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Episode 96




Gina Gallego as Santana Andrade, A Martinez as Cruz Castillo, Carmen Duncan as Pamela Conrad, Nicolas Coster as Lionel Lockridge

(EXT: A Small Mexican Hospital)

-Santana stands outside Cruz's room, conferring with the doctor about his condition. The doctor tells her that he's showing signs of improvement, though he still hasn't been able to communicate at all. He questions her about why she's so personally involved in the patient, to which she replies that she's known him all of his life. She makes her way into the room, looking at the tray of untouched food. She sees that Cruz is awake and sits down beside the bed.

"Cruz......it's me, Santana.......you're in the hospital right now, you were in a terrible explosion......the doctors and I are going to take good care of you, but we need your help in that........I need you to drink this Ensure......it will help you get your strength back so that you can recover.......can you do that for me?"

Cruz just stares at her, looking back at the food, and then at her.

"I'm going to help you. Here," she says, bringing the straw up to his mouth, "Drink this. It has multiple vitamins in it that are going to help you regain your strength."

He turns his head the other way.

"Please Cruz....you need your strength.....would you just try.....for me?"

Cruz continues to just stare at her as she brings the straw up to his mouth once again. Finally, he begins to take a sip. He swallows it, and begins drinking some more, eventually finishing the whole thing. Santana smiles and tells him that she's proud of him. She begins to get up to leave, but he puts his hand out for hers. He tries to speak, but is unable to get anything out but a muffled sound. He begins to get very frustrated, but Santana sits down to calm him.

"Shhhhh, shhhhhh.....it's okay, Cruz. It's going to take time. And I'll be here with you, every step of the way. I promise you, you're going to get better, you're going to be 100% in no time, just trust me."

She smiles at him, as his face calms down and he lays back, drifting off to sleep.

(EXT: London, England)


-Augusta and Marcello lurk outside of the castle, trying to get a peek inside the window without being seen. They are stunned when they see Kelly and Ashton sitting inside with Edmund. Augusta turns to Marcello and tells him this is his chance to be alone with Sophia and try to get her out of there. He agrees, though he wonders how he's going to get inside and find Sophia without being detected.

"Oh please, Marcello, the way you used to slink around Santa Barbara undetected? I'm sure this will be child's play to you."

"I was a lot younger then Augusta."

"I'm sure you'll figure something out. Especially if it's for your precious Sophia."

Meanwhile, upstairs, Sophia questions Christine about why she's been moved to the East Wing of the house. Christine insists that it's only because they're painting the main area of the castle and Edmund didn't want her exposed to the fumes, especially so soon after coming out of her coma.

"Ok, I'll buy that. But why then are we not leaving for Greece like he discussed with me last night? Since he's having this work done on the house and booked these tickets, it would seem as though he'd be anxious to go, as he was last night. What's changed between then and now?"

"Dr. L had an emergency with one of his patients- it was a matter of life and death. Believe me, Mrs. L, he'd like nothing more than to be in Greece with you right now, but he didn't have a choice in the matter."

"It just seems odd to me, that's all. Especially since this is all happening after Mr. Armonti came by and told me of there being no records of me in England. And now, all of a sudden, he's got me sequestered by myself on the opposite side of the castle? Does he not trust me, Christine? Does he not trust that I love him with all my heart and never would do anything to hurt him?"

"Of course he does, Mrs. L, I think you're just overreacting is all. Now if there's nothing else, I have some things to tend to downstairs. But don't worry, Mrs. L, Dr. L loves you more than anything in this world and there's really nothing for you to be concerned about."

Christine exits, leaving Sophia alone in the room.

"I'm beginning to wonder just what kind of man my husband is...."

As she's about to turn around to go back into her room, she sees Marcello coming down the hallway. She begins to say something but he quickly motions for her to keep quiet, as she leads him into her room.

