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Golden Days Epi. 2

JM Fanfiction


"In Colorado"

(West Carlton Hospital)

"Shows Gina and Drew walking down a hallway and up to a hospital patient's room door"



excuse me but who can I talk to about my daughter

Dr. Lewis-


that would be me

Gina- and you are?

Dr. Lewis- oh I'm Dr. Lewis I was on call when your daughter Paige was brought in



why is she even here can you explain that to me?

Dr. Lewis- Paige was found at the bottom of some rocks by a hiker apparently her rope had snapped and she fell

Gina- is she going to be okay though

Dr. Lewis- we took at cat scan and everything looks to me okay, no head trauma

Drew- can we see her

Dr. Lewis- sure just keep the noise down to a minimum and only one person in at a time


(Gabriel's Dorm Room)



why did you make that joke back at the café about why Lila and I were late



what I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Would you rather me tell them the truth about you

Drake- no you can't. I don't want to hurt Lila

Gabriel- you're going to hurt her eventually when you can't hide it anymore. Drake she's going to find out eventually that you're gay.

Drake- can you not say it so loud. I don't want anyone to hear.

Gabriel- dude come on no ones listening

"Goes to show Lila


standing on the other side of the door"


(Donovan House)

"Shows Addie sitting on the couch"



here's a glass of water



thank you but you're avoiding my question. Do you think Maggie is just marrying you for your money or do you think she actually loves you.

Jaxon- I honestly don't know Grandma. All I know is that I love her but...

Addie- but what?

Jaxon- I... I um...

Addie- you keep thinking about you know who don't you?

Jaxon- yeah I do. Well um... I better be going I have some things I still need to do.

Addie- well okay... if you need any help you know where to find me or you could call me.

Jaxon- okay Grandma I will and thanks for listening to me and what I had to say.

Addie- of course.

"Jaxon walks out the door and Addie closes it"

Addie- don't worry Jaxon it'll all work out


(Bench in Park)

"Shows Maggie


sitting on a bench looking at a picture of a young woman and a baby; she then grabs her phone and dials"

Maggie- hey it's me listen I'm going to be coming home for a few days. I need to clear my head and re-think some things. Yeah I'll see you then.

"Maggie gets up and walks away from the bench"


(Carla's Café)

"Shows Lila walking back into the café and she grabs her books"



I'm sorry but I can't do this... what ever you call it thing here at the café right now



It's called having lunch and is everything okay.

Lila- no everything's not okay. Look I got to go.

Bailey- is it anything I can help you with

Lila- I don't think you can fix this Bailey even if you wanted to try

"Lila walks out of the café and Carla walks over"



boy I hope everything's going to be okay for her

Bailey- yeah me too. But hey she's one of the toughest girls I know and she'll be about to get through what ever it is... I Hope.



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