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  1. Hi Greg, I know your busy and all, but when do you think 103 will be up????? Thank you. Tra
  3. Great, I was getting ready to ask when the next one would be up. Glad your feeling better.
  4. LOL I tryed!!!!! Don't worry, Never will I give this up. Thats a guarantee!!
  5. Ok Greg, I have a question. Is Sophia going to have her full memory back before she sees CC, or only some of it back?? Is CC going to have to make her fall in love with him again?? When do you think 103 will be posted??? If you cant tell im super excited about this story line. Thanks, Tracy
  6. Another great episode. Love the idea of Sophia having a phone with GPS so they can track her, just in case they need to.
  7. Awesome, I cant wait!!! Definitely will be back tonight. Thanks again. Tracy
  8. Hey Greg, Im really into the Sophia storyline. I cant wait to see what happens next. When do you think 102 will be posted?? Soon I hope!! Thanks again for the great story. Tracy
  9. I cant wait until the reunion of CC and Sophia!!!! Your doing an awesome job. I can't wait for the rest. Tracy
  10. This is awesome!!!! So worth the wait. You will never know how I was hoodked on the show when I was younger, but now I think my addiction is even worse. LOL Congratulations on your 100th episode. SOOOO looking forward to the rest. Thanks a billion!! Tracy
  11. I enjoyed it very much!!! I think it is awesome that Augusta is trying to help Sophia. Just like she did when Sophia had breast cancer. Can't wait till the next one!!! Tracy
  12. Hi Juniorz1, I absolutely went back to episode 1. I was hooked from the first moment!!! I have been reading this blog for three days straight. I have 2 teenage daughters who have begged me to share the computer, but I just couldnt!!! LOL. Can't wait for 99 to be posted. Thanks once again!! Tracy
  13. Hello everyone, I just started reading this blog. Sounds like I picked a great time to start reading. I am so hooked on the Sophia storyline!!! I can't wait till Sophia is reuninted with CC. Oh yea, and Eden reunited with Cruz. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these wonderful stories. Tracy
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