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#127: The Long Lost Sister



Pasadena Highwaypasadena-1.jpg

On the highway, Dre drives his car as fast as he can, still reeling from the shock that DC Williams is his father.


“How did all this happen to me? I was just some dude that came here after running away from his momma, and I get rolled into all this crazy [!@#$%^&*]. Ty and Lauren, Sharan and Kevin and Mona, and now my own brother tells me that fat guy is my dad...and Kevin is my cousin? Wait, no, Kevin is my brother. All this damn time I've been fighting with my own brother? And my sister is a psycho? Then momma's here...Kiko's known she's here all along and never told me. Damn it all.”

Dre looks in his rear view mirror to see Kiko's car pulling up behind his.


“Oh hell naw.”

Dre speeds up in order to get away from his brother, but Kiko keeps after him.

Kiko, inside his own carthumbnailCATTK1DR.jpg

“Come on, Dre, just stop and let me talk to you...come on. You have to let me explain everything.”

Kiko takes out his cell phone and tries to call Dre. In his car, Dre sees Kiko calling, and scowls. He picks up the phone and rolls down the window, then tosses it at Kiko's car!

Kiko, seeing the phone bounce off his car

“Oh crap! Damnit, Dre...but I'm not gonna give up. I'm not gonna let you go into a rage and end up like Kevin.”

Kiko realizes what he just said, and stops for a moment. However, he quickly snaps out of it and continues on after Dre.


“Dre would never do that...then again, I never thought he'd fake a woman's death, either. I can't take the chance. I just need to talk to him.”

Back in his car, Dre sees that Kiko is still on his tail.

Dre, groaning

“This boy ain't gone quit, is he?”

Dre finally gives up and pulls over, and Kiko follows. Both of them get out of their cars, and Dre angrily approaches his brother.


“What is it, Kiko, what?! You gone tell me now that Patti LaBelle is our aunt?!”


“No, Dre, no...I just want to talk to you. I want to make sure you're okay. I want to explain everything.”


“Make sure I'm okay?! Explain something?! Explain this: Why Momma was here, right here, and you never told me! And then this crap about DC being our father?”


“The whole DC thing isn't easy for me to handle either, Dre...I was shocked when she told me, and I only just found out. I don't know how to handle it or what to think...I don't even think he knows. As for momma, I didn't feel comfortable telling anyone that she was here. She's not really herself, Dre...she is in For the Birds because she's totally lost it. I'm not even sure what happened to her. There were times where I wanted to tell you, or was going to, but we got so wrapped up in everything else going on in this crazy town.”


“I just don't get it, Kiko. You got momma locked up...and we're Williams? We're part of that crazy as hell family? Kevin, who I guess I could call my rival, is actually my brother? That sicko Mona is our sister? It doesn't even make sense. “


“I know, I feel the same way. I really do. I just want us to stay calm and work this out.”


“Well I'm not sure if we can do that, man...but...”

Dre pauses, and Kiko raises an eyebrow.




“Take me to see momma.”




“You heard me. Take me to see her.”


“Dre, I don't know if thats the best i-


“She's my momma too, I deserve to see her! I need to see her.”

Kiko, sighing

“Alright, alright, fine...just come with me. I'll take you right to her.”


Episode#127: The Long Lost Sister

Written by: Tara Smith

Story Editor: ML Cooks

Lavender Hill, Hutchins Mansionsettings.jpg

Jenn sits in the living room of Ty's very large and expensive mansion...she sits on the couch, watching television reports on Tiger Woods and his infidelity.

Jenn, shaking her headAlicia_Silverstone.jpg

“Damn, he's worse than Ria or me put together.”

Suddenly, Santino walks in.


“So I see you're STILL living here, even though the owner of this place hates you?”


“Well walk right in why don't you? And yes, Ty is in jail and I think he has bigger things on his mind than kicking me out of this house...the only other person living here is Karl, and he's so consumed with things now that Ty's out of the way I don't know if he even remembers that I'm staying here.”


“You better hope Ty doesn't get out of jail or he's going to fry you, especially after he learns you are mooching off of him even after he dumped you.”


“Oh, and I suppose he'll just be best buddies with you again? You're out of his good graces too, Tino, since YOU were the one that slept with me behind his back...but I suppose you've forgotten all about that, because the last time you were here you acted like an ass and ran off with some skank!”


“Don't call Alexis that...I had to help her with something. But I meant what I told you last time...I do love you, in a way, Jenn...but it was nothing more than a small affair. “


“Bastard. Maybe I considered it a little more than that, but whatever...however, I'm not just going to sit by while you run around with her.”


“I'm not yours, Jenn. You don't own me. Nothing is even going on between Alexis and I, and I'm not going to let you go after me or her like you did Jodie.”


