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Episode 95




Wolf Muser as Marcello Armonti, Louise Sorel as Augusta Lockridge, Lane Davies as Mason Capwell, Harley Jane Kozak as Dr. Mary Duvall

(EXT: A black Lexus driving down the California coast)

-Mary stares out the window looking somber, spotting a sign that says SANTA BARBARA 30 MILES. On the radio, they hear the report that Marta's kidnappers have been arrested and extradited back to Santa Barbara for a hearing in the morning.

"Eden must be relieved that they caught the men who were trying to kidnap Adriana," Mary says quietly.

"Unfortunately, it's not so simple- they haven't said a word about who put them up to it, nor have they given any information that would help the SBPD or the FBI figure out who murdered Cruz."

"Poor Eden. I guess we're all hitting dead ends this week."

"We're going to find him Mary. I promise you that."

Mary goes on about how she can't believe Mark did this to her- first, he rapes her. Then he lets Mason and all her loved ones go on thinking she's dead for 4 years, all the while trying to get her out of the coma that he's in.

"But for him to deliver my child and put him into the foster system......My God, he let me think my son was dead! And he didn't give a damn when I woke up, he didn't care about the pain and the grief that he caused me. And here we are, 20 years later, piecing it all together, and he sends us on this wild goose chase, filled with misinformation. He had us thinking it was a girl, when in reality, it was a baby boy. He claimed to have loved me for all those years- you'd think he'd want me raising OUR SON, if he cared about me so much. He's out there somewhere, Mason. He's out there and God only knows what he thinks. He doesn't even know how much I love him, how much I miss him, and all those years that were robbed of us..."

Mason tells her he truly believes, in his heart, that the baby she was carrying was his all along. He reminds her that she was 2 months further along than she was led to believe. Plus, it seems much more likely that he wouldn't want Mary to have anything to do with her son with Mason. He reminds her that Mark didn't want to give up his rights to the baby when she was pregnant years ago and the only reason he can think of that Mark would give them up now is if the child wasn't his at all.

"I hate him Mason, God, I hate him for what he's done to me, what he's done to us, all that he's robbed us of."

"He's gonna pay Mary. Mark my words, if it's the last thing I do, I'm going to make him pay."

(EXT: London, England- The DiMonde Estate)

-Augusta peels up the driveway to the DiMonde mansion, screeching her tires as she slams on her breaks. She hurriedly jumps out of the car and hands her keys over to the valet, running up to the front door. She begins furiously ringing the doorbell, until the butler answers the door.

"Augusta Lockridge, I need to see Marcello Armonti immediately!"

Before the butler can breathe a word, Marcello emerges from the living room and Augusta runs toward him.

"Augusta, what's the matter? You're running as though your life depends on it."

"It very well may, Marcello, is there somewhere that we can speak privately?"

Marcello nods and walks her to the study. He pours her a glass of water and asks her what's got her so frantic.

"It's Edmund- Marcello, Sophia is in grave danger, worse than I thought."

"I realize that and I'm working on it- I was there earlier today, speaking with her. I think she actually listened to me- I told her there are no records of a Loretta Lavery and that Lady DiMonde is quite concerned."

"We have to do much more than that and quickly. He came to my flat today and he threatened me. He knows that I set the whole thing up, that I sent the invitations to the castle, knowing that you were the guest of honor and that you'd recognize Sophia. Don't you see? We have to act fast, or he's going to take off with her and we may never find her."

"But how? How could he have known that you set it up? How does he already realize that I know Sophia?"

"Two words for you- Pamela Conrad."

Marcello asks what Pamela has to do with anything and Augusta explains that she's in cahoots with Edmund and basically handed him Sophia on a silver platter. She tells him that they both are getting some kind of sick revenge- she on Sophia, and Edmund on CC. She explains to him Edmund's history with CC, how CC had an affair with his wife, Loretta, and ended up giving her the cold shoulder the first time Sophia "died", causing Loretta to commit suicide. Edmund never recovered from his wife's death, as she gave birth to his only son, and that's why he's become fixated on Sophia, who he's turned into Loretta. Augusta worries that if Sophia even begins to get her actual memory back and realize that she's not actually Loretta, that Edmund will snap and kill her.

"My God! We have no choice then, we have to go to CC and tell him, immediately. It's the only way we're going to get her out of there."

"We can't do that. We have to do this on our own."

"But why? I may not like CC, but I'm willing to put our differences aside for the sake of-"

"WE CAN'T! I'm sorry, but we just can't, otherwise Pamela will tell Edmund everything, everything that I've kept hidden all these years."

"Hidden? What are you talking about?"

