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ANOTHER WORLD 170 Rachel and Carl make a shocking discovery



ANOTHER WORLD 170 - Rachel and Carl make a shocking discovery

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, DRW50, beebs

MENTAL INSTITUTION - Sharleneblogentry-14971-0-55551700-1403377197_th has asked Johnblogentry-14971-0-10208500-1403377217_th to tell her about the tension between John and Gregoryblogentry-14971-0-59733400-1403377254_th.

Sharlene: For God’s sake John stop trying to protect me! You’re not leaving here until you tell me what’s going on between you and our son.

Gregory walks in…

Gregory: Yeah dad, tell mom the truth.

John: Gregory this isn’t the time. We want your mom to get well.

Sharlene: I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.

Gregory: So when is it gonna be the right time? You owe mom the truth.

John: Leave your mom and I alone so we can talk.

Gregory: So yo can lie to her! I’m not gonna let you.

Sharlene walks past John and up to Gregory.

Sharlene: Honey you look hungry. Go get yourself something to eat.

Gregory: I love you mom. I’m not leaving you. I’m not gonna let him hurt you again.

Sharlene: Your father’s not gonna hurt me, and I would like to speak to him alone. I’ll be fine. Go ahead.

Gregory shoots a mean look to John over Sharlene’s shoulder, and looks back at Sharlene, and kisses her on her left cheek.

Gregory: I’ll be back.

Sharlene: Thank you.

Gregory shuts the door. Sharlene turns toward John, sighs, and folds her arms.

John: He thinks I’m going to hurt you and that’s the last thing I wanna do.

Sharlene: I know.


LOVE MANSION - Jackblogentry-14971-0-75629200-1403377282_th and Toniblogentry-14971-0-05778300-1403377305_th are at the front door, and Michaelblogentry-14971-0-23621100-1403377333_th opens it.

Michael: Jack, Toni.

Jack: May we come in?

Donnablogentry-14971-0-13289900-1403377353_th meets them in the foyer.

Donna: Detective Snyder. Lieutenant Burrell. Have you found out who burned my club down?

Toni: We’re working on that.

Michael: Why not? You must have some leads.

Donna: I worked hard to get that club back up and running, and someone just set it on fire.

Jack: We’re not here about that.

Michael: Well I know this can’t be a social call, so what other police business could you have?

Someone rings the doorbell, and Michael answers it.

Michael: Etta Mae. What are you doing here?

Etta Mae: I’m sorry, but they told me I could find my daughter here.

Toni approaches them. Michael goes back to Donna’s side.

Toni: Mom?

Etta Mae: I need to talk to you...in private.

Toni: I’m here on police business.

Etta Mae: Toni please. This is serious.

Toni: Alright. Alright. Jack I’ll be right outside.

Toni walks outside and Jack continues his talk with Michael and Donna.

Jack: We discovered something.

Donna: About what?

Jack: Your father.


Meanwhile, outside of the Love Mansion, Toni wonders why Etta Maeblogentry-14971-0-90792600-1403377381_th tracked her down.

Toni: What is going on?

Etta Mae: I wouldn’t come to Bay City unless it was important.

Toni: Mom...what is it?

Etta Mae: Keneisha didn’t come home last night.

Toni: Did you guys fight?

Etta Mae: We argued about her coming to school here. She left the house in a tizzy but she never came back.

Toni: She’s not at a friend’s house or anything.

Etta Mae: I called her cell phone and it goes to voicemail.

Toni: Give her some time.

Etta Mae: Something’s wrong Toni! Something happened to her. I can feel it.


LIMOUSINE - Rachelblogentry-14971-0-24749000-1403377410_th and Carl blogentry-14971-0-99548300-1403377436_thare in the backseat.

Carl: You’ve been awfully quiet.

Rachel: Thinking about our son.

Carl: It’s for his own protection that he didn’t know where you took me.

Rachel: I didn’t want to lie to him Carl, but I’m not sure if he’s going to understand that.

Carl: We’ll make him understand. He couldn’t know that I was in Monticello.

The driver suddenly stops the car and they hear a banging on the passenger’s side window.

Rachel: What is that?

Carl presses the button to let the window down and they both get a big shock. It’s Micheleblogentry-14971-0-12008000-1403377469_th, but they don’t know that she’s recovered her memories.

Rachel: Oh my God.

Carl: The girl from the clinic.

Michele: Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins please. You gotta help me! We’ve been in an accident.




John: Everything I’ve done is because I love you.

Sharlene: But you can’t protect me from everything. You can’t keep the truth from your wife. Isn’t that what destroyed our marriage twenty years ago?

John: I remember that every single day; how Gregory and I tried to move on when we thought you died in that explosion on the lake; how you fought your way back to us, and I threw it all away by having an affair.

John moves closer to Sharlene.

John: You, Gregory, Josie, you all mean the world to me. I never wanna lose you again. After Kelsey, and even Felicia, you are the only woman I love.

Sharlene: If that’s true, John, you will tell me why Gregory is so angry at you. It hurts me to see you guys at each other’s throats.

John: You wanna know why Gregory’s mad? I’ll tell you. We were looking for Michael.

Sharlene: We? Michael? What?

John: I saw one of my mother’s diaries when Gregory and I went to see her, and it said something about twins.

Sharlene (listening intently and curiously): Go on.

John: She had letters dated 1996.

Sharlene: Letters from whom? Michael?

John: No...Martin. Michael’s identical twin brother.

Sharlene: What? So the guy that was here; the guy I dated...wasn’t Michael? Oh my God.

John: He was the one who died in the car crash with Shane Roberts.


Gregory is outside of Sharlene’s room as if he’s standing guard, and Mitchblogentry-14971-0-33612800-1403377602_th approaches him.