“You should know I had good reasoning to investigate Jodie like I did, even if she is gone now. Don't compare the situations, but I do think I have some degree of right to keep you away from that girl...we never ended our relationship, Tino, remember that.”


“You forgot torture when it comes to Jodie...don't act innocent, Jenn, and you and I never even had a firm relationship to begin with. YOU were the one that was with two people Jenn, not me...and I thought our last confrontation here made it clear where we were headed.”


“What are you saying?”


“Jenn, it was fun while it lasted, and I'm sorry, but I think its best if we officially call it quits, right here, right now. We're never going to work, and we were never going to work past what we had: A fun short term fling. I did fall for you, and love you, but really...we'd be kidding ourselves if we went any farther.”

Jenn, scowling

“You're just saying all this because while Ty was getting arrested and our affair was coming out, you got close to Alexis...you're just doing this so you can have her. Well, fine, then, Santino, but don't come crawling back once it goes crashing down.”


“Thats not true, but I assure you I won't come crawling back.”


“And don't ever cross me again...or you'll regret it. Now get out.”



Santino leaves, and Jenn angrily grabs a glass of champagne that she was drinking and throws it against the wall as she realizes that she and Santino are officially over.


T.C. Hoteltchotel.jpg

Karl and Patti walk through the T.C. Hotel, now under the control of Karl, as Karl shows her around.


“This has to be the fanciest hotel that Miss Patti has seen in this town.”


“Darling, unfortunately, class is not very common in this city...however, I will commend my criminal son on building up a nice hotel. It is very nice...feel free to stay here, if you like.”


“Oh, no, thank you but I am living with my daughters. I need to keep them under control.”


“I definitely understand..I made the mistake of not keeping my son on a tighter leash and look where that got him.”


“Its not your fault. We can't choose our children's paths, but we can try to steer them away from a bad one.”

Karl, faking sadness

“I just...I feel so terrible. Like I wasn't a good enough father to him...”

Patti, comforting him

“Don't blame yourself. Whats done is done and we can't go back and change that. Now we just have to look to the future.”

Karl, smiling as Patti walks right into his web

“Thank you, Patti...your words, your voice are all so soothing.”

Patti, chuckling

“Oh you are too kind. I must say, this date today has been really enjoyable.”


“Oh, it has...it really has. I want to get to know you better, Miss LaBelle...we should go out to lunch and explore the city of Pasadena another time as well.”


“Indeed we should...you know, I haven't been with any man in awhile, and my track record isn't the greatest, however, you have definitely charmed me. And Miss Patti don't say that alot.”


“My track record is not the greatest either, but perhaps its time we fix that. “


“Yes, yes I think it is about time.”


“However, I wouldn't want to go too deep or too fast, because I have a few things I need to take care of before anything else.”


“Such as?”


“I am going to make sure that my son goes to prison and rots there, first of all...and its about time I kick that little whore of his, Jennifer, out of my mansion. After I deal with those two, I am going to restore the Hutchins Empire. Ty has destroyed it, but I am going to rebuild it back to its former glory...and I promise you, Miss LaBelle, that no one is going to stop me.”

Downtown Pasadena, Pasadena City Jailcityhall2.jpg

Sabryn sits in her cell alone and flashes back to when she shot Ashley so many times and killed her. She then remembers how Ashley kidnapped Bryan Jr. and Sabryn had to get him back.


“Damnit...I need my son. And Bryan has him...I saved him from Ashley but he went straight to Bryan. I have to get out of here and get BJ back...”

Sabryn continues to look around, all alone in her cell, if thats even fathomable considering most of the people in Pasadena act like they have mad cow disease. She can't stop thinking about her baby.

Sabryn, starting to tear up

“I just want to be a mother to my son, why did all of this have to happen to me? What have I done wrong? I know I shot Ashley but she's just done so much to me! She tried to steal my fiancee and kidnap my baby, she crashed my wedding! I couldn't just let her live when she was on the run with Bryan Jr.”

Mike, suddenly walking up to her760223521.jpg

“If its any comfort, and I know its not, I understand how you feel.”

Sabryn, jumping

“Oh, sorry, I, um, didn't know anyone was there...”

Mike, smiling lightly

“Hey, its okay. Again, I understand why you did what you did. Doesn't make it right, but I understand.”

Sabryn, raising an eyebrow

“The police chief understands why I shot a woman seven times?”


“It doesn't make it right, like I said, but I get it. I had a woman terrorize the love of my life for months on end, right up until the day she died.”


“Oh...Jodie. She was one of Natalia's models, I think I heard about how Jenn tried to destroy her.”


“I was once with Jennifer, and really thought I loved her. However, now, most days I want to strangle her...Jodie was the sweetest and nicest woman you'd ever meet, but Jenn just wouldn't stop, and tortured her with the secret of her HIV for so long...Jodie could have spent her last days happy, but she didn't. I still think about Jodie everyday...I miss her.”


