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Episode 94



Joann Walsh- Kim Rhodes


Dr. Edmund Lavery- Charles Keating


Ashton Lavery- Clive Robertson


Christine Gorrow (Edmund's maid)- Gretchen Oehler


(EXT: London, England)


-Edmund is completely shocked to see his Ashton and, more importantly, Kelly at his door. He tries to keep his composure as he invites them inside. He walks them to the living room and sits them down on the couch.

"Why Kelly, you are even more beautiful than my son described you. I believe he was holding out on me."

"Well thank you, Dr. Lavery. I'm so happy to finally meet you, it's just unfortunate you couldn't be at our wedding. Not that anyone could- it was so sudden, even my own family wasn't able to attend."

"I'm sure your father was disappointed not to get to walk his beautiful daughter down the aisle," Edmund smiles, looking at Ashton. "I know I would be if it were my daughter's wedding."

"Yes, well he's been able to do it the first few times. But disappointed would be an understatement, if you knew my father...."

Kelly pauses.

"Ashton mentioned to me that you lived in Santa Barbara many years ago. Did you know my father, perhaps? He's quite prominent in society there."

Edmund smiles his sneering smile once again, but before he's able to answer, Christine enters the room with a tray of drinks.

"Oh, Dr. L- Mrs. L wanted me to let you know that she's finished packing for your...."

"Christine! May I speak with you outside please," Edmund interrupts. "Won't you excuse me for a moment."

As the door shuts, Kelly looks at Ashton.

"Mrs. Lavery? You didn't tell me your father had remarried- when did that happen?"

"That's what I'd like to know," Ashton mutters.

Edmund hurries Christine down the hall and admonishes her.

"You twit! You could have ruined everything! If Kelly finds out.....my God, if Ashton even found out...they were NOT supposed to know about our Mrs. Lavery."

"Well how the heck was I supposed to know? She's all packed and ready for your trip..."

"I know, I know, I heard you the first time. There's been a change of plans."

Edmund instructs Christine to take Loretta (Sophia) to another room in the far east wing and ready a room for Ashton & Kelly on this side of the house. He tells her that it's imperative that Loretta not see Ashton or Kelly and that he cannot chance them running into her or even hearing her. He tells her to serve her some herbal tea and put in the special ingredient to make her sleepy. When Christine once again asks about their trip, he tells her to explain to Loretta that they'll be leaving the next morning instead and that the west wing is being painted tonight, which is why they'll be staying on the east side of the house. They hear Loretta (Sophia) making her way down the hall upstairs & approaching the staircase. Edmund orders Christine to stop her and get her to the other side of the castle immediately.

"I've worked and waited too long to let Kelly Capwell spoil this for me. I will NOT let another Capwell take Loretta from me again."

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

-Gina sits at her desk, speaking to distributors about her latest Gina Jeans line. She demands that they be patient, that the collection is going to be her biggest one yet and will be worth the wait. They insist on meeting with her that day and she tells them that she's overloaded with work on getting the line out and that they'll have to be patient with her. When they start threatening to yank Capwell Enterprises' account with them, she relents and tells them she'll meet them for lunch at the Oasis in an hour. As she hangs up the phone, she notices Joann is standing in her office.

"Don't you know how to knock? I'm a little busy here, in case you couldn't tell. Now, if you don't mind...."

"Feeling a little overwhelmed, Gina?"

"Nothing I couldn't handle, if people in this office were doing their jobs. Why were the distributors not told that the collection was moved from summer to November? Why were my fabrics not ordered? And why the hell haven't I seen Angela in days? She's supposed to be working with me on this..."

"Angela is needed at the hotel at the moment, didn't Kathleen tell you? She's taken over for Kelly during her trip to London."

"Nobody told me ANYTHING! How am I supposed to have this collection ready in just a few weeks if she's not here to do her job? Who's replacing her?"

"No one is replacing her, Gina, you're just going to have to make do like the rest of us are in her absence."

"Make do? I'm designing an ENTIRE COLLECTION! Now I'm meeting with distributors, ordering fabrics, checking inventory...What's next? I'll be in charge of the advertising, marketing, and PR as well?"

