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DAYS #59: Kim makes her move, JJ spills the beans





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sheryl picks up the phone in her office at Titan, she begins a conversation with a mysterious person, whom she is obviously very familiar with.

SHERYL: (into phone) Hey, it's me.

After a pause, she continues.

SHERYL: Yeah, I'm still in Salem. Look, you remember how you owe me a little...favour?...Yeah. So does that mean you're in? ...No, you'll have to come here first. (laughs) That's right. Okay. I'll keep in touch. Bye.

Sheryl puts down the phone and smiles broadly, before looking for a file, and heading from her office. She strides confidently to the door and closes it with a confident flourish.


Gabi sits at Hope's desk, pleading with her to look into Nick's supposedly renewed drug use.


GABI: Please, Hope. You have to go talk to Nick. You're my only hope.

Hope looks down, deep in thought about the decision before her.

After a pause that feels like an eternity, Hope answers.

HOPE: Alright. I'll do it.

Gabi beams with happiness at Hope's decision.

GABI: Thank you! Thank you so much, Hope. I know I'm asking a lot but...you may have saved my life.

Gabi stands up and hugs Hope tightly. Hope reciprocates but with much less intensity than Gabi, as though she's still contemplating her decision.

HOPE: No problem, Gabi. I'll let you know how it goes, alright?

GABI: Okay! Thanks again, I know it's...I know it's a huge thing to ask of you, I just...want you to know that I do appreciate it.

HOPE: Don't mention it.

Gabi grabs her purse and walks quickly out of Hope's office, waving goodbye as she does. Once outside the door, Gabi breathes a heavy sigh of relief, knowing that her plan has, so far, worked.

Inside, Hope sits back down, shaking her head at the dilemma she faces.


Daniel steps over to the nurses' station at University Hospital, where Maxine stands, staring into her computer. Despite this, Maxine knows Daniel is there.


MAXINE: Dr. Jonas, how are you this morning?

Maxine looks up to see a rather hungover doctor standing before her. She raises an eyebrow, knowingly.

MAXINE: Mmmhmm, that's what I thought.

DANIEL: Maxine, I don't want to hear it.

MAXINE: Did you at least have a good time last night?

Daniel looks away, hoping to avoid answering her question. Maxine continues to stare Daniel down.

DANIEL: Ehhhh...you could...say so.

Maxine sees a bit of a glimmer in Daniel's eye and gives him a knowing look. Her smirk disarms Daniel a bit, and he leans in to speak in confidence to her.

DANIEL: I can't tell you anything more than that.

Maxine makes a mock-insulted face, and Daniel laughs before walking away.

As Daniel walks away, he looks down at his notes. About to make his rounds, he notices the first name on the page. Theresa. He looks up at her hospital room door and sighs, struck by the sadness of the situation.


Kim sits in the waiting room outside Aiden's office as Aiden's secretary hangs up the phone at the desk next to Kim. She looks at Kim with a smile.

SECRETARY: Mr. Jennings will see you now, Ms. Brady.

Kim stands up, smiling politely.

KIM: Thank you.

Kim timidly opens the door to Aiden's office and steps in, closing it carefully behind her.

AIDEN: Ms. Brady! Good to meet you. My name's Aiden Jennings.

Aiden strides over to Kim confidently and shakes her hand. Aiden smiles warmly, while Kim looks up with a bit of trepidation, smiling only momentarily, almost sheepishly.

KIM: It's...great to meet you, Aiden. Please, call me Kim.

Aiden motions for Kim to have a seat at his desk, at which point Aiden steps back towards his side of the desk.

AIDEN: Please, Kim. Have a seat. So what is it I can help you with, exactly?

KIM: Well...I need you to give me a little advice about a family...situation.

AIDEN: Okay...what exactly is it?

KIM: It's my daughter, Theresa. She's been in an accident, and she's...unfortunately in the hospital.

Aiden looks at Kim with concern.

AIDEN: I'm...really sorry to hear about that. Is there a problem at University Hospital or something?

KIM: Well...no.

AIDEN: Then what's the problem?

KIM: To be blunt, I need you to find a way to keep Billie Reed out of Theresa's hospital room.




Marlena and John are in Marlena's office at the hospital, as Marlena steps back from John, stunned at what he'd just told her.

MARLENA: I'm sorry? You saw what?

John steps forward towards Marlena, who is still upset by John's sudden change of heart about salvaging their marriage.