"Pamela KNOWS! She knows that........she knows that....."

"What? Augusta, spit it out, please!"

"That Edmund is Warren's real father!"

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

-The camera zooms in on Angela's phone, showing a text message from Lily that says "I know everything- meet me at The Lair at 10 O'Clock and if you don't show up, Ted will know everything as well" Angela's face is clearly panic-sticken, as she wonders to herself why Warren hasn't shown up yet. Finally, she sees Warren approaching the desk and she hurriedly motions for him to come into her back office.

"Alright Angela, what was so urgent that I had to drop everything and-"

She cuts him off by holding the phone up to his face.

"That's what's so urgent, Warren. She knows. Lily knows everything."

Warren reads the message and tells her to calm down, saying there's no way that Lily could know anything that's going on. He says that the only people that were in the room when they made love were he & her and he hasn't opened his mouth to anyone, let alone Lily.

"Then what the hell could she possibly be talking about Warren? She MUST know..."

"It could be anything- she could just be playing games with you. We both know how she's lived to taunt you ever since you pulling that switcheroo on what was supposed to be her wedding day."

"I don't know Warren, what if somehow, she figured it out?"

"How could she have figured anything out? I haven't said anything to her, you haven't said anything to her. I'm telling you, she's bluffing. She's just trying to see if you show up, if you do have something to hide, and then she's just going to try and figure out what that is. I'm telling you Angela, she's just trying to get a reaction out of you. Don't give it to her."

Angela calms down, realizing that he's probably right. However, she says that she's going to show up, if only to be sure. Otherwise, she'll drive herself crazy. Warren assures her that Lily doesn't have a clue and as long as they both keep their mouths shut, she never will.

"Frankly, I don't see why you're trying so desperately to hold on to Ted Capwell anyway. The guy's a jerk, especially the way he'd been treating you."

"I love him Warren. And things have been much better between us lately- he was just going through a rough time because of Sophia's death and didn't know how to deal with it. But he's back to his old self and our marriage has never been stronger."

Warren tells her that he hopes Ted realizes how lucky he is to have someone like her in his life, putting up with all of this crap. He says most women wouldn't dream of it. She thanks him, telling him he has a way of always making her feel good about herself. She looks up at the clock and realizes she better be going, if she's going to meet Lily's deadline.


-The camera is zoomed in on Lily's cell phone, showing the same time that Angela just saw on her clock. Lily flashes back to witnessing Warren and Angela making love, and recording it on her phone. A smile comes across her face as she daydreams.

"Oh Lord," Samantha says, approaching, "Had Steve or Brandon mentioned YOU were here, I never would have come out."

"Not to worry, Samantha, I'm meeting someone, so I'll be out of your way in just a couple of minutes."

"Friend or foe?" Samantha inquires.

"Not that it's any of your business, but foe, if you must know."

"What a silly question for me to have asked. As if you have any friends in this town!" Samantha cackles.

Before Lily can come back with a bitchy remark, Brandon walks up to them from behind the bar, asking if they're behaving themselves. They give each other a look, clearly indicating that they're not. Steve walks up to Lily with her drink and kisses Samantha hello, asking her what she'd like. She orders, and he goes down the bar to mix her drink.

"Wow, what's the story with the gorgeous new bartender, Brandon?"

"Hands off, Lily," Samantha interrupts, "Adriana's claimed her stake on that one."

"Well I don't see her anywhere around here," Lily says, ignoring her, "So what's his story Brand-O?"

Brandon tells her that he's sort of a mystery. She inquires about his family and Samantha jumps in, saying he doesn't have one.

"It's a just a question, Samantha, relax. I'm not trying to steal him from Princess Adriana or anything- I'm just curious."

Brandon explains that Samantha is telling the truth, that he has no family to speak of. He elaborates, saying that his father is in prison and his mom died giving birth. Steve has been bounced from foster home to foster home his entire life, until he left the system and went on his own. She remarks how sad it is, though she can relate, considering she went off on her own at a young age, leaving Gina to become an evangelist.

"Yes, and then conning my father soon after, we know your lame history, Lily, and it doesn't compare. Steve here is actually trying to do something decent with his life, not convince suckers that God speaks through him so long as they cut him a check."

"Though you can cut the check anyway, if you like," Steve says, setting Samantha's drink in front of her.

Samantha apologizes for talking about his private life to Lily, but Steve insists that it's fine. It's the truth, after all, and he has nothing to hide. Steve's eyes twinkle as he looks up at Brandon after saying it. Suddenly, Lily feels a tap on her shoulder. Samantha turns around and sees Angela.