"PR? That's a laugh Gina. Do you honestly think we'd be so foolish as to allow you to do anything related to public relations? We want this collection to be a success as much as you do. But with the economy the way that it is, we all have added much to our load. You're just going to have to be a big girl and deal with it like the rest of us, k?"

"Deal with it?" Gina stands up. "How about you deal with this you smug little bit..."

Before she can go after Joann, Kathleen enters the office and informs Gina that Keith is there to see her.

"Doesn't anyone in this damn office know how to knock? Send him in."

Kathleen turns around and waves Keith in as Joann walks toward the door. Joann acknowledges Keith as she passes him in the entranceway. Gina yells at her as she leaves.

"Don't think for a second I'm through with you, Jo-Anna Wintour!"

Keith laughs at her ferocity. "Do you have these clever nicknames for every woman in town?"

"Just the ones I hate......which is most of them," she deadpans, "Speaking of which, what is taking so long with Morticia? I thought you'd have surely started blackmailing her your little porn of her & CC by now."

"Patience my little banana muffin, patience. We have to wait until the time is right...."

"What time? What difference does time make Keith? You wanna know what I think? I think you're stalling. I think you like this idea of having your cake and eating it too- you get to make me crazy and go home & make love to the Real Frigid Housewife of Santa Barbara...."

Keith tries to calm her down, but to no avail. She insists that he start the blackmailing process and start it now. Otherwise, she tells him, she will.

"Actually, that's what I was here to talk to you about. I have a present for you."

He hands her a perfectly wrapped thin square. She holds it and looks at him, annoyed.

"Well......go ahead butterscotch........open it....."

"It doesn't look like jewelry..."

"It isn't. It's much better than jewelry. And far more valuable."

Excited and entice, she tears it open, but is disappointed to see it's just a DVD.

"I suppose this is your little porno..."

"Our little porno, my pet, the one that's going to make us millions! Surprise! I won't be the one blackmailing Lizzie-Bit- I've bestowed the honor on you my love. So.....what do you say....."

"Keith Timmons..........what do I say?.......I say this crappy day just got a whole lot.......RICHER!"

She runs up to him and passionately kisses him. They explode into laughter as the camera zooms in on their devilish faces.

THE END.............FOR TODAY!!!


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I'm trying to get back into the swing of writing, so, to get my feet wet, I'm going to try to post shorter episodes every day this week, reacquainting everyone with the characters and their stories. I'm going to try to feature each storyline in an episode this week to remind everyone where we're at. After that, next week, I'll go back to posting longer, more involved episodes as before.

I figure this is a good way to get me back into the swing of things and, at the same time, whet the appetite of the readers for each of the stories I have going on. Plus, I think we all need to be reminded of where we're at and who these characters are, especially the ones that I've created myself that were not part of the original show. Hope you all enjoy them!

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  • Members

Yayy! Glad you're going to see the stories play out & hopefully, get to know our other readers here, since you read the story after I had already stopped posting episodes. We're all a fun bunch.

By the way, if anyone is good at making youtube vids, please PM me. I really want to have an official opening for RTSB with the actors' faces, ala Y&R. Actually, probably 4 versions, each featuring different characters in the cast.

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Yes, hopefully by tomorrow. Had job interviews all day today & some drama earlier in the week. I know I'm slow going, but I'm trying to get back into the rhythm of writing. It's been 3 years, so it's taking me a little time. Once I start delving deaper into the stories & get things moving, it will start coming easier, but these mini-eps/recaps/refresher courses are a necessary evil. :D

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Helloooo Greg, Shannon!

Finally the newest part was born! I'm sooo happy! Greg, you are right, we have to get used to these show again. I think mini parts are ok! Till you refresh every week. B)

So, go for it!


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I've had some personal problems of late with my family that I can't really go into. I am going to continue the story, so bare with me........again! :lol: I'm in the process of jotting down some thoughts & really moving things along. There are so many things that I want to play out so badly that I refuse to let 'RTSB' die completely.

Hang in there guys! :)

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Things have gotten better in my personal life and I finally got another job. I don't want to make any promises or guarantees yet, but I have not given up on this project and I do hope to revive it this year, hopefully in the not-so-distant future. Keep checking back- not sure if I'll make any kind of announcement or hoopla- I want to just start in writing again. :)

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