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Who is Miss Rue's Down Low Lover? ep135 pt2



thumbnailCA7FYV1Z.jpgRufus sits at her table looking at all the men of Pasadena having a good time at the bar tonight. She looks at Bryan, DC, Mike, and Santino to see if any one of them gives her an inclination that they might beher secret lover. She gets no such luck. She then sees Kiko walking over towards Karim by the bar. Rufus remembers the encounter with DC and Kiko theother day. She remembers DC saying something to the effect that Kiko gets down with men.


"I'vealways heard he was gay and I have never seen him with another woman. Maybe itis him. He's so gorgeous with those seductive eyes, and he's loaded, he's a doctor. Could Kiko be my secret lover?"

Kiko orders a drink at the bar as he sits next to Karim.Kiko watches Karim drink his third beer.


"Don't you think you've had enough of those?"


"And youare?"


"Some one that cares."


"Look man,I don't know if you've noticed but I have no interest in men."


"Never said I did. What makes you say something like that? Why does every think I am gay?"


"Look at you. You dress extra sweet. What straight man wears the things you wear? I'venever heard you with a woman either. Rumors about you being gay have been surrounding since you got to Pasadena. And not only that, look at how you approached me? You care about me? What man says that to another man?"


"Ohh you can say it to me." Rufus says walking behind them.


"Excuse me?"

Rufus, looking at Kiko

"Is it you my love? Is it you hitting me up on adam4adam?"


"I beg your pardon."


"Come on sexy, I know it's you." She says caressing his cheek.


"I am not gay. Plain and simple. Just because I m not shacked up like the rest of the men here doesn't mean I am gay. I have self-respect and class. I don't need a woman to validate who the hell I am. Unlike our father. Now I am not a violent man but I will beat that gay out of you if you don't get out my face." Rufus walks away with her head down.




"DC. DC ismy dad too."


"Don is your dad. He's my dad too. So this means…"


"Yes, weare half brothers. Don cheated on my mother Lynn with your mother, Sister Patterson."


"Oh my wow.We share the same loser for a father."


"Indeed. So that's why I was concerned with you drinking. You have been drinking a lot. I am concerned considering that you have filed petition for Lauren's baby. He's my family too you know. All I see is you drinking. How can you raise your nephew if you're always drunken?"


"Look, just like I told your whack ass father, I am a grown ass man. I am my own man. I will do what I please in this life. You and Don can take this family thing and put it where the sun doesn't shine."


"That'sreally rude. I did nothing to you in this mess! Why shut me out? I am a victim just like you."


"Ok victim,did your brother kill himself?"


"I am really sorry about that. But I did not cause that. I want a family. I never hadone growing up. We share the same blood. You are my half brother."


"I only have one brother and that was Kevin. Your father and my mother took him away from me. I will never forgive anyone related to DC. I have lost my best friend,my hero, and my mentor. Kevin was a good man and I am dealing with it the bestway I know how. SO If I want to drink then that's my business."


"It becomes my business when my nephew is at the center of this."


"Look dude,Lauren's son is no family of yours. I want nothing to do with you. Don't interfere with this custody battle."


"Or what? What are you going to do to me?"


"Ill find something."


"Well since we are passing out threats here's one for you, you don't stop this drinking, I am going to take matters into my own hands."


"Where do you get off threatening me? Just like DC now you are too."


"It's because DC sees the same thing I do. You're a drunk. You're drinking your lifeaway."

Karim suddenly sucker punches Kiko. The bar becomes silent.


"What's up pretty boy? I messed that pretty face up of yours."

Kiko wiping blood from his mouth charges Karim and they fal lonto a table, flipping over chairs and tables. They begin punching each other.The men of Pasadena try to break them up but they just get knocked out. Karim and Kiko are messing up the bar pretty good as they continue to fight. DC rushes over and gets in between them to break up the fight.


" I willnot have my sons fighting!"

Pasadenians are stunned to learn that Kiko and Karim are brothers.


" Look at those Williams men Kiko, Karim and even DC. I heard Ria once say big dicks do run in that family. I have to find out. Lord please let Karim or Kiko be my secret lover." Rufus rushes over to Kiko and tries to wipe the blood up from his face. Kiko is so tired from fighting he doesn't even resist the tranny's help. Rufus is elated that she thinks she found her secret lover. Kiko Whitfield!?


Episode 135 pt2: Who is Miss Rue's Down Low Lover?

Written By: ML Cooks and Tara Smith with Belinda Quinton

Creative Consult: Monique Cooks

Downtown Pasadena,High Klass Hairjune2006mess.jpg

Sharon is giving a client a manicure when she looks up out her shop window and sees a few white horses and a carriage pull up in front ofher shop. All the patrons gather round to see what is going on. Sharon step outside her shop and sees Daniel dressed in a tuxedo and a top hat approachher.Ivory-Landau-Horsedrawn-Carriage-fo.jpg


Daniel,what is this?"

