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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 41 Rachel gets key evidence against Allen




Rachel gets key evidence against Allen



Policemen and forensics officers are dusting and walking around the office, and TONI BURRELL walks up to one of the officers, looking around.

Officer: Lieutenant, this is weird.

Toni: True.

Officer: There’s no computer…

Toni: I don’t see any signs of struggle here.

Officer (giving her a baggy): We got this bullet casing. It appears Dr. Taylor was shot to death.

Toni: You keep looking here for anything else. I’m gonna bring it to the station for testing. This may give us a lead.

Officer: One more thing. We grabbed the psychotherapy files from all the patients. Sharlene Hudson’s file is the only one that doesn’t contain any notes.

Toni: Hmm so whoever killed Dr. Taylor took his computer and Sharlene’s notes. Why?



Paulina is with Sharlene.

Sharlene: I’m so sorry Paulina.

Paulina: No…no don’t apologize.

Sharlene: You’ve been searching for your husband’s killer, and I just…can’t put it together.

Paulina: You don’t need to try and force yourself.

Sharlene: This isn’t fair. It’s been years and nobody’s found the killer.

Paulina: I’m starting to think it was an inside job.

Sharlene: After all this time, why haven’t you started looking? Don’t you want your husband’s killer brought to justice?

Paulina: Of course I do, but I’m afraid for my son. If I started looking, I would put him in danger, and I can’t do that.



Rachel is having tea on the couch when Jake walks in…with a package.

Rachel: Jake? When did you get back?

Jake: Not too long ago.

Rachel: So…you must all your evidence in that box.

Jake: No actually, this was at the door.

Rachel: No return address. Who could this be from?




Toni is at her desk reviewing some evidence found at Dr. Taylor’s office, when a person from forensics walks in.

Person: Welcome back Lt. Burrell.

Toni: Good to be back. What have you got?

Person: We ran tests on the bullet casing found in the office. It matched.

Toni: Let me see the report. This is the unsolved case isn’t it? The same casings were found in the Bay City Center on the day that Joe Carlino was killed.

Person: And the day Grant was shot.

Toni: They’re all connected. The same person who shot Grant and killed Joe, also killed Dr. Taylor, stole his computer, and Sharlene’s psychotherapy notes. We have to catch this killer before they go after her.


Sharlene: I understand.

Paulina: Believe me, I want Joe’s killer to pay, but my son comes first. He’s all I got left and I’m not gonna lose him, but I have to admit that I feel a void inside. There’s no closure to what happened to my husband.

Sharlene: And the key to that is buried somewhere inside of me. I wish I could remember so everybody can move on with their lives.

Paulina: You can’t get frustrated. It’s just gonna have to come on its own.

John walks in and Sharlene goes to him.

Sharlene: John. I’m glad you’re back.

John: Are you okay?

Sharlene: I have to make an appointment with Dr. Taylor. I’ve GOT to remember something.

John: You can’t make an appointment with him.

Sharlene: Why not? I’m tired of not remembering what happened.

John: I think you need to sit down.

Sharlene (sitting down): You’re scaring me John.

John: Dr. Taylor was found dead in his office today.


Jake: I went to Genoa City, and I spoke to Ashley Abbott. She said that Allen took thousands of dollars from them, but they couldn’t prove it because the money was always replaced.

Rachel: So you think somebody’s helping him. Why would he steal money?

Jake (holding up the bill he found): This. He’s paying for someone’s care at Pinehaven Hospital.

Rachel (looking at the bill): Quite expensive.

Jake: I’m gonna…go there and see what else I can find.

Rachel: You’ve done so much already. You don’t have to do that. Send me your bill.

Jake: I’ve come this far Rachel. I think there’s more we need to find out. I’ll be in touch.

Jake leaves and Rachel becomes more curious about what’s in the box, and opens it…and is shocked by what she finds. “What? This can put Allen away.” She picks up the phone…

Rachel: Can you send an officer to the Cory Mansion please? I have something the police may find useful.



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What a great episode. So gripping. it kept me hooked. We got a slow motion serial killer on the loose. And I can't wait to see what Jake uncovers and what is it the Rachel has on Allen now.

Very good epiosode. THings r picking up again.

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You've made your own opening credits! Congrats.

Wow, wasn't expecting to see Toni again. Whatever happened to her fiance, Chris Madison? He was Jake's best friend.

Good to see Rachel fighting back.

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Chris's absence will be explained later. I actually thought they had broken up...And Rachel is a fighter...Hope you like the opening credits :)

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