Gregory: Mitch.

Mitch: Gregory. Where’s your mother?

Gregory: She’s in here.

Mitch: I just wanted to see how she was doing.

Gregory: I’m glad you came, but she wanted to talk my dad alone.

Mitch: Well then I’ll come back later.

Gregory: No. I think it’s the perfect time for you to stay.


Sharlene: So if Martin was the one who died, where’s Michael?

John: He’s alive.

Sharlene: And who was helping you look for him? No…that’s why Gregory is angry. That’s why he keeps saying that he doesn’t you to hurt me.

Gregory and Mitch open the door.

Sharlene: Felicia was helping you wasn’t she?

Mitch walks right up to John, and Gregory follows.

Mitch: Helping you? Do what?

John: I’m having a private conversation with my wife.

Mitch: But my wife’s name came up, so now it’s my business.

John: What the hell are you even doing here Mitch?

Mitch: I came to see Sharlene.

John: You came to see Sharlene? Why?

Mitch: She’s a friend.

John: A friend? Sharlene you care to explain?

Gregory: Are you serious right now dad? Don’t try to turn this around! After all the times I’ve seen you and Felicia together?

Sharlene: What?

Gregory: Yeah mom it’s true. Every time I turned around, I see dad and Felicia together.

John: We were looking for Michael.

Gregory: So what was that at the apartment? Mitch they were at your apartment...hugging.

Mitch and Sharlene are shocked, and Mitch turns to his attention to John.

Mitch: What the hell? You’re having an affair with my wife again?


Donna: Why did you come all the way over here to talk to me about daddy?

Jack takes out a picture of Karen, the nurse working for Reginald, shows Donna, and Michael takes a look.

Donna: Who is this?

Jack: Karen Pierce, at least that’s the name she goes by.

Michael: What does she have to do with Reginald?

Jack: Her real name is Margaret Allen. She worked for Jordan Stark.

Donna: Jordan Stark? You mean that guy who was the head of the Lumina Foundation. He cured me of my aphasia when I couldn’t talk.

Michael: I still don’t get the connection between Reginald and this woman.

Jack: This woman...works for him.

Donna: Works for him? You talk as if he’s still...

Jack: That’s what I came to tell you. The Lumina Foundation saved his life, and your father took over the organization.

Michael: What are you saying? That my family’s in danger?

Jack: We’re doing everything we can get Reginald. The key to getting him is getting Margaret.

Michael: Well you better pray I don’t get him first. I’m not gonna let the people I love live in fear of Reginald Love.


OUTSIDE - It’s dark and a white mist is evaporating from the grass as Rachel, Carl, and Michele come to the spot where Lisa’s car crashed. Michele looks inside…

Michele: No. No she was…she was...she was right here. Mrs. Hutchins she was right there.

Rachel: You’re talking about Lisa?

Carl: I’ll call 9-1-1.

Michele: She was right here on the driver’s side. She’s gone. She wasn’t even conscious. Where is she?


ROOM - Lisa is lying unconscious in a bed when Karen walks up to her, and leans over to Lisa’s face.

Karen: I told him you wouldn’t get far.

Suddenly someone bangs on the door and yells "Open up, Monticello Police!"


Toni: I think you’re overreacting. Maybe she needs some time to cool off.

Etta Mae: Well you know she can’t come here because….

Toni: I know, but what more can we really do?

Etta Mae: First we gotta get her back home.

Toni’s gets and reads a text, and it has a picture of K.C. Burrellblogentry-14971-0-77291000-1403377746_th tied up and a message that reads: “If you want to see your daughter again, you will do as I ask.”.

Toni: Oh my God.

Etta Mae: Was that Keneisha?

Toni shows Etta Mae the text.

Etta Mae: Oh no!


Meanwhile at the CAVANAUGH CLINIC/LUMINA FOUNDATION, Reginald blogentry-14971-0-80900100-1403377779_thtakes the battery out of his cell phone, and looks at his tied up KC Burrell, who is struggling to free herself.

Reginald: This texting thing actually works.



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Wow what a powerful packed show. This was great.

Reggie kindnapped KC and now Bay City about to learn Reggie was alive.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Scenes with Sharlene. It all came to a boling point. I love how Greg walked in and -- i just loved it all. Cant wait to see that follow up. We got Mitch on the scene. Yea this is gonna be good.

U had a series of cliffhangers which was nice, the police at Karen's and Reggie's kidnapping of KC.

Great show. Never know what's coming next!

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  • Members

Such a good show, Cary!

I loved the scene with Sharlene, John, Mitch, and Gregory. Greg needs to take several seats though. People hug. That don't mean an affair!

Reginald a real bastard. Love it. Wonder what Toni's gonna do to get KC back. Everything is so connected in this story, it's great. You've done a fantastic job all around!


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  • Members

Oh my gosh Cary!!!! This episode was jammed packed! You covered everything a "Back to Another World" fan needed. This episode was freaking amazing! Anyways let's begin... I cannot believe Reginald has KC... I knew she was in trouble from the beggining. I have a feeling that a lot of Bay City faves are headed down a troubling path with this boss aka Reginald. The Sharlene scenes were filled with some of your best work! You should be proud of yourself with your 170th episode! It was some of the best work I have seen from you! Keep it up!

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  • Members

So much going on here.

Reginald's last line cracked me up.

Glad to see the Burrells moving back into the story.

I'm glad you remembered that Sharlene had slept with/dated the fake Michael. I'd forgotten. Ew. Poor Sharlene.

It's all kicking off over Felicia/John...

Some real shocks and twists in here.

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  • Members

This episode was was intense!

So many things building up with Reginald. And gotta love the tension with John/Sharlene/Mitch

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