Daniel3_thumb.jpg "I came to pick u the woman I love from work."

She smiles and hugs him. The crowd that has gathered around her begins to clap and cheer for the couple.


"Let me lock up my shop." Sharon runs inside to grab her purse and locks up her shop.She meets back with Daniel and he helps her onto the carriage. They pull off asthe crowd claps at the scene of romance.


"This is a nice surprise Daniel. I love you." They kiss.


"I love you to Sharon. I wanted to show you that. We need this. We need some us time. We have been through so much I think we deserve some happiness."


"I do too.This is so romantic" She says as they stroll through downtown.

He looks into her eyes. She looks into his.


"Is something wrong?"


"Well, I searched far and wide for a present worthy of you. A present that would help you to understand how much you mean to me. I didn't find anything...so tonight I give you the only thing I own worthy of our love....tonight I give you my heart."

Sharon sheds a tear. They kiss passionately as they arrive at their destination, The Blue Note. Daniel steps down out ofthe carriage and helps Sharon down as well. They walk into The Blue Note. Theysee the upscale bar is a mess from the fight that just took place between the Williams brothers.


"Wow this is not what I had in mind."


"Maybe we should go over and see what's going?"


"No.Tonight it's just about my lady and me. I have other plans. Let's grab a table over the pond." They walk into the other dining area that sits over a lit up pond. Sharon sees a table set u for them complete with Champagne and a dozen red roses. Sharon sits down and takes in the little live musical quartet that begins to play classical music.


"I am really impressed. You set all this up?"


"Of course."'


"You really know how to sweep a woman off her feet."


"I have something I want to say to you." He kneels down one knee.

Sharon gasps and covers her mouth

"Ohmy God Daniel no."

Daniel, smiling at her

"Just listen. I've been working on something. I find it refreshing when I put mythoughts on paper. And I wrote something about you. I hope you love it.

The night skytwinkles above

The stars mirror the light in your eyes

They fill with the look of love

And with the bond that ties

The eyes are the window to the soul

Open to expose the heart's real need

What is the payment of the toll?

A spark that is planted like a seed

This spark is a fire burning within

A desire to expand the glow

To some, it's simply a sin

To others, the heart will know

The eyes show the love you feel

The heart is open wide

My soul has to close the deal

Then you walk with me by my side

Love is a gift I give to you

My heart for you to hold

If you feel the love I feel too

Our hearts will warm and block out the cold"

He pulls out a velvet box and opens it to flash a diamond ring at Sharon. Before Daniel can go any further with his romantic proposal, he feels a splash coming from his hat. He looks up and Daniel and Sharon are both stunned when they see Lauren pouring a mug of beer all over Daniel.


"Am Iinterrupting?" She says with a smile.

Later that Afternoon,…….

PasadenaCity Courthouse100_1391.jpg

The sun sits high in the Pasadena Sky; Sabryn stands inside a courtroom with Lisa Ray at her side. Today is a long awaited day for her; it's her trial. Jack is on the prosecution side of the courtroom,and Sabryn is talking with Lisa at the defense table.


"Lisa, you have toget me out of this. I can't go to prison; not now."


"I'll try my best,but it won't be easy. You shot Ashley seven times. But I got you out of this once and I can do it again."


"I hope so. Alexis is going to be out for blood but I can't let her stop me now."

4161500319.jpgMike, coming up from behind and putting a hand on Sabryn's shoulder


Sabryn, turning around

"Mike, what are youdoing here??"

Mike, smiling

"I wanted to be here for you."


"You didn't have todo that."


"I couldn't just leave you hanging. You poured your heart out to me the other day and I understand; I want to be there for you."


"You're the chief ofpolice and this is Pasadena. Surely you have somewhere else to be."


"You need a friend,Sabryn. I'm going to be that friend."

Sabryn, smiling

"Thank you, Mike.You're one of the few I've had during my time in jail. I'm really grateful."


"How're you feeling?"


"Nervous but determined. I have to get out of jail; I know I killed a woman, but I have toget out of here as soon as possible. Natalia is taking over everything; shewants to destroy me and I'm not having it. She thinks she is going to raise myson, well she has another thing coming."

Alexis enters the courtroom, and she looks at Sabryn and scowls. She walks over to Jack.


"Hello, I am Alexis Jones, the sister of Ashley. I sure hope you have a good plan to get Sabryn sent to the electric chair or prison for life today; I've waited long enough and my sister deserves justice. I refuse to let this woman walk the streets."


"Do not worry, Miss Jones; I'm a strong DA. I don't plan to let Sabryn get away with anything; she shot your sister seven times in front of the police. How can anyone get away with that?"


"Mona kidnapped and killed and raped all sorts of people and all they did to her was send her to a mental hospital. That better not fly this time."

Alexis feels a hand on her shoulder, and she turns around to see Karim there.