(EXT: Santa Barbara Courthouse)

-Eden and Julia are shown exiting the courtroom, completely stunned by what's just transpired. Marta, Carla, and Angel walk up behind them, with disappointed looks on their faces.

"What does this mean Julia? Please tell me these bastards aren't going to get away with what they did to my little girl..."

"I understand you're upset, Angel, believe me, I am too. But it was just a bail hearing. Quite frankly, I honestly didn't expect that they'd be granted bond, but their lawyer pulled it off somehow. It seems they've promised something to the FBI, what that is, I'm not exactly sure. But I'm betting money that it has to do with the case against Carlos Esteban."

"But Julia, really, we know that this kidnapping probably had nothing to do with Carlos and everything to do with Cruz. What information could they possibly have?" Eden inquires.

Julia insists she's not sure what they're up to. Just then, Vic comes out of the courtroom and the five of them swarm him. Julia asks just what exactly is going on, how is it that these guys are getting out on bail. Vic confirms their suspicions that they've agreed to cooperate and testify against Carlos, thereby cementing the state's case against him.

"They didn't know a damn thing about Carlos, except for what I filled them in on. I'm telling you detective, those idiots knew nothing about Esteban, I could tell by the way they reacted when I mentioned his name..." Marta insists.

"And you guys have my testimony against Esteban, isn't that enough? What the hell did I do all of this undercover work for, if you were just going to end up needing more testimony? I don't see why they're needed at all!" Angel interjects

Vic explains that the more testimony they have against Esteban, the stronger their case becomes. Marta insists that those guys don't know a thing and are taking the FBI and the state for a ride, but Vic tells her without concrete proof of that, they have to do whatever they can to nail Carlos. Eden grows frustrated, saying she's not going to let them get away with what they're doing. Just then, the group turns to see Bobby & Cisco being walked out of the courtroom. Before Vic & Angel can restrain them, Eden and Marta walk right up to them.

"Don't you think for a second this is over! You two will not get away with this and so help me, I'll do whatever I have to do to find out what happened to my husband. You know who my father is? CC Capwell- he's a very powerful man in this town, with plenty of connections. And believe me, when someone hurts his eldest daughter, he's not afraid to play dirty. If I were you two, I'd watch my back."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but all we've done is tell the truth..." Cisco responds

"Oh you may have fooled the police but you ain't foolin me," Marta interrupts, "I was there and the three of us all know what really happened and what you two did and did not know. Trust me when I say, I ain't afraid of either one of you morons. My dad may not be worth millions, but we know plenty of people on the street. I know plenty of people that would slice your throats without thinkin twice about it. So you may be free, but don't think for a second that you're safe. At least, not from me."

Bobby and Cisco smile their dirty smiles at them, as their lawyer leads them out of the courtroom to fill out paperwork. Marta can barely contain her anger and fights back tears, as Carla hugs and comforts her. Eden and Julia assure them that they're not going to let those thugs get away with what they've done.

(EXT: Lionel & Augusta's London flat)

-Augusta knocks at her own door, as she's going through her purse trying to find her keys. She finally gets them out and opens the door.

"Lionel, I'm home, and there's some things we need to-"

She's stopped in her tracks as she sees Pamela standing in front of her, with Lionel directly behind her. Augusta is so stunned that she's rendered speechless for a moment.

"Pamela, what in God's name are you doing here?"

"Actually, she was just about to fill me in on that," Lionel responds, "Isn't that right Pamela?"

"Correct you are Lionel. Why don't you have a seat Augusta? I'm sure this is something you'll want to hear as well"


-Marcello and Sophia, seated in her room. Sophia tells him how she told Edmund of his suspicions, but he had a logical explanation for why there are no records of her existence in England. Marcello asks if she believed him, and she responds that she did at first, but his behavior since then has made her question him.

"Why is that? What has he done since you told him of the information I gave you?"