JOHN: The first thing I see when I come back to town, Doc. You and...Roman. I saw you comforting him on that bench, Doc.

MARLENA: You have absolutely no idea what that was about, John!

JOHN: No. I do.

MARLENA: How could you possibly?! You've been gone for months! No one's heard boo from you! And suddenly you know exactly what's going on?

John holds up his hands to indicate to Marlena to calm down. Marlena doesn't agree.

MARLENA: NO! NO! No you do not...

JOHN (talking over her) Doc, I'm not saying what you think I am...Doc. Come on now.

MARLENA: I was comforting Roman because he...

JOHN: Doc! You don't have to explain anything to me. Just...be good to him. Alright?

Marlena looks at John with confusion in her face, realizing that John isn't upset but giving her up.


John sighs heavily, visibly pained by what he has to tell Marlena, but he finally struggles to spit it out.

JOHN: My lawyers will contact you in the morning. We'll get the divorce proceedings finalized. I want this to be quick and painless for both of us.

MARLENA: John! What do you mean?

JOHN: I mean it's time we let this go, Doc. Look, I...I can't talk about this any further but...this is just...it's how it has to be, okay?

John heads for the door and steps into the hall. Marlena can only stand still in shock as he leaves.

JOHN: I'll be gone by morning.

MARLENA: What...John? JOHN!

Marlena follows John to the door as he walks off. She stops and looks on with hurt and utter confusion on her face as he disappears into the busy hospital.


Aiden thinks for a moment before standing up from his desk and pacing the room.

AIDEN: I mean...this is a big step. Is this Billie...Miss Reed is she...is she a threat to Theresa at all?

Kim sneers at the thought of Billie as she responds.

KIM: Well, if you ask me she's a threat to anyone within a 100 mile radius of her.

AIDEN: Okay, but...legally. Can we make a case against this woman? Because you can do one of two things here, y'see. You can either just talk with the hospital administration and ask that Theresa be put under a stricter visitor list. Only immediate family admitted, and those usually work but they're...hard to enforce in a hospital the size of University Hospital.

KIM: Right. I mean...I used to work at University Hospital so I know that all too well.

Aiden walks over to the edge of his desk and sits on the corner of it, looking at Kim for some kind of response.

AIDEN: Exactly, and then there's a restraining order, which is effective, but...extreme.

Kim looks up at Aiden with a sudden shift in demeanour. Suddenly her near-timidity vanishes and a look of steel resolve flashes in her eyes as they stare unwaveringly at Aiden.

KIM: That woman has done more damage to my family than anyone, even Stefano DiMera could dream of. I want her away from my daughter if it's the last thing I do.

Aiden's eyes immediately widen at the fire that emerged in Kim's eyes, deadlocked into his own.


Kate looks at Billie with some slight confusion in her face before she snaps back to her usual calm, collected visage.

KATE: Nick Fallon has absolutely nothing to do with anything I do. I was just saying that Nick was telling me that he overheard from a board member on the elevator this morning that we may end up with major fines from the FCC if we keep the station. The conflict of interest in this is crystal clear, Billie.

BILLIE: Well...he has a point. But I don't know why you're trusting conjecture from Nick.

KATE: Because he's right more often than he's wrong. Whether he's a psychopath or not.

Kate grabs her briefcase and heads for the door of her office.

KATE: Now. We have a board meeting to go to. Can I count on you to vote with me on this?

Billie mulls it over for a moment before responding. She nods hesitantly.


Kate smiles and opens the door to her office.

KATE: Good! Let's go then!

Kate motions Billie from her office and she and her daughter head for the board room.

As they walk into the lobby, Lucas steps off the elevator, much to Kate's delight. She quickly motions her son over to her side.

KATE: Ahhh! Lucas! I have something I need to talk to you about.

Wrapping her arm over Lucas' shoulder, Lucas looks over to her with a more than bit of worry in his eyes as they walk off to the board meeting.

LUCAS: Uh oh. What did you do now?


Nick is in his lab, making a face of pain as he pinches the bridge of his nose. Still reeling a bit from his hangover, he reaches into his briefcase, and pulls out the bottle of "Aspirin" from his bag. Quickly walking over to the water cooler, he grabs a paper cup and downs the pill and the water.

Refreshed, and trying to shake off the hangover pains, he walks back to his bag, closing it up when he gets a call from Sheryl. Looking at his phone before answering, he answers with a cocky smile on his face.

