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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 43 Cory questions Rachel about Carl's past

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Creative consultant on this episode: ML Cooks

Cory questions Rachel about Carl


Dante and Elizabeth sit at a table eating ice cream.

Dante: What are we gonna do this weekend?

Elizabeth: I don’t know. You tell me.

Dante: Grant gave me a gift certificate to Tops.

Elizabeth: Wow really! They’re expensive.

Dante: The food’s good though isn’t it?

Elizabeth: Just like you.

They kiss.

Elizabeth: My boyfriend is taking me to an expensive restaurant.

Dante: Nothing but the best for my girl.

Elizabeth: Are you still thinking about joining the police academy?

Dante: Yep.

Elizabeth: Taking after your dad huh?

Dante: I think I kind of owe it to him to join law enforcement. Serve and protect.

Elizabeth: Like you did Bridget the other day.



Tyrone opens the door.

Tyrone: Donna.

Donna: May I come in?

Tyrone: Sure. You looking for Marley?

Donna: No. I’m actually looking for you.



Rachel is in the living room sculpting when Cory approaches her.

Rachel: Hi honey.

Cory: Hey mom.

Rachel: How was school?

Cory: It was okay.

Rachel: Just okay huh? Something must be on your mind.

Cory: How did you know?

Rachel stops sculpting, goes to her son, puts her arm around him, and they walk slowly to the couch.

Rachel: Because you’re my son. I know you. Now sit. Tell me what’s bothering you.

Cory: Something Iris said to me and Lizzie at the Center.

Rachel: I told you not to feed into anything she says. She hates this family.

Cory: Is it true?

Rachel: Is what true?

Cory: About dad. Did he do all those things? Did he really try to kill you and Mac?




Dante: Now why did you bring her up?

Elizabeth: Because you defended her, and not me. I’m supposed to be your girl.

Dante: You weren’t being fair to her.

Elizabeth: Fair? So you think that her spiking my brother’s drink was fair?

Dante: She’s hurting. She lost her sister. What if Cory or my sister Remy died? Would you want someone to be so hard on you or me?

Elizabeth: Now who’s not being fair?

Dante: She’s grieving over her sister’s death.

Elizabeth: Bridget was trying to make her sister jealous.

Dante: And she’s sorry about it.

Elizabeth: She’s sorry that her sister’s dead partly because of her jealousy.

Dante: I didn’t want to even talk about Bridget but you brought her up. Is she coming between us?

Elizabeth: I dunno. Maybe she is.

Dante (getting up): Maybe you’re letting her.


He walks away and Elizabeth calls him to come back, but to no avail.


Donna sits on the couch and Tyrone brings her some tea and sips on his own, and he sits on the chair opposite the couch.

Donna: I just wanted to thank you.

Tyrone: For what?

Donna: Making my daughter happy. I just came from seeing Victoria, and she says she wants work things out with Jake. I’m so glad you’ve been there for Marley.

Tyrone: She’s been staying with Vicky, and I miss her, but I understand that she wants to be there for her sister.

Donna: Thanks to you, this is the happiest I’ve seen Marley. It warms my heart to know that my daughter is being taken care of by such a wonderful man.

Tyrone: Done with your tea?

Donna: Yes thank you.

As Donna is giving Tyrone the cup, she accidentally spills some on his shirt.

Donna: Oh! I'm So sorry. Let me get that.

Donna grabs a napkin and blots the stain, which is near an unbuttoned part of his shirt, exposing part of his hard chest. As Donna blots near this unbuttoned part, she blots slowly, and she and Tyrone make eye contact, as if they’re in a trance, then Tyrone’s cell phone rings, snapping them out of it.

Tyrone: I…I gotta….

Donna: Get that.

Tyrone (answering the cell phone): Tyrone Montgomery? Who is it? Okay…I’ll be right there.

Donna: What was that?

Tyrone: I’m going down to the station.

Donna: Is everything alright?

Tyrone: Apparently somebody wants me to represent them, but they won’t tell me who it is.



Rachel: Iris hated your father. You have to take what she says with a grain of salt.

Cory: But is it true? Dad tried to kill you and Mac didn’t he?

Rachel: Yes he did. He shot me, and kidnapped me. He made our lives a living hell at one time.

Cory: Then why did you marry him?

Rachel: People can change Cory.

Cory: Mom you married a man who tried to kill you and the guy who was your husband at the time. I don’t understand that. Was my father a monster?

Rachel: Honey, don’t you ever think that way about your father! He loved you, Elizabeth, and me, and he was sorry for what he did to Mac and me.

Cory: I..I guess mom. Love conquers all huh?

Rachel: Your father wasn’t perfect, neither was I, but we both love you and your sister, and we would never hurt you, and if he was here, he would tell you the same thing. Come here.

Rachel hugs Cory, but Cory is still not reassured about his father.


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Good to see Cory learning about his father's past and trying to process this.

Wow, a Remy mention. Good to know she still exists.

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