"Well first, he tried to get me to go away to Greece with him- we were to leave this morning. I was weary about the trip, and even feigned a headache to try to get out of it, but he was insistent. Then, all of a sudden, not only are we not going on the trip, but he moved me out of our room and has me staying in the opposite wing of the house. He claims that he's having the other side of the house painted and doesn't want me exposed to the fumes, and Christine told me he has an emergency with his patient, which is why the trip has been postponed, but..."

"You don't believe them."

Sophia shakes her head.

"You're absolutely right not to trust them Loretta. Something clearly isn't right here. I want to help you figure things out, to get to the truth, but I need you to trust me. Can you do that Loretta? Can you trust me?"

Sophia nods that she does. Marcello insists to her that Edmund must not know of their meetings, that if he finds out, both of them could be in danger.

"I really don't think it's that serious, Marcello. Lying or not, Edmund loves me, I can tell by the way he looks at me, and would never harm me..."

"I'm telling you, Loretta, he would. He claims you've been in a coma for over 30 years....think about that, Loretta. Have you ever heard of anyone besides Rumpelstiltskin that has ever been in a coma for so long?"

"No, but..."

"Exactly, because it's unheard of. Did you ever think there could be another explanation? Maybe Dr. Lavery was purposely keeping you in this coma? Or perhaps everything he's told you since you woke up has been an outright lie."

A look of shock comes over Sophia's face, as it dawns on her that Marcello could very well be right. He tells her that he used to be a psychiatrist and would like to use hypnosis to help her remember what actually happened to her. Sophia agrees, and they begin planning how they're going to hide their sessions from Edmund.


-Santana, on the phone with Angel. He tells her what's going on with the kidnapping case and warns her that Cruz could be in even worse danger than he was before. Santana insists to him that's why he needs to keep quiet about Cruz being alive and probably shouldn't be contacting her. Angel says he's going to continue to keep tabs on she and Cruz, but is going to be very careful about when he does. Just then, a nurse comes running to Santana, saying that the patient is speaking and asking for his wife. Santana hangs up on Angel.

"Oh no..."

She hurriedly goes toward Cruz's room and walks in on him berating the doctor, asking to speak with his wife. The doctor says he has no idea who Cruz is talking about as Santana walks up to the bed, asking what's going on.

"Nevermind, doc," Cruz says, "there she is right there..."


-Bobby receiving a call from his boss on his cell phone. Bobby asks how they're going to pull off testifying against Carlos when they don't know much on the case. The muffled voice tells him that all the information they need will be sent to them.

"But what about the cop's wife, that Eden bitch? She ain't gonna stop boss til she tracks you down..."

"Well then we're just going to have to give her what she wants, aren't we?"

"I don't understand what you mean..."

"It's quite simple- you're going to meet with her. Tell her you want no cops involved, just she and Cranston. And you're going to sit her down and explain everything to her, finally once and for all giving her the name of the man who took her precious Cruz away."

"I don't understand- who's name am I going to be giving her? She ain't gonna believe a thing I say..."

"Oh she'll believe this- because you're going to tell her the truth. You're going to tell her that it was ME that set up Cruz and ME that murdered him. When she hears my name, she'll know damn well that you're being honest with her."

The man hangs up the phone and the camera zooms in on his left hand, and his ring.



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I got to say, I just finished outlining this week's episodes and RTSB is gonna be on fire. I have a very special episode 100 planned for you guys, with a special treat for the fans of each particular storyline/couple. I'm SO excited about all of it! :D

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Was that shorter or just simply enjoyed so much? :blink:

I had a not clear scene again but at that time I won't ask you to introduce the characters... I just try to remember. Because I don't have time nor mood to reread the previous episodes. B)

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You can ask me Viktoria, I don't mind answering your questions. I'm happy to- it's been 4 years and I realize that not everyone is going to re-read the whole blog again. But I just did so I can explain anything you like. :)

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One little nitpicky thing -- it was Rip Van Winkle, not Rumplestiltskin, who was asleep for so many years. ;)

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