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ANOTHER WORLD Episode 42 Allen is arrested!

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Allen is arrested!!

Donna implores Vicky to work things out with Jake.

Vicky catches Jake and Frankie in an embrace.


Vicky brings tea to Donna in the living room, and sits next to Donna on the couch.

Donna: How have you been?

Vicky (sighs): As well as can be expected Donna.

Donna: I came to check on you. I know things can’t be going great right now.

Vicky: If you came to be a downer, you can walk back out the door.

Donna: Victoria I hate seeing you like this. You and Jake love each other, and you need each other more than ever.

Vicky: I bet.

Vicky pauses for a moment and asks about Bridget.

Donna: She’s fine. She loves you and she misses you, just like you love her and miss her, too.

Vicky: I don’t know to handle her.

Donna: That’s where Jake comes in. You and him need to figure that out together.

Vicky: I do miss him Donna, and my daughter.

Donna: Let her move back in. That will be the start of you two working things out.

Vicky: I want to more than anything.

Donna: Then go to him. Tell Jake what you just told me.



Frankie sits at her desk thinking about what Emma told her about her not being Frankie’s biological mother, and her vibes about the picture of St. Croix, and she wonders if the two are somehow connected.

Jake: Hey Frankie.

Frankie doesn’t respond.

Jake: Hello? You there?

Frankie: Oh. Sorry Jake.

Jake: You look like you were a million miles away.

Frankie: I might have been actually.

Jake: Well I was gonna ask you for a favor. I need your help.

Frankie: With what?

Jake: We need to go to Pinehaven Hospital.



Amanda walks into the living room, and right to the table to pour some tea, while Rachel sits on the couch.

Rachel: Amanda.

Amanda: I have nothing to say to you.

Rachel: You know this is the right thing.

Amanda: You are going to sell my father’s company. A company he built from the ground up, and you’re gonna tell me it’s the right thing?

Rachel: There’s more to it than just the sale.

Amanda: Really? How could that be possible? You are spitting on my father’s grave by selling his company to the highest bidder. How can you possibly explain that away?

Rachel: Amanda if you will just calm down and let me tell you what I received yesterday.

Amanda: How could you betray my daddy like that?

Rachel: Amanda I called the police!

Amanda: About what?

Amanda’s cell phone rings and she answers.

Amanda: Hello? Okay I’ll be right there.

Rachel: Please I need to tell about what I got yesterday.

Amanda: Save it for later mom. I gotta go.

Rachel makes a call on her cell phone after Amanda leaves. “It’s happening today. Okay.” She says.



Jake has told Frankie about his investigation of Allen Lovett at Rachel’s behest…

Frankie: Wow. This Allen guy has got a lot going on.

Jake: You look preoccupied.

Frankie: I just found out that Emma isn’t my biological mother, and before she could tell me, she died.

Jake: Wow. Sorry about that.

Frankie: This job is all I’ve got. My daughter isn’t speaking to me, and Emma tells me I’m not her daughter.

Jake: She’s your mother in every way that counts.

Frankie: Of course she is. I’m always gonna think of her that way, but it still stings.

Jake: Well then you going with me to Pinehaven will be a great way to get your mind off of it.

Frankie: I should go and give Rachel a hug.

Jake: Rachel’s paying us handsomely. Good distraction from everything that’s happened.

Frankie: My heart goes out to you and Vicky. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to lose a child.

Jake: I’m probably gonna lose Vicky, too. She sent Bridget to live with Donna.

Frankie: I saw what happened at the memorial. Jake I’m so sorry. Vicky has to know that you’re hurting, too.

Jake: It doesn’t seem that way.

Frankie: I hope you two work it out.

Jake: Thanks Frankie.

Frankie: No….thank you.

They hug, and that’s when a hopeful Vicky arrives, but when she sees Jake and Frankie in an embrace, she turns around and leaves disappointed.



Amanda walks in. Allen shuts the door, and they hug and kiss.

Amanda: Is everything alright? It sounded urgent.

Allen: With you here, yeah they are now.

Amanda: You’re making me nervous.

Allen (sighing): You’re so beautiful, smart, and intelligent. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.

Amanda: Allen what are you talking about?

Allen: I didn’t mean to fall for you! I just wanted to help my mother. This is all about her. I never expected to feel what I feel for you Amanda.

Amanda: Allen what the hell are you talking about?

Suddenly, someone bangs on the door. “Open up! Police!”

Amanda: Police?

Allen opens the door and sees two officers.

Officer: Allen Lovett?

Allen: That’s me.

Officer: Allen Lovett, we have a warrant for your arrest.

Allen looks back at a surprised Amanda.


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Nice ending. I really feel for Allen at this point. And Vickys dumb ass should have known that nothing serious is goings on with Frankie and Jake. Dumb Bitch

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