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At The Slater House (32 Pine Circle), Kendall is putting up new pictures that he, Zach and the boys on the shelves with other pictures of them. The door bell rings as Kendall stops and walks towards the door. She opens the door and it’s Benjamin "Trey" Sheppard!

“Trey? Trey Sheppard!?” - Kendall.

“Hey Kendall! Long time no see” - Trey

The two hug as Trey kisses Kendall on the check.

“Can I come in? Hope im not disturbing you or anything” - Trey.

“No, no, come in. Would you like to have a drink?” - Kendall.

Trey comes in as Kendall closes the door behind him. The two sit on the black couch.

“So stranger, how’ve you been lately since you were released from prison?” - Kendall.

“Funny how you ask, I’ve been good lately. After being released I went back to Law School in Washington D.C. and volunteered at a law firm” - Trey.

“But what are you doing now?” - Kendall.

“I’m working with Jackson Montgomery at his law firm, Montgomery & Associates. He offered me the job when I completed law school” - Trey.

“That’s nice. Seems like you and Jackson have moved on from what happened years ago before you went to jail” - Trey.

“Of course we have. Ever since I was release, something inside of me looks to the future. There are many crimes and none of them make me feel happy” - Trey.

“Uh yeah. Look, we all make mistakes but in the end, we make up” - Kendall.

“That’s why im here to apologize for set you up to take the fall for burning down Erica's home and other things. I hurted you and your mom” - Trey.

“There’s no need for you to apologize Trey. You’re already forgiven” - Kendall.

“It’s great to always have a friend like you Kendall. Bold, impulsive, passionate and unwilling to take any crap” - Trey.

"It's like you read my mind" - Kendall.

The two laugh it up.

"So I heard that you Zach and the boys are back in Pine Valley" - Trey.

"Yep. Were starting our lives brand new from all the drama in our past. Me and Zach have been through a lot in our lives but still were together" - Kendall.

"I guess it's the power of love that conquers all right?" - Trey.

"Yes. But also I need work on my friendly relationship....with Greenlee" - Kendall.

Trey is confuse.

"Greenlee? Last time I heard she died in a motercycle crash or something?" - Trey.

"Long story short, she was alive and well somewhere in the country and is married to David Hayward" - Kendall.

The look on Trey's face is still on him.

"So let me get this straight.Greenlee is alive and happily married to my brother, David?"

"Yeah. I don't know why she did that but we have to find out" - Kendall.

Trey’s cell phone rings. He answers it.

“Hello? Yeah this is Trey. Oh hi, you need me there? I’m on it. Bye” - Trey.

Trey puts his phone in his pocket.

“Who was that?” - Kendall.

“An executive at Montgomery & Associates. He wants to meet with me to outline goals for Jackson while he’s way. I better get going”

“Okay then Trey, it was great talking with you” - Kendall.

“You two. Tell Zach and the boys I said hi” - Trey.

“Sure thing” - Kendall

Kendall and Trey hugged, then Kendall opened the door for Trey as he left waving goodbye to her, Kendall did the same.


On the outside of Cortlandt Electronics Enterprises, a limo pulls up in the main entrance, the limo driver gets out and opens the door. JR and Scott Chandler step out and tip the limo driver.

“Thanks for driving us up here. We’ll call you up when we’re done” - Scott.

“And keep the tip, you deserve it” - JR.

“Thank you sirs” - Limo driver.

Scott and JR head into the building and walk to the elevator. They step inside as the receptionist tries to say something to them but the elevator doors closes.

“Was the receptionists trying to say something to us JR?” - Scott.

“Sorry, didn’t pay attention but hey, you and me own Cortlandt Electronics now” - JR.

“We sure do and it was for Palmer Cortlandt. He wouldn’t like that his newphew Caleb Cooney sold it to us” - Scott.

“More like roling in his grave right now. Palmer would be livid right now if he was alive, seeing The Chandler‘s take over the company he built” - JR.

“Would Uncle Adam be proud of us?” - Scott.

“Of course of would Scott. He may not be here with us now, that he’s with Brooke somewhere, but Adam would be proud of us Scott. Remember that”

The elevator stops and the doors open. Scott and JR walk out of the elevator and head to their office. JR opens the door for Scott as the two walk inside.

“All of this is our’s Scott, I can take over Chandler while you take over…..” - JR.

JR stops talking as he and Scott are in the office but see three people standing behind their desks.

“What the…..?” - Scott.

The three men are Caleb Cooney, Ross Chandler (Palmer's son) and Andrew Preston Cortlandt (Palmer's adopted son)!

“Ross? Andrew? Caleb. What are you guys doing in our offices?” - JR.

“Ha ha ha. Funny how you ask Junior. But don’t you mean, what are you guys doing in our offices in OUR company?” - Caleb.

“You guys are wrong. This is our company, The Chandler’s own it Caleb. Remember, you SOLD it to us” - Scott.

“Not so fast Scotty boy. You and JR don’t own it, we do!” - Andrew.

“What are you talking about!? What the hell is going on around here!?” - JR.

“We’ll explain JR. You see, as the both of you know, Caleb selled it to The Chandler’s a few weeks ago, like you said but we’ve used our influence to have all the banks refuse loans to the Chandler’s so they so guys wouldn’t be unable to buy the company back” - Ross.

Scott and JR are just livid and can’t believe it.

“You guys are way out of line doing this. How would Palmer feel knowing , if he was alive” - Scott.

“Scott, don’t you dare bring our father into this conversation! You have the nerve after what you’ve done! Remember?” - Andrew.

Scott has a panic look on his face, afraid that the truth will come out. JR looks at him.

“Scott? You okay? Something wrong? What’s he talking about?” - JR.

“Uh…no, look JR maybe we should go” - Scott

“Listen to your cousin JR. The two of you need to leave and never come back or we can call security to throw you out” - Caleb.

Scott leaves and so does JR, but he turns around and looks back at Andrew, Caleb, and Ross.

“This isn’t over” - JR

JR leaves the office. Ross, Andrew and Caleb smile and have a drink of wine. They toast to a portrait of Palmer Cortlandt.

"To you dad" - Ross.


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It's nice to see Andrew, Trey, and Ross back in the AMC fold, they could be great characters.

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AMC needs to bring Sam Page back as Trey! I want to see Kendall interacting with her brother again! Good to see him in your fan-fic ;-)

Love Caleb, Andrew, and Ross taking charge and annoucning it's their company, love all of the business dramas, I'm sure a lot is in store. i love business stories on soaps. loved the ending with Ross toasting to Palmer!

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