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Actress reprises role!



Some Casting News.

With S.T.E.A.M.’s return now comes news of a rather surprising casting move. Newcomer Melissa Archerldkvna.jpg has been let go as she played the character of Lauren Romoan. Ms. Archer is the third actress to tackle the role. “We just decided that the change of actress just didn’t work out.” Series creator stated at press time.

Coming back to the role is series veteran Brittany Woodland will be reprising the role as Lauren effective immediately. Brittany re joins S.T.E.A.M. having debuted as a recast of this character in season 1. Brittany was let go at the beginning of the 3rd season with reasoning stating the creative team is going in a new direction. Brittany comes in at a time when Lauren is going through a lot right now. She faked her death and had Kevin’s child. “ Things really get intense with Lauren. She has no idea the effect her actions are going to have. I’ve been taping some pretty shocking scenes that will air in a few weeks. I was taken aback when I read the scripts.” Brittany told the press.jyrs.jpg


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Well I wanted to soften up Lauren and I thought Archer would be the girl to do it but After seing her work on OLTL I was not impressed. Lauren has done a lot of misunderstood things she does have a lot coming up. I just wrote her reunion scene with Daniel. WoW is all your going to say.

Thanks Jay and btw what happend to remy?

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