“Wow, I'm sorry.


“No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be going on and on like that.”


“Does it look like I have anything better to do? I've lost someone too, just in a different way. I really thought Bryan was the love of my life, but now I just can't stand him. I really did love him and wanted to marry him, but he's lied to me time after time. He lied to me about Ashley, and he also lied to me about sleeping with Natalia. I can't stand to be with him anymore. I can't let myself get hurt again.”

Mike, nodding

“I get it. I still hold alot of angry feelings towards Jenn, so I can understand why you killed Ashley. I'd never kill Jenn, but when someone tries to disrupt your happiness, it drives you to do crazy things.”


“Exactly, and it was when Ashley started messing with my son that I finally had enough. I wasn't going to let her take him form me...if she was still alive and that happened today, I don't think I'd change a thing. However, now I'm in here, and the only friend I really have is Sharan...I've lost everyone else.”

Mike, smiling

“No you haven't...you have a friend in me.”





Mike and Sabryn smile at each other, finding that they have more in common than they thought, and wondering if they can help each other through their tough times...

7 Elevenerrything_else_BOLOGNA_biscuits-1.jpg

thumbnailCAOLK7KM.jpgLauren heads inside the nearest 7/11 to get formula for her infant son; she's in heavy disguise, and all but ignores the cashier when she walks in. She immediately heads to the area where the milk is, and begins getting some; she smiles at her son.


"This'll make you feel good, won't it?"

Lauren stares at her son for a moment; she begins to notice things on his face that are different. Peculiar. He has short eye openings, and his lips are thin. Lauren's concerns are raised.


"That's not natural...I know babies look different, but...I..."

Lauren wonders what could have happened to her baby; she thinks back on her pregnancy. Suddenly, she freezes; she remembers all the drinking that she did during her pregnancy.


"No; it can't be. No. It can't be; my baby's fine."

She continues to look at her son, and she can't get past how off his facial features look; no healthy baby looks like that.


"Screw being dead; I can't even take the risk of something happening to this beautiful boy. I have to get to the hospital!"

Lauren drops the formula and darts out of the store.

For the Birds Rehabilitation Centerpeoplesoftbuilding.jpg

Alexis stands face to face with her mother, none other than Applelonia, and Apple grins.


“I need you to tell me, Mom: Who is my long lost sister?!”


“Oh, don't be in such a rush, Alexis...we haven't seen each other in years and you only want to know about your sister? How about a simple "How are you?"


“You've been locked up in a mental institution, obviously I know how you've been!”


“Well, you could still be a bit more warm and respectful.”


“I know what you did, Mom. You abused Ashley and let all your boyfriends rape her! I read the diary, I know EVERYTHING!”


“I expected that you'd read it eventually, as much as I never wanted you to know about any of that, I knew you would anyways. I told Ashley I'd kill her if you found out, but apparently, Sabryn did that for me.”


“How dare you treat her like that! Do you know how much pain she went through?! She turned into a psycho because of you!”


“Don't blame me for Ashley's insanity over Bryan, that wasn't my fault. I raised you well enough, didn't I? Ashley dug her own hole when she committed all those crimes.”

Alexis, raising an eyebrow

“How do you know all this?”

Apple, chuckling

“Sister Patterson isn't the only one that knows things automatically, dear.”


“Oh to hell with it, I used to love you, but after reading all these horrifying things, I don't want to even look at you anymore. I don't care why you're here, and I hope you rot here for all eternity...but I need to know: Who is my other sister? And why didn't you ever tell me?”


“It wasn't the right time, Alexis...everything has to fall into place perfectly, you know. You'd be surprised at what I've learned about that over the years...however, perhaps now is the time to tell you...”


“I don't care about things falling into place, you are going to tell me.”


“Alright then. Your long lost sister is Lauren Roman.”

Alexis, eyes widening

“LAUREN?! LAUREN is my sister?!”


“Yes, yes she is...I know this for a fact.”

Alexis just stares in shock at this revelation...

Next on 71zixlg.jpg



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I'm 10 episodes behind. Crap I have a lot of catching up to do. There was a really nice theme in this episode. Messed up parents and messed up kids. Seems Apple messed up Ash, Sister Pat messed up all of her kids, and of course Nan was a product of messed up parents too. What's Nat's execuse? Does she just like being mean?

I appreciate when characters talk about the past so that I can remember things. It works for catching up.

Had a feeling that Lauren or Jenn was the long lost sister. Was kind of hoping that it was going to be Jenn just because she's done a few mean things in her past that would be great for the coo coo family.

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Yes Matt you have ben gone For a very long time, welcome back

Nat just wants things to go her way. She wants what she wants no matter if it belongs to some one else.

Hmm I never thought of Jenn. I don't think I like that idea. I think I am able to mine more story out of Lauren being the long lost sister. You will see that down the road

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