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All My Children - The Future Episode 6




AtThe Boutique, there are customers doing their shopping. Kelly Cole Tyler, the daughter of Mrytle Fargate, the new owner and operator of The Boutique , is helping out employers with what to do. She see’s Bianca Montgomery coming in.

“Bianca? My goodness you have grown so much since the last time I saw you.” - Kelly.

“I can’t believe that you’re still around Kelly. Keeping this place in honor of Mrytle”- Bianca.

“It’s what she would want me to do. This town has never been the same since she passed away” - Kelly.

“Mrytle was like a grandmother to me, Kendall, and Josh” - Bianca.

“Anyway, how have you been lately? Your mother has told me everything and I have to say that you‘re truly a strong women just like you mom” - Kelly.

“I get that every time when someone talks to me. How have you been since coming back to Pine Valley?” - Bianca.

“It’s almost been refreshing seeing all new and old faces including yourself” - Kelly.

“How’s Lincon, is he back as a doctor at Pine Valley Hospital?” - Bianca.

“Nope, he’s retired. Now these days he spends time volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity Center” - Kelly

“That’s good. That’ll keep him more active” - Bianca.

“How are your children?” - Kelly.

“My kids are great. Miranda and Gabby are enjoying their time here. They’ve been so wonderful now that they’re with me and Reese. Would you like to see a picture of them?” - Bianca.

“Yes. Most defiantly!” - Kelly.

Bianca pulls out a pic of her, Resse , Gabby , and Miranda. She shows it to Kelly.

“Isn’t that cute seeing the four you together” - Kelly.

“I know. These three are my life, including my mother, uncle Jack, Kendall, and others” - Bianca.

“It’s great that you are taking control of your life right now. You’ve made many people see the progress in you” - Kelly.

“But you know that making progress isn’t easy” - Bianca.

The doors of The Boutique open and Lincon Tyler comes in and see’s Bianca.

“Hello sweetheart and is this the daughter that Erica has told me so much about lately?” - Lincon.

“Yes uncle Charles, im all grown up” - Bianca.

She and Charles hug.

“What are you up to these days?” - Charles.

“Im just balancing my life with kids, wife family and work but anyway I have to get going. It was great seeing the two of you again” - Bianca.

She leaves as Kelly and Lincon discuss what’s been going on recently.


In The Slater House (32 Pine Circle), the door opens as Zach, Kendall, Spike and Ian come in with their bags, suitcases, etc with great smiles on their faces that they are now back in Pine Valley.

“Okay boys, were home!” - Zach.

“Are you guys excited!?” - Kendall.

“Yeah momma, everything in our house is back in order” - Spike.

“Can we go to our rooms and play?” - Ian.

“Sure you can, but take your bags with you and get settled. Okay?” - Zach.

The boys nod their heads and run upstairs to their rooms. Zach and Kendall put the bags down and sit on their nice and comfy couch. Kendall rest her head on Zach’s shoulder.

“Ah Zach, I can’t believe that we’re finally home, here in Pine Valley” - Zach.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” - Zach.

“Of course it does. We’ve missed everyone that has mattered to us, friends and family”- Kendall.

“Yeah. So, Kendall, what big plans do you have in store?” - Zach.

“Well for one, I’m going back to work at Fusion alongside with Greenlee. You know that the both of us have work together and also get our friendly relationship back on track” - Kendall

“Good luck, because you know it ain’t gonna be easy since Greenlee knew that you ran her off the road. Remember?” - Zach.

“Right, but I know that Greenlee will forgive me, she’s just upset and needs time to figure it out. What about you Zach? What’s your agenda?” - Kendall.

“I bought back the Seasons East Casinos from Ryan and better yet I now own half of Cambias Industries with him. So me and Ryan are now working together” - Zach.

Kendall is stunned after what Zach just said.

“You and Ryan working together at Cambias Industries? That’s a first. You think that can actually work?” - Kendall.

“Of course. Look, me and Ryan had our differences when we were fighting over who loved you better. That was the past and this is now, everything will work out find” - Zach.

“That’s good to hear. I just hope that we can be able to be there for the boys” - Kendall.

“Sure we can. The boys know that you and I are there for them everyday” - Zach.

“It’s like they’ve grown since the first day. Maybe they’ll be like there father, a great match who can set a perfect example, my husband” - Kendall.

“It’s not going to be easy thought. Now that were back in Pine Valley, there’ll be some ups and downs” - Zach

“But we can take whatever comes our way, you know why, because were Zendall, one of the primary focuses of this town, the best power players that no one can mess with” - Kendall.

“Wow, you sound so serious and confident about all of that. Us, the power couple?” - Zach.

“Yeah, after everything that was thrown at us, we worked it out. All that time being away from here got us back into perspective” - Kendall.

“Nothing’s sexier when we argue and bicker, except, well, when we enjoy make-up sex” - Zach.

“You got that right” - Kendall.

She laughs as Zach gets up from the couch and goes over to bottle and whine cellar section and gets Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2010. He opens it and pours two glasses for him and Kendall. He goes back to the couch, sits down and gives Kendall her glass.

“To a new life in Pine Valley, where we’ll conquer and get through anything” - Zach.

“To us, Zendell” - Kendall.

Zach and Kendall drink. Then Kendall whispers something in Zach’s ears and smiles. Zach and Kendall bring their drinks to the bedroom. Kendall and Zach are in the bedroom and the two kiss passionately as Zach closes the door.


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Lol, the Zendall part was cute, good to read them as happy! Not familiar with Lincoln or Kelly, but they are nice additions and i liked their interactions with Bianca. Goo that Bianca & Reese are still together smile.gif

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