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Epi. 13 "Fireworks Light the Sky Part 1"

JM Fanfiction


Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Josh Manning


Tea and Victor are sitting on the couch in their lviing room when they hear a knock on the door. Victor answers the door to see Blair standing there worried.

Victor- hey is something wrong?

Blair- Did Jack stay here all night?

Victor- No why?

Blair- he didn't come home last night and I'm afraid of who ever killed Todd might have gotten to him.

Tea- Alright come over and have a set and I'll call Bo and have him come over. There's nothing to worry about.



Matthew is still in a lot of pain as he walks into his living room and hears a knock on the door.

Matthew- Who is it?

Woman- It's be Aubrey!

Matthew walks over and opens the door and lets Aubrey in.

Aubrey- Man who beat the [!@#$%^&*] out of you?

Matthew- No one I ran into a door.

Aubrey- yeah okay and anyways is Noah here?

Matthew- No he left yesterday after we had a fight.

Aubrey- What was the fight about? If you don't mind me asking.

Matthew- I accused him of sending my mother the picture of us kissing and he denied it which just made me even more mad at him.

Aubrey- Matthew you know Noah would never do anything like to you.

Matthew- I know that now but I was just so pissed yesterday and I said something I shouldn't have. Hey listen is there anyway you can get him to come over here so I can say I'm sorry.

Aubrey- yeah sure I can see what I can do.

Aubrey grabs her bag and heads out the front door.



Connie- So how long are you going to be pretending that your not only in town for Clint's Money.

Karen-Well lets see... as long as it takes. But I know I'm getting very close.

Connie- But aren't you afraid that with Joey and Kevin both being back in town that you will have more of compition on your hands.

Karen- Not as long as Noah keeps up his end of the bargin.

Connie- Ah so not to change the subject or anything but have you said anything to Aubrey about what we talked about a while back.

Karen- No I haven't had a chance to yet, about either one.

There is a knock at the door.

Karen walks over to the door and answers the door to see her old friend Katrina Karr standing there.

Karen- Oh my god!



Dani is walking through the square when she bumps into PJ

Dani- Oh my god I'm so sorry!

PJ- Nah don't be It was my fault. Your Dani Starr's sister correct?

Dani- yeah and your PJ! Listen sorry about the comment I made the other day about your scar.

PJ- Don't worry about it. It's really nothing.

Dani- Are you and Starr going to be at the Country Club tonight for the firework display?

PJ- Ummm... yeah as far as I know we are.

Dani- Okay well it was nice seeing you again.

PJ- you too.

Dani walks off as PJ stars at her

Woman- you really are a player aren't you?

PJ turns around to see a woman standing behind him.




Blair and Tea are sitting on the couch when Bo and Olivia walk through the front door.

Bo- So what's this that I understand that Jack is missing?

Blair- Well he never came home last and I'm afraid that who ever killed Todd is after Jack now.

Olivia- When was the last time you seen him?

Blair- yesterday morning and who's she?

Bo- Oh this is FBI Agent Olivia Carson and she is investigating Todd's murder.

Tea- Oh! Well good luck. If the murderer wanted to be thanked for the crime he would have stayed and showed his face.

Olivia- So what you are saying is that you are glad he is dead.

Tea- Well after all he has done to me and my family, yes! I am.

Olivia- So did you kill him?

Tea- No! But I wish I had.



Kameron- Noah you just have to give your dad time and he will eventually come around and except that you are gay.

Noah- well it's been three years and still nothing so I might as well just give up hope that one day he will see me for who I am.

Aubrey walks through the front door and over to where Kameron and Noah are sitting.

Aubrey- hey guys, listen Noah! Um... Matthew would like for you to come by so he can apologize to you in person.

Noah- I really don't think I'll go over there.

Aubrey- listen I talked to him and he really is sorry.

Noah- oh alright I guess I'll go.

Noah gets up and walks out of the diner



Shows a man walking down a dark hallway as he opens a door to a room and sees Jack tied to a chair.

Jack- please let me go! Please just let me go home. I promise I won't say a thing to anyone.

Man- do you not recognize me? I was the one that gave you a wild time the other night in the park.

Jack looks up at the person in the face as it shows it's Zack Rosen.


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I enjoyed the title of the episode. It let you know what you were going for.

Tea/Victor/Blair/Olivia/Bo: Interesting where this whole story is going. I am totally interested to see who murdered Todd Manning. Tea better watch what she says. That was odd. Did Tea murder Todd?

Matthew/Aubrey: I liked how you kept the whole Aubrey joke thing going. She is a character that cracks those one liners from time to time. Good job staying true to her. I do like the Matthew being gay story. Can't wait to see more layers on it.

PJ/Dani: PJ is a good character. I see what you are going for in him, but let's see a little more of who he truly is. Don't move too fast on his story. But, good job!

Katrina/Karen/Connie: I can't wait to see what you have in store now! LOL! Katrina Karr. That is a name I haven't thought about in a long time, can't wait to see what you do with her. And, why is Karen really in Llainview???

Jack: Poor Jack. I feel so bad for him. GREAT CLIFFHANGER!!!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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