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Episode 102




Robert Thaler as Pearl Bradford, Jessica Dunphy as Adriana Castillo, Jared Leto as Steve Hall, Justin Hartley as Brandon Capwell

(EXT: London, England- The DiMonde Estate)

-Marcello hangs up the phone with Sophia and as he's about to head out the door, he's surprised to see Lionel and Augusta there already. He asks what they're doing there and Augusta informs him that she came clean with Lionel and they'd like to help in any way they can. Marcello tells them that time is of the essence, as Sophia has the afternoon alone and Edmund is still planning on taking her away.

"What exactly has this guy done to Sophia?" Lionel inquires.

"In a nutshell, he's brainwashed her into thinking that she's his deceased wife, Loretta. She has no memories as Sophia and what complicates matters is that Edmund and Loretta have a history with CC. She had an affair with him many years ago, shortly before Sophia was presumed dead the first time, and she ended up pregnant. CC blamed her for his ignoring Sophia during their last months of marriage and refused to have anything to do with the child. Edmund found out about all of this and was furious, though the child turned out to be his anyway. However, Loretta overdosed and died, though the doctors were able to save the baby and Edmund has blamed CC for it ever since."

"And apparently," Augusta chimes in "that's where Pamela came in. She found out about all of this, tracked Edmund down, and together, they hatched this plan that allowed him to exact his revenge on CC and she on Sophia."

"My God! This whole thing is so bizarre, though with Sophia's history of amnesia combined with the aneurism, I can see how he was able to accomplish his goal."

"Yes well, the one good thing that did come of this is that he cured her of the aneurism. Anyhow, we can discuss this on the way there- time is of the essence, as we need her to remember and to get her out of there before Edmund runs away with her."

Lionel asks Marcello if he's thought of a safety net, in case that happens. Marcello says he won't let it, but Lionel suggests that they get Sophia an IPhone with a GPS tracking device built in. That way, even if Edmund does manage to get her away from London, they can pinpoint her location. Marcello agrees that it's an excellent idea- he asks Augusta to go and purchase the phone, and Lionel to come with him. He explains that since Lionel is a familiar face with no known history with Loretta, he may be able to jog her memory. They all head off.

(EXT: Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

-Eden thinks back to Bobby revealing to her that Quinn Armitage was behind Cruz's murder. She also remembers his insistence that she not involve the cops. She grabs her purse off the table, takes her keys out of it, and heads to the door. Just as she's about to open it, the doorbell rings.

"Who could that be?" she wonders aloud, opening it up. "Kirk, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Going somewhere Eden? Have I caught you at a bad time?"

"There's never a good time for you to catch me, Kirk. What do you want?"

"I'm here to offer my services. I have my entire conglomerate in Mexico looking into Quinn's whereabouts. I have just as much a stake in this as you do Eden- hell, the guy set me up to take the fall, for God knows what reason!"

"My husband is dead, Kirk, so excuse me if I don't feel you have as much stake in this as me. Now if you'll excuse me, I was just leaving...."

"To go where? You're not involving the police in this, are you? Remember what Bobby said...."

"First of all, it's none of your business where I'm going. Secondly, Bobby's cards are played- I know who's responsible for Cruz's murder now and I don't have to listen to a word of what that neanderthal told me to do."

"I know that Eden, but I'd hate to see you disappointed when he denies everything to the police..."

"I'm not dumb Kirk- and, again, not that it's your business, but I'm not going to the police. But I am going to see someone who can help me track down Quinn."

"But I just told you I have my entire conglomerate-"

"Am I supposed to be impressed by your conglomerate Kirk? You could hire Sherlock Holmes to track Quinn down for all I care! Besides, I still don't trust you and never will! So again, if you'll excuse me...."

"Will you at least let me come with you? Like it or not, this Armitage guy tried to set me up for murder! I could have been in prison for the rest of my life because of him!"

"I should be so lucky. But since you're obviously not going to get out of my way, then fine, tag along if you must. But keep your mouth shut and let me do the talking! I don't need you screwing any of this up!"

