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In 1421 Plumtree Road, Apartment #15E , Liza is in the living room working through some papers. Marian Chandler opens the door, steps inside and closes it behind her.

“Hello mother” - Liza.

“Hi darling” - Marian.

“Did you get to see everyone?” - Liza.

“Yes I did and things have changed since I’ve been in Oak Haven” - Marian.

Marian sits next to Liza.

“A lot of it has mother. Me and Tad are back together again” - Liza.

“You two? Well congratulations Liza. By the way, speaking of Tad, how he is?” - Marian.

“He’s….good. Tad has a new adopted son, Damon.” - Liza.

“New son? Wait, were you pregnant with his child and gave birth months ago and never told me?” - Marian

“No no no mom. I never was pregnant with Damon. He’s not my son. His mom is Hillary Wilson” - Liza.

“Hillary? I remember her. She and Tad were quite an item back in the day” - Marian.

“I know. He’s full blood Martin for sure” - Liza.

“What do we have planned today?” - Marian.

“You’re about to get a visit from someone that loves and cares about you so much” - Liza.

“Who Liza?” - Marian.

“Can’t tell, it’s a secret. The person doesn’t even know, I just invited her hear” - Liza.

“Is it Colby?” - Marian.

“Like I said mom, can’t tell” - Liza.

The door bell rings as Liza gets up and opens it. It’s Colby and Damon. Colby looks at her mom in disgust.

“Okay mom, what did you call me…. Grandma!!!” - Colby.

“Oh Colby come here and give your grandmother a hug!” - Marian.

The two hug as Marian kisses her on the cheek.

“It was only yesterday when you were brought into this world and now look at you” - Marian.

“I get it from my mom and dad. Oh, gran , this is my boyfriend, Damon” - Colby.

“Hello Damon, im Colby’s grandmother” - Marian.

“Yeah, Colby told me all about you” - Damon.

He and Marian shake hands but Marian notices Liza looking at Damon is disgust.

“Liza are you alright?” - Marian.

Damon turns around and looks at Liza as notices as well. Liza stops being in disgust.

“Uh…yeah im just tired” - Liza.

“Well me and Damon have to go. He’s taking me to the movies” - Colby.

“It was nice meeting you Damon” - Marian.

“You too Marian” - Damon

“Have fun you two” - Liza.

Damon and Colby leave as Liza closes the door. Marian see’s Liza looking down.

“Sweetheart, is something bothering you?” - Marian.

“Im sorry mother, excuse me” - Liza.

Liza runs to the bathroom and closes the door, she starts to cry. Marian goes to the bathroom, opens the door and comforts her daughter, not even knowing what’s going on.


In the conference room of Martin and Hubbard Investigations, there are chairs set up as Jesse, Tad, Gloria, Aidan and Kat wait for the new recruits to arrive.

“So Tad, these new guys, do they have any type of experience?” - Aidan.

“Two out of the four men I brought in, I know them very well. One of them is a former PI and the other is a former secret agent ” - Tad.

“What about the others?” - Kat.

“One of them are a medical examiner and the other is a lab technician. Both are coming into They can sill take part in our investigations” - Tad.

“That’s good Tad, you know the four very well?” - Jesse.

“Yeah they got the experience and track record” - Tad.

“You got that right”

Tad, Jesse , Aidan, and Kat turn around and it’s Adrian Sword (Tad’s biological maternal half-brother), Charlie Brent (Tad’s adoptive half-nephew/adoptive first cousin once removed), Jamie Martin (Tad’s son) and Tim Dillon.

“Hey guys! Welcome to Martin and Hubbard Investigations! Jesse, Aidan, Kat, this is my son Jamie, my brother Adrian, my nephew/cousin Charlie and a good friend of mine, Tim Dillon, the son of Trevor Dillon” - Tad.

Aidan, Kat, Jamie, Adrian, Charlie, Gloria meet and greet each other. All of them are in their seats as Tad, Jesse and Gloria begins to talk.

“Okay guys, now that were all here, I’d like to introduce myself as you all know. I’m Tad Martin, the head detective investigator, the first in command” - Tad.

“And im Jesse Hubbard, the second in command, the deputy detective investigator. In any part of a case that were doing, if something comes up, you need to report to myself and Tad, not one of your co-workers, me and Tad” - Jesse.

“An im Gloria Marsh, your receptionist, receiving or greeting any visitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls.” - Gloria.

“Our job is to specialize in asset search and people search investigations. We provide critical investigations into all aspects of the defense case, which includes location of witnesses, statements, evaluation, evidence collection and review, independent analysis, background investigations, crime scene investigations, documentation analysis and regional canvassing, as well as other services directed by the client” - Tad.

“Any questions?” - Jesse.

Tim Dillon raises his hand.

“Yeah Tim?” - Tad.

“Does the Pine Valley Police Department know about all of this?” - Tim.

“About our investigation agency?” - Tad.

“Yeah” - Tim.

“Well no….but we can hope that during crime scene investigations, that our agency specializes in, Derek and Anna , the police chiefs can reach out to us for help. There not the only one’s that can solve a case you know” - Tad.

Jamie raises his hand.

“Yeah son” - Tad.

“About our investigations here, will it be different from what the PVPD does?” - Jamie.

“Yep. The way we do crime scene investigations is that we look for evidence, and track down the criminals from where there hiding” - Tad.

“But it’s more like bending the rules to what we need in order to suit our plans” - Jesse.

“We’ll take one last question” - Tad.

Aidan raises his hand.

“When’s our first case?” - Aidan.

“Next week, I can’t give you all the details but it will involve the death of someone that I cared about really much. That’s all I will give out but for now, get some sleep, and be ready for our first case. In the meantime we do need help to set up, call me, Jesse or Gloria. Thanks guys” - Tad.

Everyone in the room leaves as the scene fades.


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