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#126: Parentage Revealed!



Westwood Park, Ria's HouseuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg


Kiko walks up to the entrance of Ria's house, and Ria stands in the doorway, smirking.


"Oooh nice to see your fine ass show up here. I've been waiting for you." She says untying her robe to reveal a sexy outfit.


thumbnailCATTK1DR.jpg"Victoria, I really appreciate you doing this for me...I needed a place to meet my brother, where no one would expect, and this was the perfect place. But please don't get the wrong idea. Aint no sexuals happening tonight"


"I got you and your fine ass brother Dre in my house and you think I aint getting no dick!"


"You know I'm not going to repay you like that."


"Boy, you so gay! "


"You know, thats a really rude insult."


"That ain't an insult thats what I think you are! What man turns this good !@#$%^&*] down?"

Kiko, sighing

"Just tell me when Dre gets here, and be on the lookout for any cops."


"Don't worry, I got your back, I just wish I could get on top of it."

Kiko shakes his head and walks inside Ria's house, sitting down in the living room as he waits for Dre.

Ria sees Dre's car drive up.


"Well, there's your mandingo brother now!"



Dre sneaks up to the entrance of Ria's house, making sure no one spots him.


"Well well well, look who came crawling back. Sharan not giving you any no more? I know she's up that white boy's ass now."


"Nice to see you too, Ria. " Noticing what she has on

"What the hell are you wearing? I think you have the wrong idea?"


"I was hoping I could get two for the price of one.


"You want to have a three some with me and my bro? You crazy."


"I don't know what Sharan got that I don't...but get the hell inside before someone sees you."

Dre walks inside, and greets Kiko.


"Yo, bro, what you drag me here for?"


"You're on the run from the police and you ask me that?!"


"How you know about that?"


"Well, Karl Hutchins paid me a visit. You just are their main target at the moment. I cannot believe this has spiraled into so much chaos. I never wanted to be apart of this, like I told Lauren right before all this went down. It won't be long until Ty finds out that Lauren's alive."


"Ty's in jail, he can't do nothing to us."


"Ty is a powerful crime lord, who's to say he won't get out?"


"And his rival Mike Dietz is the police chief. He ain't letting Ty's spoiled ass walk out of that place."


"I guess we'll be joining him soon, then! I can't believe you just went on the run like this!"


"I ain't done nothing wrong, and I'm not gone let them just lock me up because of Ty!"


"You faked a woman's death! That's not wrong?!"

Ria, peeking back in for just a minute before going back outside

"Wow, you two make my !@#$%^&*] wet when you fight."


"Bro, you need to just calm down."


"Where's Lauren now?"


"I don't think that's any of your business."


"I've been taking care of her all this time, of course its my business! Where is Lauren?!"


"She and her newborn baby are doing just fine."


"She had her baby?!?! She had her baby?! This just keeps getting worse...first the stuff with momma and DC and now this…"


"Momma and DC?"


"Just forget it."


"What's going on with momma?"

Kiko sighs...he knows that it was basically now or never, because by the time he actually gets up the courage to tell Dre about their parentage, Dre could be in a jail cell.


"You know DC Williams?"


"Yea, Abe's brother and Kevin's uncle."


"He's our father."




"Momma told me."


"Momma told you?! She's here?! In Pasadena?!"


"Sorta...she's in a mental institution. For the Birds."


"Say what?! Momma was in a mental institution and you didn't tell me?! DC is our father?! Kevin is our cousin?! Mona is our cousin?!"


"No, Kevin is our brother, and Mona is our sister!"

Dre's eyes widen as the truth sinks in. All this time, the father that he never got to know is DC. And his mother is here in Pasadena...and his arch rival is his brother!

Dre storms out of the house, angry. Kiko chases after him.


"DC is my father...momma's here...to hell with all of you!"

Ria, confused

"Did he just say that DC was his father?"

Kiko, again sighing

"Yes, Ria, DC Williams is our father."

Ria, gasping

"OH HELL NAW! So I slept with your father, and two of your brothers?! Good dick do run in that entire family"


"Don't remind me. Dre, wait!"

Kiko chases after Dre, as Dre gets in his car and drives off...


steam.jpgEpisode#126: Parentage Revealed!