"Fair enough. Mind if I drive?"

"No, not at all....you can drive......right behind me.....in your own car."

She walks past him and locks up the house, heading to her car. Kirk pauses for a moment and smiles.

"Still feisty after all these years...."

(EXT: Brandon & Steve's Apartment)

-Steve walks into the living room where Brandon is reading the newspaper. Brandon tells him to have a seat, as there's something he wants to discuss with him. Brandon asks him if he's thought about his offer to make some extra money on the side, in addition to the bartending gig.

"Of course man. I'll do whatever I gotta to make some extra cash, especially since I'm trying to woo Princess Castillo."

"Ah, yes, my sweet step-niece slash step-cousin Adriana. No offense, Steve-O, but she seems a little....how do I put this.....vanilla for your taste."

"Yeah, she's not the kinda chick I'm usually into, that's for sure. But I like that about her- she doesn't make it easy on me. Plus, the kid's got spunk. I dig that. So anyway, about makin this bread...."

"Of course. Well, as you know, I have some "product" that I need to unload. I'm actually going later tonight to pick up enough to supply half of the city....Primo stuff too bro. And The Lair is the perfect spot to do it at- that's partially why I bought it. But being the owner and a Capwell and all, I have to be discrete about this sort of thing....which is where you come in. You read?"

"Yea, I gotcha, but I really ain't got nothin to invest, if that's what you're thinkin...."

"No, no, not at all, I'll take care of things on that end, I just need you to help unload. We split the profits 50/50 and use the base amount to re-up. I can get this sh!t all day, every day...today being no exception."

Brandon pulls out a fat bag and pours it on the table, as Steve's eyes light up as he looks up at him.

"Go ahead man....cut us up some rails..."

Steve happily obliges and cuts the mass quantity of cocaine Brandon's poured onto the table into four big lines. The two of them snort them up and Steve tells him it's some of the best stuff he's ever had. Brandon tells him his guy gets it straight from Peru- pure and uncut and the quality is how he makes all the money. Steve comments that the Capwells would freak if they knew what Brandon was up to.

"Like I give a damn what they think of me...."

"Again, you talk smack about them man. What is the deal there? If I had a family that were stacked like that, I'd be kissin their asses all day, every day..."

"Yeah, well, you don't know the Capwells..."

Brandon explains that he's the son of Santana Andrade and the late Channing Capwell, emphasis on the late. He tells Steve that before he was born, Sophia had been presumed dead when she actually had amnesia and was living on another continent. Eventually, after a chance run in with her daughter Eden and some therapy, she remembered who she was and blamed Lionel Lockridge for her "death", since she was arguing with him on CC's yacht, trying to break up their affair when she fell overboard. So she hatched a revenge plot to scare Lionel. She showed up in Santa Barbara dressed as a man and put blanks in CC's gun in the study. He explains that she planned on luring Lionel there to give him a good scare.

"That's a pretty messed up way to scare someone man!"

"Tell me something I don't know. Only it wasn't Lionel she ended up frightening, not at all..."

"Then who?"

Brandon tells him that, unbeknownst to Sophia, CC found the blanks in the gun and replaced them with real bullets, as he always kept his gun loaded and didn't understand why there were blanks there in the first place. So, when Sophia waited in the study brandishing a gun that she thought was loaded with blanks, she was actually packing heat. She sat in the high backed chair with her back to the door, waiting for Lionel. When she finally heard the door open, she whipped around in the chair and shot the gun. But before she could stop herself, she realized it wasn't Lionel at all she was shooting- it was actually her son, Channing.

"So your grandmother shot your father, her own son? Man, I thought only poor people were that nuts!"