"I take it this is your foe?" Samantha laughs

"Alright, Lily, I'm here. Can we get this over with please? I have far more important things to do than waste my time listening to your nonsense."

"Oh, I doubt you'll find it to be a waste of time, once you hear what I have to say. Come, let's sit."

Angela asks Steve to bring a martini over to her table, saying she's going to need a stiff drink for this. The two ladies walk over to their table and take a seat.

"Ok Lily, just come out with it. I've had a long day, and Ted is waiting for me at home. In our bed."

"I'd think twice before taunting me today, if I were you Angela. I think you're going to be very interested in what I have to say.....or show you...."

"Show me? What on Earth could you have to show me Lily? Perhaps a white flag? Since, you know, I stole Ted from you months ago, not that you ever had him."

"And I highly doubt that you'll have him much longer, not that it matters to you."

"Would you just come out with it? Ted and I have made a lifelong commitment to one another, one that you cannot break- and of course that matters to me. I love my husband, and take our marriage, and my vows, quite seriously."

Lily bursts out into laughter.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, Angela, you are my dear. God, you're hilariously. You take your vows seriously? That's got to be the funniest thing I've heard all day."

"If you brought me here just to poke and prod and hope to get something out of me so you can go running to Ted again, then I'm so sorry to disappoint you. Haven't you humiliated yourself enough? You've already tried this before, when you had me investigated and proved to him that I planned on sabotaging your wedding all along. Yet, not only did he not care, but he was thrilled! Thrilled that I saved him from you!"

"And I hope he'll be just as thrilled when I save him from you...."

"Are we going to do this dance all night? This little routine of yours has grown quite tiresome over the past few months and frankly, I'm not going to indulge it any longer. Now if you'll excuse me..." Angela gets up and begins to walk away when Steve hands her the martini.

"Sit down, Angela," Lily scolds.

Angela refuses and continues walking, until Lily grabs her arm and twirls her around, causing her to spill some of her drink on her dress. Before Angela can say anything, Lily pulls out her cell phone and pulls up the video menu. When she gets to the video she wants, she orders Angela to hit the play button.

"Oh, Lily, really, I mean what on Earth could you possibly have on there that I'd be even remotely interested in?"

"I think you'll find this very interesting," Lily says, as she pushes the play button herself.

Angela gives an annoyed look as the video starts playing, not realizing what it is. All of a sudden, the video zooms in on her face, and then Warren's, and her face begins to go from annoyed to horrified. When she sees them tearing each other's clothes off, kissing, and Warren throwing her on the bed, Angela drops her glass on the floor and covers her mouth.

"I see I got your attention," Lily smiles.

THE END..................for TODAY


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Welcome back, Greg!

Enjoyed very much - as always. :D But I didn't understand one scene: when the youngs were talking. First of all: who is Steve??? I only remember he is gay. I think. Or Brandon? :unsure: Dunno. Anyway. I know they grown up.

Would you tell me some line about them?



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Brandon is, of course, Brandon Capwell. As for Steve, he's sort of a drifter at this point- he drove Adriana to Mexico when the boat exploded with Cruz on it. They've been sort of seeing each other and flirting at this point. Nothing has yet been revealed about his sexuality, though there is some interesting stuff coming up.

Samantha is Samantha Capwell, Mason & Julia's daughter. She hasn't had much to do since the blog was started, except for get in an accident on Rafe's motorcycle, leaving her injured. Rafe helped her around the house and with physical therapy for a month or so, before she recovered. They had a flirtarious relationship, before he left town. I'm toying with the idea of bringing him back, since he and Lily were once in love and I'm building up a Lily/Samantha rivalry.

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Thanks Greg! But Lily / Samantha rivalry??? Ohhh! Lily was already a woman when Samantha was only a little child! ??? Ok. Never mind. CC slept with Santana, too. So who cares the ages? :wacko:

But who is gay???? Sorry I remember that one... :blush:

You know what? I'll go to the next part! Bye!

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There was stuff in the flash forward episodes that I deleted which featured a gay storyline. Those episodes are best left forgotten, so I cannot tell you who it was. But there may be a gay (or bi) storyline coming up, though I wll not give it away. You'll just have to keep reading, as I know you will. :lol:

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There was stuff in the flash forward episodes that I deleted which featured a gay storyline. Those episodes are best left forgotten, so I cannot tell you who it was. But there may be a gay (or bi) storyline coming up, though I wll not give it away. You'll just have to keep reading, as I know you will. :lol:

:lol: See? Not much what I remember only the gay guy! And of course Sophia/Loretta and dr Criply...

And you know what else? LISA, Eden's split personality! I think... :mellow:

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