NICK: Yeah, just packing up to head home for lunch...well why wouldn't I?...Yeah. Everything's gonna work out exactly according to plan.


JJ stands in the Horton living room, and looks at Jennifer before holding up his hands in surrender.

JJ: Okay, you got me. I was driving Abigail to the airport this morning.

JENNIFER: What? What do you mean? Where is Abby?

JJ: She's in Europe.

Jennifer tenses with worry, she almost explodes at JJ from the shock of his news.


JJ: It was for work, it's...DiMera...it's a...project they wanted specifically her to work on. It was...really last minute.

JENNIFER: I...she didn't even...consult with me. She didn't...she's not fit to fly, she just got out of hospital a few hours ago, I mean...

JJ holds his mom's shoulders, hoping to make her feel a little more relaxed.

JJ: Look...Mom, I tried to talk Abs out of going but...it's just...for a few weeks, it's not a huge deal, okay?

JENNIFER: OH that's what YOU think!

Jennifer makes a beeline for the phone, but JJ follows her and stops her before she can pick it up.

JJ: Mom, what are you doing?

JENNIFER: I am going to call the airport and stop them before that plane takes off.

JJ: You can't! It's already taken off. They left hours ago.


Jennifer looks at JJ with at first appears to be shock but soon changes into one of disappointment. She backs away from her phone and looks at JJ with intense sadness.

JENNIFER: How could you let her do this, JJ? How could you just...ship your sister off to the DiMeras.

JJ looks away, shaking his head as well at his mother's grave accusation. At the same moment, Jennifer grabs her jacket and purse from the table, never once taking her eyes off JJ.

JJ: Mom...MOM, where are you going?

JENNIFER: I'm going to have a little chat with your sister's boss.

JJ: Mom! I don't...

Jennifer doesn't listen and slams the door shut before JJ can get a word in. JJ is left behind, holding back his urge to slam his fist down.



Recommended Comments

A lot going on here...lot of movement as well

Sheryl - Hmm who is Sheryl talking to.

Gabi/Nick - I love to see a methodical plan executed. And I like to see Gabi written this way also. I'm enjoying that story.

Daniel/Billie - You know how I feel about Daniel, as he seems to be making the rounds again, and I'm not talking about his patient sequence at the hospital LOL

Kate/Lucas/Billie - You've got Kate so down pat, and her lines about Nick were so Kate, as they all head to the Titan board meeting. The HUGE Titan Board meeting...with one conspicuously missing member

Kim/Aiden - Kim is determined to keep Billie away. I like how you capture her emotions through that whole scene. Loving this also

Jennifer/JJ - Jenn rushes off to see EJ. I'm surprised she is going to go to Europe to find Abigail.


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SHERYL - She is becoming more interesting than I would've hope. But, who does she want in Salem???

DANIEL/MAXINE - Daniel is just being classic Daniel to me. Maxine knows something is up. Gotta LOVE HER!!!

Kate - It will be interesting to see how this story ends up with the station. Kate wants everything to always go her way. I think that will all change very soon for her.

KIM/AIDEN - Kim is just taking that next step. This will make for some damn good drama!!!

JENNIFER/JJ - At least JJ can say he tried LOL!!! Jennifer is going to get a shock HOPEFULLY SOON.

Very wonderful show!!! I hope that you continue this!


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Great show. Took me a while to realize who sheryl was.

Nick took those pills. Now all Hope has to do is open up that case

My heart aches for Marlena. This is such a great triangle for the. SO of their age and brings back so many memories. Im so glad you revisted it and its going strong with many layers.

ANd Jennifer is on her way to confront EJ SHe's taking charge

I so love maxine and wish she had a story of her own.

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Good episode.

I have loved this whole umbrella story with Kate, Billie, Lucas, Victor, Cheryl, Jordan, Nick, Brady, Nicole and even more. Just amazing! Im surprised by how much I like Cheryl and Nick together tho I liked Cheryl and Lucas too.

The Roman story intrigued me from the very start. It was planted in one of the early episodes. I like this turn of events for him and Jarlena.

Kim vs Billie. Love it so much. I cant help but wish Shane would show up sooner rather than later tho.

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Thanks Days22. Really appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you've been enjoying the show.

Lots more twists and turns on the way, and don't worry, Shane will be returning. ;)

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