey mom!

Kelly has a tear go down her face as she walks over and hugs Zane.

Kelly- Oh it's so good to have you home with me again.



Victor is sitting after the kitchen table when his phone goes off.

Zack- Hello Victor! If you want to see Jack alive you better have that money I asked for by midnight tonight or Jack is dead.

Victor- Don't worry I'll have your money.



Shows Kameron and Aubrey sitting in a booth as Wanda walks by them and puts up a for sale sign in the window.

Aubrey- Wanda! Your selling the place?

Wanda- yeah I have no choice business just isn't like it was back in the day when this place had life. Young teenagers coming in for a float or a burger after school and they'd hang out here for hours.

Kameron- Well what if we were to help you get this place back up to it's glory days.

Wanda- I think it's beyond that.

Aubrey- We can't say that until we have tried. I can get a lot of people to help pitch in. So what do you say?

Wanda- Oh I guess we could give it a try.



Zack is sitting behind a chair when his daughter Dara walks into the room.

Zack- so did you take care of what I asked you too?

Dara- yeah I did and I have something to ask you? The prisoner said that you attacked him the other night in the park. Is it true?

Zack- Yes it's true. Believe me I'm waiting to do it again.

Dara- Well I'm afraid that's not going to be the case father and I have let him go.

Zack- you what?

Zack gets up from behind the desk and walks towards Dara with anger in his eyes.

Zack- Are you really as stupid as your mother?

Zack puts his hands around Dara's neck as Jack sneaks up behind him and uses a rope to choke Zack out.

Jack- come on lets go!



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