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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
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AtMartin and Hubbard Private Investigations, Jesse and Tad are in their office setting up files, researching new recruits for the PI business.

“Hey Tad, how’s it coming so far?” - Jesse.

“Coming good. Since Aidan’s joining us, we got two more people that will become apart of our work place” - Tad.

“That’s great news. The more people, the better. Speaking of Aidan, isn’t he supposed to be here?” - Jesse.

“He should be. I called him up and told Aidan to come so he can meet our new teammate” - Tad.

“You mean the girl. What’s her name again?” - Jesse.

The phone rings as Tad gets it.

“Hello? Yeah Gloria? He’s here? Good. Send him in” - Tad.

Tad hangs up the phone and someone opens the door. It’s Aidan Devane.

“Aidan!? You out of the slammer all of the sudden? Welcome back man” - Jesse.

Jesse and Aidan hug.

“Good to see that you’re still one piece mate. So you and Tad called me here so I can get started?” - Aidan.

“Yeah. We got your team office set up so that you and your partner can work together, just like we do” - Tad.

“Team partner? Who is he?” - Aidan.

“Don’t you mean who is she?” - Jesse.

The door opens and it’s Kat! Aidan is stunned as Jesse and Tad smile.

“Kat?” - Aidan.

“Aidan?” - Kat.

“Hey Kat, welcome. It seems by the looks of things, you and Aidan know each other pretty well” - Jesse.

“It’s a long story but we do each other. You’re Jesse and Tad right?” - Kat.

“Yep and you are now apart of in our views, the greatest detectives in the world. Aidan will be you’re new partner. We’ve set up your new office for the both of you” - Tad.

“So when’s our first case?” - Kat.

“Our first case is in a few days but we’ll keep ya posted” - Jesse.

“In meantime the both of you get settled because we got a lot of work to do for our first case” - Tad.

“Will do Tad and Jesse, thanks” - Aidan.

Aidan and Kate leave Tad and Jesse’s office as the two head into their own with Kat closing the door.

“So Kat, um…..how’ve you been lately?” - Aidan.

“I’ve been good since what happened between you and Kendall” - Kat.

“I didn’t want to put you in any danger, it was just that I had more feelings for Kendall but in a bad way” - Aidan.

“You don’t have to explain. I get it and understand. After the whole thing, Zach offered me a job and everything but I just wanted to take things one at a time” - Kat.

“As you may or may not know, I was in jail until I was let out. So now that it’s all over, im ready to began life anew” - Aidan.

“Well I was wondering if you can give us another chance Aidan. It felt like we were never really a couple. The both of us have strong feelings for each other, you can’t deny it” - Kat.

“You’re right and I think we should go for it but take it one step at a time” - Aidan.

“Then let’s do it” - Kat.

The two put their things aside as they come closer to each other and share a passionate kiss.


Angie Hubbard is at the Pine Valley Hospital checking a patient in his room. She leaves the room and heads to her office but she’s a familiar person.

“Cliff Warner?” - Angie.

The camera turns around and it is Cliff Warner!

“Angela Baxter Hubbard. You still look younger everyday now don’t’ you?” - Cliff.

Cliff and Angie hug.

“It’s been awhile since you’ve been in this town. Are you visiting anyone?” - Angie.

“Lets just say that me and Nina are staying in Pine Valley for a very long time” - Cliff.

“That’s great news! And speaking of Nina, how is she doing?” - Angie.

“She’s doing well. Nina’s all excited for our return to this town” - Cliff.

“Are you working here at the hospital now? If you are, I can always accept you back in” - Cliff.

“Yes I am Angie, as a surgeon. Just like it was back in the old days but that’s not only why im here. I need to talk to you about something that doesn’t involve just yourself but also David Hayward and this hospital” - Cliff.

“What could it be?” - Angie.

“First, is David here today? I heard that he‘s the executive director, the owner of Pine Valley Hospital ” - Cliff.

“No, he has the day off spending time with his lovely wife Greenlee while patients in this hospital are in need of help or even dying” - Angie.

“This guy’s a real pain in the you know what isn’t he?” - Cliff.

“You can say that” - Angie.

“Can we talk in your office?” - Cliff.

“Yes. Follow me” - Angie.

Cliff follows Angie to her office. Angie opens the door as Cliff walks inside and sits in a chair. She closes the door behind him and sits at her desk.

“So tell me Cliff, what is it you’re about to discuss?” - Angie.

“When David bought the hospital on May 6th, 2010, reading about it on the internet and taking a look at the guy, I knew he was shady as ever. So after that I hired a couple of P.I.’s to look into the ownership and they came back to me with information proving that David doesn’t own the hospital” - Cliff.

“David doesn’t own the hospital? I should of know!” - Angie.

“You are the sole owner and Chief Of Staff of Pine Valley Hospital” - Cliff.

“But how is that possible Cliff?” - Angie.

“Your mother Pam and Joe Martin” - Cliff.

“What about Joe and my mom?” - Angie.

“You didn’t know this but knowing that one day you would be Chief Of Staff of the hospital, the two of them set up a trust fund called “Angie Hubbard Trust”. Once David knew about it, he did everything in his power to get rid of it but to no avail, He did get the first trust fund but what David didn't know was that Joe and Pam setted up a second trust fund for you just incase people like David, got the wrongs hands on it.” - Cliff.

Angie can’t believe it as she gets up and looks out the window.

“So for all this time David thought he would get away from it all. I am the owner of this hospital! - Angie.

Angie turns around and looks at Cliff with face of anger.

“I think it’s time that David gets a taste of his own medicine” - Angie.

“I like the way you think. Have a plan in mind Angie?” - Cliff.

“Next week on Monday , im going to schedule a meeting with the board of directors including David and we will reveal that he’s no longer the executive director owner of this hospital anymore. I want you there with me Cliff. Lets settle this thing once and for all.” - Cliff.

“I say that’s an excellent idea. David wont know what hit him. I have to get back to Nina, she’s waiting for me at the Valley Inn where we are staying. It was great talking to you Angela. Tell Jesse, Frankie and the rest I said hi” - Cliff.

“I will” - Angie.

The two hugged as Cliff left Angie’s office. Angie walked over to her desk and sat down on her chair and smiled, getting back to work.


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I thought Aidan and Kat had so much chem last year before Aidan left, glad you continued on with that and brought Kat back!

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