Written by: Tara Smith


Williams HouseRaw00052.jpg


CA06D0OACA5867X9CAUPN3H2CAO27DVSCA9.jpgSister Patterson sits on the floor of her living room...it still has yet to be picked up after Kevin tore it apart so many days ago. Sister Pat tries to read the Bible, but a few more tears fall from her eyes and she just closes it...she is dazed, and she doesn't know what to do.

Sister Patterson

"Lord, why you doing this to me? Why you putting me through so much pain?"

Sister Pat's eyes are stained from all the tears, as just about everyone in her life has shunned her. Mabel "Madea" Jenkins, Sister Pat's cold mother, walks in. Miss Jenkins looks around at the wrecked house.


"Well damn, just because your son is dead doesn't mean you get to laze around your own damn house!"

Sister Patterson, looking up at her mother

"What are you doing here, Miss Jenkins?"

Miss Jenkins

"Well, I decided to come to see you one more time."

Sister Patterson

"Why is that, Miss Jenkins? Don't you hate me?"


"Honey you better watch your ugly mouth. You know how I feel about you and all this damn pain you brought your family. But I finally got my say in court, and everyone knows what you did to me and how crazy you are. Thats good enough for me."

Sister Patterson clenches her fists, just closing her eyes and turning away from her mother, not in the mood to deal with anyone or any more of Madea's insults right now. Miss Jenkins raises her eyebrows.


"This really has got you down, doesn't it?"

Sister Patterson

"My son is dead, Miss Jenkins, and everyone in my life has turned on me.

Madea stares at her daughter for a moment...Madea groans at first, but for the first time, she sees genuine, true pain inside Sister Patterson's eyes, and also for the first time in her life, she feels genuine sorrow for her daughter."

Madea, sitting down

"Honey you gotta break out of this. I know your family ain't no Cosby show but I did not raise no punk."

Sister Patterson

"My husband is dead. My third eye don't work no more. My two living children have turned on me. God ain't answering my prayers. What do I have left going for me?!"


"Patterson, do you think I got through life surrounded by people who love me?

Sister Pat doesn't answer."


"No, I didn't. I mean hell everyone knew me as that crazy old woman that gets on high speed car chases, but here's the difference with you: You have had all these people that did love you, I didn't. And they may not love you now, honey, but you can get them back. You gotta rise above all these jackasses trying to get you."

Sister Patterson, stunned

"I've never heard you talk like this, Miss Jenkins."


"Well honey I got some love in me. And don't no child that came out of my uterus fall but not get up."

Sister Patterson slowly nods...she and Madea stare at her, and for the first time in all of their lives, the mother and daughter lean in and hug! They embrace for a moment, Sister Pat at least enjoying her mother showing love for once.

Madea, pulling back after a moment

"Okay honey don't push it!"

Sister Patterson

"Thank you, Miss Jenkins. I knew there was a reason I loved you."


"Well, uh, don't think this means you gone get all this loving from me, I mean what I said about you before still stands."

Madea gets up, and she briefly gives a smile to Pat, before leaving the Williams House. Next, Celeste enters.

Celeste, smiling at PatTanya-Boyd.jpg

"Hello, dahling. I see you and Miss Jenkins had a nice talk."

Sister Patterson

"Yes, Celeste, we did."


"You know, Sister Pat...I always thought you were crazy, and believe me, dahling, I still do...but after being in Pasadena for a little while, I really see the pain you went through, and are going through...and you don't deserve it."

Sister Patterson

"Thank you, Celeste, that means alot to me. I just don't understand it."


"Oh, dahling, you'll get through it. I know you will...I mean you are Sister Patterson for goodness' sakes. And for the record, I never blamed you or judged you for what you did to Madea."

Sister Patterson

"Again, thank you, Celeste...I am glad I at least have my family. And thank you for comforting me at the funeral."


"I would do it again if I could. But now, I have to go back to Salem...but we will keep in touch, trust me on that. And by the way…"

Sister Patterson


Celeste, edging towards the door

"I'm taking Miss Jenkins back to Salem with me."

Sister Patterson's eyes widen, and for a moment, she slips back into her old role, and slaps Celeste before grabbing her Bible! Celeste darts out the door, and Sister Patterson chases after her.