"Karim, baby, what're you doing here?"


"I want to be here to support you; I know we've had a lot of madness lately, and I still don't know what to think of all of this, but you're pregnant with my child and this trial won't be easy for you. I want to be here for you."

Alexis, touched

"Thank you so much,Karim. I love you and am so glad that we're back together."

LaDonna walks in, and sees the two together,zzz.jpg

"Not for long,Alexis. I know you're hiding something and I won't let you get by with it this time."

Karim, turning to see LaDonna there

"Donna, what're you doing here?"


"I heard about this trial and I figured you'd be here. I had to come, Karim. I can't let Alexis sink her claws into you like this."

Karim sighs and leaves it be, deciding not to causemore havoc between Alexis and LaDonna today. Next, Bryan and Natalia arrive inside the courtroom, and Natalia smirks.


"Seems like a great day to watch Sabryn go to prison."


"That's the mother ofmy son, Natalia."


"Well I'm going to behis mother now; Sabryn's insulted you and mocked you since the day she went to jail. How can you defend her now?"


"I don't want to defend Sabryn, and I refuse to let her take my son away from me, but I'm nothappy about all of this either."


"Well if she gets out, you're screwed, so you better hope that she goes to prison today. Or maybe even get the death penalty."

Sabryn looks at both Alexis and Natalia. She then looks at Lisa.

"Lisa, Alexis and Natalia are both out to get me. They want to see me fall today; I can't let that happen."


"Don't worry. I havean ace up my sleeve."


"All rise! Honorable Judge Hatchett presiding!"

Everyone stands, and Judge Hatchett enters the courtroom. She motions for everyone to sit, and she looks at the people there.


"Today we are gathered to deliver a verdict in the matter of People of Pasadena v. Sabryn Genet. Sabryn Genet is accused of murder in the first degree, after shooting Ashley Jones seven times, killing her. Miss Genet, how do you plead?"


"My client pleads not guilty, your honor."

Alexis, to herself

"My ass. If I have my way, Sabryn will be fried by the end of the year."


"Come on, judge, lock Sabryn up and throw away the key. Then I can take her family and her business for good. She's not stopping me this time."

Sabryn,thinking to herself

"I'm getting released today,and then I'm going to take everything back that's rightfully mine."


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A good fight scene never fails. DC's family is a mess and definitely one of the highlights of the blog.

The end of the Daniel and Sharon scene was classic soap opera. Talk about cold water.

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  • Members

LOL thanks Redd. The Willaims are a mess and a broke dfamily. It's going to take a lot to heal them if that's even possible.

Lauren got some very big material coming up

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OMG! That was probably one of the best opening scenes you've ever had! So much good stuff! Once again I love big revelations that affect the whole town. And I love when stories tie into each other.

Wow such a romantic scene with Daniel and Sharan! That scene was written very well. I hope to see even more romance on STEAM :) I loved the poem too. The whole scene was romantic. Of course up until Lauren came over! Lol she had to ruin the moment. But it was still sweet.

AH!!!! Another courtroom story!!! I love these! Anything that brings all the characters together, brings up history from the show, along with everything else. This is going to be so much fun to read. I know you'll do a great job with it.

All of your stories are flowing nicely. And they keep me wanting to read the next one. And breaking some up into two parts has been great for your series!

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  • Members

I love big revelations to Jay and I got a very special episode that deals with just that but not in a good way. In fact before the season I am treating you guys with 3 special episodes.

STEAM has never really had any real romance on it before so this scene was a risk but I see it was sucessful. There is more romance planned for the show.

THis up coming court battle will be very good. It will involve many characters and have many ramifications.

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This was the STEAM that I know and love! It focused on characters who weren't obsessed with sex.

I get why Sabryn needed a trial. Ash has every reason to defend her psycho sister. If Sabryn gets out we know she'll go after Nat and Bryan but what about Ash? Will she try to get Ash out of her life for good too?

Lauren's such a bitch!!! Since Sharon is so good at slapping everyone, I hope she slaps her real good. Daniel is such a romantic gentleman who didn't deserve to have his plan ruined by his ex.

Knowing that DC fathered so many Bro Hoes, it's not surprising that they're acting the way they did at the bar.

We still don't know who Rufus's lover is. Can't wait for the big reveal.

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S stands for Sex. But in later episodes we will see some balance to all the racy sex scenes.

Sabryn's trial is a major deal and encompasses many charaters and plots. It's also the starting point of Natalia's next big storyline. And I promise you it's big.

Wow, Lauren is a Bitch. Im stunned. Lauren feels betrayed and abadoned. She blames Daniel for everything that has happend to her. She wants Daniel and thinks in her heart and mind that she desreves him after everything she has been through. Even the faking of her death. We will see that really played in season 4.

I will reveal Rufus's lover in the season finale. I have been really building this plot and I am so glad it has caught on adn I do think ti will be a good story. It won't be typical that's for sure.

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