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I can't give you guys lots of details but here's what I'll tell you:

I've moved out of my house and will have no computer access in-home until mid-September so RTSB is on a brief hiatus unfortunately.


When we return, there will be a schedule every week that I will be 100% sticking to.


I'm going to revive "Talkin Santa Barbara!"

Only this time....

I'll be interviewing guests!!!!

And not just any guests....

But CAST AND FORMER CREW of our beloved "Santa Barbara"

That's right

I'll be working all summer

on booking interviews with stars like A Martinez, Nancy Grahn, Harley Kozak, Lane Davies, etc,....

I will also try & book 'RTSB' cast members not appearing on 'SB'




Patrick Mulcahey, Anne Howard Bailey (is she alive?!?), Thom Racina, and MANY MORE!!!

If anyone has contact info for any of these people, please EMAIL me at

[email protected]

It's NOT over you guys



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Me too, JR, I am trying to get into your series. The ep I read was great. A major turn off with this hitaus. But I know things happen. SO good luck with your issues and the your series buddie

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LOL, well, considering you've only read 1, you're about 105 episodes behind...... How about you check out those and catch up during the hiatus? That way, when we return, you'll know what's going on. Because honestly, this is not an easy blog to follow if you A)Don't know the original program "Santa Barbara" or B ) Haven't read and paid attention from the beginning.

If it's a "NO" to both, which I suspect in your case it is, then some stories will be impossible to follow and your enjoyment of the series will be diminished immensely.

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Hello Greg,

I've been here for ages! Ok, not ages but very long ago!

I knew you have problems that's why you can't contimue your fun-fiction. I'm sorry that. :(

I think it's a brillant idea to speak with the actors, actresses and writers! If you will be able to do that!!! What a job! I'd like you to interview with Lionel, too. He became a very lovely old man. But do not mention I said OLD, ok? :D

Thanx everything,


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Well, Greg, it's almost mid-September! Will we be seeing RTSB starting back up soon? *excited grin*

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When I have regular computer access again, you will. There's a reason I'm never here or post on the site- I can't get on!

It will come back. It will always return. It's a labor of love and I'd kill to actually do something with it someday. It's a dream of mine to revive it and if those people at this AMC/OLTL venture had half a brain, they'd have contacted me by now because SB OR RTSB will bring EYEBALLS to their internet soap-speriment. And that's a fact.

There's a reason you all read and come back when I bring it back. Because this is how a real soap should be done and none of them are doing it and none of them will ever do it like SB did it so this is ALL WE HAVE!

So I will always come back to it. I miss it. It's hard to pick it back up and preserve continuity because I have to re-read the entire series each time because all of this is done from my head.

But Mark. My. Words.




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Well guess what everyone? Turns out, my mom is getting a new laptop for Christmas (shhhh!) and I will be getting her old one to take to my apartment!!!

So, beginning sometime in January 2012, 'RETURN TO SANTA BARBARA' WILL BE BACK!!!! I CAN'T WAIT to start writing it again and hope you all are here and along for the ride!!!

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