Sister Patterson


Celeste runs out to her car, where Madea is waiting, and immediately hops in as Sister Patterson approaches.

Celeste, driving off


Madea, lighting a cigarette

"About time I say goodbye to this crazy ass town! Can't say I'll miss ya, Pasadena, but I got to get out of this looney bin!"

Sister Patterson just watches, hollering but also shaking her head, as Celeste and Madea head to Salem...


Ivory Inc.Apr18_0003.jpg


mp07.jpgKarim is at his desk doing some work with LaDonna, trying to get his mind off Kevin.

zzz.jpgLaDonna, turning away from her work for a moment

"Karim, how are you? You haven't spoke much."


"I'm better, LaDonna, but I still can't believe any of this."


"Its gonna be okay, Karim, its gonna be okay. "

Alexis then walks in, and rolls her eyes at Karim and LaDonna.


jhl.jpg"Well look what we have here."


"Alexis, not here, not now."


"Oh shut up! Karim, have you forgotten that I'm your girlfriend?"


"Please, Alexis, my brother just died."


"I am really sorry for your loss, but that doesn't give you and LaDonna the right to leech onto each other. What about me, Karim? Did you forget all about me after that crash?"


"Alexis, to be honest, I still think you lied to me about Ashley and everything she did. I'm sorry, Alexis, but I refuse to be with anymore liars. I already put up with this with Ria and am not going to go through it once again with you. Enough is enough. Hell, you attended that funeral with Santino."


"You're one to talk! Santino and I are friends, we've been helping each other out."


"But when I was just friends with LaDonna, that wasn't okay, was it? However, now, LaDonna and I have feelings for each other, and I love her. Its time to move on, Alexis. I'm sorry, but its over."

Alexis, leaning over the desk and slamming her fist down

"You BASTARD! I LOVE you and this is how you repay me?! By hooking up with your receptionist?!"


"We didn't "hook up"!"


"Save it, Donna. I love you, Karim, I love you so much, and I'm not taking this. You haven't seen the last of me."


"Actually, I hope I have. Now please, get out."

Alexis, tears in her eyes

"How dare you do this to me."

Alexis turns, and angrily leaves Ivory!


"Thank goodness she's gone!"


"I loved Alexis, but you're right...and now we can be together."


"You mean you want to make us official?"

Karim, smiling

"Yes, yes, I do!

LaDonna leans in and passionately kisses Karim as they finally become a couple!


Outside of Ivory, Alexis kicks a trashcan over in frustration.


"I'm tired of Pasadena! I am tired of LaDonna, Sabryn, Bryan, everyone! Speaking of which, I am going to testify against her and get her ass thrown in jail, but first, I'm going to find my mother and be done with all this madness!" Alexis feels slightly light headed but brushes it off from lack of eating.

Alexis then walks off.


Back at Westwood ParkDcp_0319.jpg


Natalia enters her house with the just released Mark Jr. Natalia smiles as she cradles him in her arms.


"It feels so good to finally bring you back home with me...and don't worry, what happened that one day will never happen again, little one, I promise."

As Natalia gets settled in, Bryan walks in.

Natalia, groaning

"Do you ever leave me alone?"


"Excuse me? I barely get to see my son, and I wanted to be there when he came home from the hospital! You and Sabryn need to stop acting like I am banished from seeing my children, it really gets tired."


"Oh shut up, for once I can agree with your bitch of an ex-fiancee on something. We both know that you're a fool, Bryan, and all you do is think with your little head instead of your big head. "


"Like you have any room to preach. Doesn't everyone say that you paid that drug dealer that shot my son to stab Dahlia?"


"First of all, that is not true, and secondly, Dahlia got stabbed two years ago, and she's dead now. It doesn't matter...how I wish Mark was really Mark Jr.'s father."


"That man is a nutcase and you know it. He will never touch my son."


"Oh you're lucky he left town, or else I'd have him and we'd be married right now. Hell, I would let him adopt Mark Jr."


"The hell you would. You'd have to go through me first...YOU are lucky that I haven't pursued full custody of Mark Jr."

Natalia, getting up close to Bryan and lowering her tone

"You wouldn't dare."


"Try me."


"Stop talking like you can bring me down, Bryan. You know you can't...really, what do you have going for you? You don't have Sabryn, Ashley's dead...your just some egotistical sex addict."


