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At Krystal's , Krystal is talking to a employee to help more customers. The employee nods and leaves to do it. Krystal turns around and bumps into someone.

“Oh im so sorry….Petey Cortlandt!?” - Krystal.

The person is non other thanPetey Cortlandt himself!

“Pete it’s so good to see you again!” - Krystal.

“I know Krystal, i’ve only been gone for a couple of months you know. I’ve heard that this is your new restaurant” - Pete.

“That’s right Pete, welcome to Krystal's. I bought this place as it was previously owned by Bonnie Jeans” - Krystal.

“That’s great but what happen to The Comeback?” - Pete.

“I gave it away to someone else that can take good care of it. I love The Comeback but it was time for a change, so this is my newest so called creation” - Krystal.

“Right, at least you have something like this to always manage so well” - Pete.

“Does your mom, Tad, or anyone else know that you’re here? Also, how long are you staying?” - Krystal.

“My mom, Tad and no one else know that im here. It’s a surprise so don’t tell anyone okay Krystal?” - Pete.

“I will not say a word to no one. How long are you staying?” - Krystal.

“Until the day I die. I’m not just gonna stay and go. I’ll be in this town for a long time. It’s what my father, Palmer Cortland would want me to do” - Pete.

“Just like your old man. Anyway, I better get going. Kathy and Jenny are waiting for me at school. It was great seeing you Pete” - Krystal.

“Great seeing you too Krystal. Give those two Kathy and Kate my love” - Pete.

Krystal nods and leaves. Pete looks around the place and smiles saying to himself

‘It feels good to be here in Pine Valley’.

Pete sits at a table and takes out his cell phone and browse through all the photos of himself and his dad.


Pete looks up and it’s Colby and Damon! Pete’s face lit’s up.

“Colby!?” - Pete.

Pete gets up as he and Colby hug each other.

“Wow Pete, I cant believe that you’re back in the flesh! How come you didn’t call me or let anyone else know!?” - Colby.

“I want to keep this a secret. Only you and Krystal know this” - Pete

“I wont say a word Pete” - Colby.

“Who’s this guy?” - Pete.

“Im Damon Miller….I mean Damon Martin”- Damon.

He and Pete shake hands.

“Martin? Wait, are you Tad’s son?” - Pete.

“Yep. Full blooded Martin right here. It’s a long story but to cut it short, my mom Hillary and Tad were once ex lovers but you know the rest” - Damon.

“Where you heading to? Me and Damon were about to stop here and get a bite to eat” - Colby.

“To Tad’s house. Im about to surprise them when I get there” - Pete

“Would you like to join us Pete?” - Damon.

“Sure, I can wait. It’s on me” - Pete.

The three sit at the table as a waiter comes by.


In Tim’s new house, The Dillon House at 312 Pine Street, he starts walking around the living room, reminiscing about all the old memories of himself, Amanda, Janet and Trevor.

“It feels like home already” - Tim

The door bell rings as he gets it. Tim opens the door and it’s Amanda, Tad, Opal, JR, and Bianca.

“Hey guys! Welcome to my humble abode! It so good to see you all here.” - Tim.

“Welcome home kiddo. You grew a few ages didn’t ya!?” - Tad.

“Very funny Tad” - Tim.

The two men shake hands and hug.

“Isn’t this lovely to see you all grown up Tim. Come here sugar and give me a hug” - Opal.

Tim and Opal hug.

“It’s good to see you hanging in there. Sorry about Palmer. He’s truly one of the greats” - Tim.

“Thank you Tim. PC will always remain in my heart” - Opal.

“Don’t forget about me buddy” - JR.

The two men hug.

“How have you been since your moms death?” - Tim.

“It’s been hard but im hanging in there as well” - JR.

Tim see’s Bianca and gives her a kiss on the cheek and hug.

“It’s been a long time Bianca” - Tim.

“I know, welcome back” - Bianca.

“So, it seems that you got the place nearly settled. Were here to help out” - Tad.

“Yeah, you, me and JR can help move the furniture while Bianca, Amanda and Opal can help with the kitchen”- Tim.

“Uh Tim….can I talk to you for a second?” - Amanda.

“Okay. The rest of you can get started. Tad, JR, go on without me but I’ll help when im done with Amanda” - Tim.

The rest of them does their thing while Amanda and Tim sit down on the couch to talk.

“So what’s up sis?” - Tim.

“Well, since you’ve been gone, things were hard for me. After I was checked into a sanitarium, it felt like I was alone in the world after dad died” - Amanda.

“Thanks to Janet” - Tim.

“That’s what I also wanted to talk to you about. A few months ago I decided to go back to work and becomes Fusion's campaign model. I also had many fans including this one called Amandafan. I thought it was Jake, but I found out later that it wasn’t him. Amandafan is a stalker after they steal my wedding ring, but send it back, and the e-mails start becoming more and more obsessive. Even having Natalia as my bodyguard wouldn’t stop it” - Amanda.

“Who in the world stalk you Amanda?” - Tim.

“My stalker was revealed to be none other than mom” -Amanda.

Tim can’t believe it and is livid.

“You’re kidding me! Janet was the one responsible for all this!? She stalked

You!?” - Tim.

“Calm down Tim. Yes, she did stalk me” - Amanda.

“Did she hurt you, drugged you?” - Tim.

“She drugs Natalia and ties me up , and tries to shoot Jake, as well. I get the upper hand, though, and stops her. A stray bullet is shot off, which hits Natalia, but doesn't hurt her too badly. Jake comes back and manages to subdue mom before calling the police. Mom tries to explain herself to me but I just refuse to understand how she can hurt people. While I was in the hospital, trying to walk away from mom, I told mom that I don’t want nothing more to do with her. However, mom said that im just like her” - Amanda.

“That’s a bunch of BS from Janet because she has no clue to the woman you are today. I’m so sorry that you had put up to that. I should have been there for you more often. ” - Tim.

“Don’t blame yourself Tim. I’ve just about had it with mom but I still care and love her” - Amanda.

“I’m done with Janet. She’s dead to me” - Tim.

“Do you really mean that?” - Amanda.

“Of course I do. Janet is responsible for all the havoc that she’s created. Im surprised that someone of her caliber isn’t in jail where she belongs!” - Amanda.

“Tim, I know your upset and you every right to be but if you want, you can visit her at Oakhaven where she’s at right now getting treated” - Amanda.

“I don’t even wanna look at her. But I can say this, im proud of you sis. You’re a beautiful daughter, wife, and mother. Dad would be so proud of us” - Tim.

“He would. Thanks, I needed someone to talk to. Love you Tim” - Amanda.

“Love you sis” - Tim. The two give each other a hug.


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Ooo Petey's back and doesn't look like he lies Damon very much, naturally ;-). And good for Amanda for confiding in Tim, hopefully she moves on from Janet now, unless she shows up again lol.

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