"So did the police apparently. After she realized what she'd done, Marcello, her step-son arrived on the scene and hurried her out of there, taking her back abroad. The murder ended up getting pinned on some poor shlub, Joe Perkins, and she let him rot in jail for 5 years, until Cruz re-opened the case. She claimed to have had amnesia until Cruz recreated the night and she realized she had killed her own son, my dad. They kept this from me my entire life, until one day I asked my mom about it and she filled me in on the entire story. And after they did this, CC had the nerve to keep me away from my own mother, sending me to live with Gina and eventually marrying her just to get custody of me! He never loved her and kicked her to the curb for Sophia, who had shot his son in cold blood. So you can see why there's no love lost between me and the Capwells."

Steve asks how it is that he's not actually a Capwell then and Brandon explains that Sophia lied about Channing's parentage, claiming he was CC's in order to marry him but really it was Lionel's. He tells him that Lionel's mother, Minx, got wind of what Sophia was up to and wouldn't have her child raised a Capwell so when he was born, she switched the baby with the Wallace's child. Therefore, his dad Channing was never really a Capwell at all and thus he's not blood related to CC, Sophia, or any of the Capwells. Just then, someone knocks at the door. Brandon cleans up the table as Steve answers it.

"Mind if i come in?" Adriana says.

"Princess! Not at all..."

Brandon excuses himself, telling them he has some "business" to attend to. Steve asks Adriana what she's doing there and she informs him she just wanted to see him.

"Aw, you missed me, huh?"

"No...I...well, maybe a little..."

He leans in and kisses her passionately. He tells her that he was going to call her anyway, as he has the night off and wants to take her someplace special. She asks where they're going but he tells her it's a surprise.

"Aw, come on, I don't like surprises...can't you give me a little hint? Just a tiny one?"

"Hmmm, a hint....I dunno, I think I might need some persuasion."

She gives him a look and walks right up into his face, batting her eyelashes.

"Please Steve....I really want to know....can't you just give me one..(she kisses him).....teenie..(she kisses him again)....weenie..(another kiss).....little..(yet another one).......hint..(one final hot passionate kiss)..."

"Wow, you are a persuasive one, aren't ya..."

"I've been told.....so....are you gonna give me a hint or what?"

"Mmmm....sorry Princess, but that would spoil the fun. Just be ready at 9 o'clock sharp and put on somethin sexy...."

"If you don't give me that hint, you'll be pickin me up in SWEATS!"

"Ok, ok...one hint. It's some place you've never been before and it's gonna be real romantic....how's that for a hint?"

"I like it."

He pulls her into his arms, telling her that when the night's done, he'll be in her head for the rest of her life. She jokes for him not to count on it.

"Oh no? Don't count on it, huh?!? Face it, Princess....I'm already almost there. When we're in a room together, I'm like a magnet for you, a drug that you can't get enough of. It's just like a drug, in fact.....intense....a little scary....dangerous....but you love every minute of it...."

He again passionately kisses her, as she cannot deny her attraction to him.

(EXT: Pearl Bradford's Offices)

-Eden walks in the doorway and Pearl immediately lights up.

"Edie! What a nice surprise! How ya doin gorgeous?" he says, kissing her hello. He then notices Kirk walking in behind her. "What's he doin here?"

"Relax, Pearl, he insisted on coming and for once, he's actually on our side...sort of..."

"Kirk Cranston? On our side? Is it raining frogs in hell?"

Eden explains that she's learned who killed Cruz- Quinn Armitage- but she's going to need his help to track him down. He asks why she isn't going to the police and she explains the whole story of what Bobby told her. She tells him that Quinn set up Kirk to take the fall, which is why he has a vested interest. She gives him the name of Quinn's company and asks if he can pinpoint the location. He says that it should actually be real easy and he can probably find out in a matter of seconds. He enters his information in his computer database and the location pops up.

"That's it! That's where your man Quinn is, Edie- London, England!"

"London....of course......Gee, Kirk, you've got a whole conglomerate working on this and ol Pearl and his pet laptop here had the answers in a matter of seconds. Again, quite impressive....Thank you so much Pearl! I'll call daddy right away and have him get the jet ready to take me to London tonight."

"I'm coming with you, Eden," Kirk interjects.

"Uh, no way Kirk. This is the end of the line for you..."