"That's not true."


"You slept with Sabryn, Ashley, AND me?! Hell, you played Sabryn and Ashley at the same time. "

Natalia then leans in and KISSES Bryan.

Natalia, pulling back for a moment

"Tell me you didn't enjoy that. Tell me that's not the only reason that you are here."

Bryan, staring at Natalia

"Tell me YOU didn't enjoy that."

Bryan and Natalia are silent for a moment...they both lean in and kiss again! They fall onto the chair, kissing passionately, but Natalia realizes what she's doing and kicks Bryan's shin! Bryan hollers out in pain, grabbing his leg, and falls back.

Natalia, standing up

"See? I told you. Now get out."

Bryan stares at Natalia furiously, before limping out of her house, while Natalia goes back to tending to her son.


Unnamed MotelRainbowoverPasadena.jpg


Lauren is with her son inside the motel...she breast feeds him, and while she does, she continues to think about all the craziness surrounding her at the moment.


I wonder where Dre went...he got that call and rushed off. I hope the police didn't find him.

Lauren sighs, and looks down at her son.


"You're so beautiful...I already love you, and I know you're Kevin's son...but your daddy just killed himself. And I still remember what Kiko said about the fetal alcohol syndrome...do you really have that?"

Lauren just shakes her head, wondering what to do about all of this.


"Daniel is with Sharan...Kevin's dead...the police are closing in on Dre and will probably figure out I'm alive, and Ty would kill me. How did I get into all of this?!"

Lauren looks down at her son again.


"I think its about time to start getting formula...you'll need it soon, but with Dre on the run, he can't exactly do that, and neither can I…"

Lauren sits and thinks for a moment.


"Oh what the hell...you're my child, I need to place your needs over my own…"

Lauren sits her son down for a moment, while she puts some of her clothes back on, and huge sunglasses so no one will recognize her. She then picks up her son.


"Well, off we go."

Lauren then leaves the motel!


For the Birds Rehabilitation Centerpeoplesoftbuilding.jpg


Apple is sitting with Mona inside of their room.


"I wonder how the Williams clan took my lovely little eulogy at the funeral…"

Apple, smirkingthumbnailv.jpg

"Oh, I think you rocked them to their core, yet again. Don't you worry, you did well."

Mona, grinning


An orderly then walks in.


"Apple, you have a visitor."


"You have a visitor?"

Apple, chuckling

"Its about time. I knew that they'd come."

Mona raises an eyebrow as the orderly takes Apple outside to a large room, where the patients can often sit if they are let out of their rooms. She sees Alexis there.

Apple, approaching her

"Its been a long time."


"I guess it has, Mom...so you really are here. Its time for us to have a little chat."


"Indeed it is."


"I'm just going to cut to the chase: Who's my long lost sister?"

Apple's smirk grows into a grin as she is revealed to be Alexis and Ashley's MOTHER!


Next time on 14aep6q.jpg

Alexis finds out the identity of her hidden sister!



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Oh lordy. Ria is such a SLUT! She says things that makes me hate her and love her. The guys are kind of dumb to go seek help from her because they should know by now that she's after one thing. It was a good setup for Kiko to reveal that D.C. was bro hoe's father.

Very touching scene between Sister Pat & Madea. It seems all characters like to go to Salem. I think this gave Sister Pat the strength to fight for her family. Even though they hate her.

Ash's love triangle reminds me so much of the Tanisha/Owen/Ginny plot. Love that Ash is slowly becoming crazy as it does run in the family.

It was great to see Natalia back in action. She was literally in action with her fight with Bryan. Wish she would return to her vixenous business scheming roots. Sometimes babies make vixens weak. IE Sami Brady.

Lauren's going to be found out! Hopefully Ty finds her because that would make for some good drama.

Apple seems to be Mona's mentor/lover. I'm thinking that LaDonna will be her long lost sister. Nice cliffhanger.

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  • Members

Very good opening scene as usual.

I feel like this story is going to give good character development to Sister Pat.

Lauren story has me sucked in waiting to see what happens with her.

Oooh!! Good cliffhanger!

This seemed like a much shorter episode than usual. But I'm still anxious to see what happens next, as usual.

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