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SPOILERS All My Children The Future for Week of August 9



Monday, August 9th

Bianca Montgomey and Kelly Tyler talk at The Boutique

Zach, Kendall, Ian, and Spike return to Pine Valley

Tuesday, August 10th

Trey Kenyon aka Ben Shepherd comes back to PV. He visits Kendall.

Ross Chandler and Andrew Preston Cortlandt are back and buys Cortlandt Electronics Enterprises from The Chandlers

Wednesday, August 11th

Marian detects something wrong in Liza when Colby and Damon visit

Adrian Sword, Charlie Brent, Tim Dilion and Jamie Martin join Martin and Hubbard Investigations

Thursday, August 12th

Petey visits his mother Opal, Tad, Kathy and Kate.

Nina, Cliff and Michael move into the brand new Cortlandt Manor

Friday, August 13th

Kendall and Greenlee meet face to face at Fusion officies

Cliff Warner and Angie Hubbard expose David at a meeting with the board of directors at Pine Valley Hospital about the ownership


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