"I'm not letting you go alone, Eden, you don't know what this guy is capable of. Besides, I have a thing or two I'd like to straighten out myself with our pal Armitage. You're not going to be able to stop me- I'll take my own company's jet and follow you there if I have to...."

"Company jet? Once again, Kirk, I'm not impressed. But if you insist on coming..."

"I do."

"Fine. Just get packed and I'll meet you tonight at the airport."

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...." Pearl says

"No no no no what?" Eden mocks.

"There ain't no way I'm lettin you head to London by yourself with pond scum over there. Cruz would strike me down from above if I ever let that happen. Un-uh. No way! If he's goin wit you, then I'm goin wit u..."

"I don't suppose I can stop you either can I?"

"No chance."

"Fine then. Both of you pack whatever it is you think you need and we'll meet at the airport at 8 o'clock. The jet will be fueled and ready to take us. And when I get a hold of Quinn Armitage, he's going to regret the day he ever messed with me and my family!!"

THE END.............FOR TODAY


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Right at the beginning, Greg, I think you meant to say that Augusta said she came clean with LIONEL. ;)

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Right at the beginning' date=' Greg, I think you meant to say that Augusta said she came clean with LIONEL.[/quote']

FIXED! What would I do without you sb34? :lol:

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  • Members

LOL ... who knows? At any rate, this was another great episode! Who'd a-thunk I'd ever get hooked on something like this?

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  • Members

Honestly, I was stunned the first time around with how many people got hooked and joined up. Within weeks of announcing my RTSB project, dozens of members had joined SON simply to view and comment on it! Made me feel good.

Imagine my surprise that this second time around there seems to be just as much, if not more interest, with new and old readers alike checking it out. Seriously, I've been tracking my hits and RTSB has been getting around 1200 views a week since I brought it back!!!! Holy smokes!!! That's even more than the first go-round!

I'm just thrilled to have readers and people who love it and only hope to live up to their expectations. I often wonder if any of the old SB cast or behind the scenes people have checked it out. If you guys do, then PLEASE, by all means, join the board and post a comment! I'd LOVE to hear what any of those people think! :D :D :D

There's a member, nanc, who I was convinced for the longest time was actually Nancy Lee Grahn. She still pops in and reads now and then. I wonder...

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It's good to see Pearl again :D And Nancy reads your story?? Incredible :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Oh I don't know for sure that it's actually her, though she still talks about SB fondly and it's obvious she misses it.

But every time I see that nanc visits the blog, I still wonder if it could be her.

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Sorry everyone. I was sick over the weekend and unable to post any episodes. New eps are coming though- I'm hoping to put out 3-5 episodes this week. Working on my outlines now!

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Ok so i finally did the do and checked this out. It seems there's a lot of mystery here. and boy the fisrt scene, when old dude was going back over history and letting him know what was going all I kept thinking about was Jaems E Rielly and Days of our Lives for some reason

i also loved when kirk asked Eden i think it was could he drive and she said yes behind her in his own car. very funny

I loved the cocaine scene. it had some very urban moments in it. Something I was not expecting at all. And a much better job in that scene going over the history in the one. The first one had me very confused but the second go round didnt.

I must say I m very impressed. It seems a big mystery adventrue story going. You didn't jave a ton of characters in this ep and it was eay to get into and follow adn I look forward to the next. Good job

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I took an extended break this past week guys- was sick last weekend, had lots of job interviews during the week, followed by a busy weekend. I had a free day on Sunday but I caught Emmy fever! :lol:

Anyhow, I have all day off today and will be working on the outlines for the week and should have a new episode posted sometime tonight!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. :D

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Episodes are still pending you guys. I know I've been away for a few weeks, but this is not a stopping point- the show will go on. I don't want to promise anything, but I'm hoping to post a new episode tomorrow!

Thanks for your patience everyone (except sb34 :P )


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Thanks for your patience everyone (except sb34 :P )

Patience has never been a virtue that I've had a lot of! :P

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Look for a special News Item to be posted sometime today with more info on coming RTSB episodes!

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