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In the bedroom of the sexy hot couple, JR and Annie Chandler, at the Chandler Mansion(300 River Road), wake up after their romantic love making last night.

Annie kisses JR on the cheek, he kisses her lips.

"Mmmmm....good mourning honey. Wasn't that was delicious last night wasn't it JR?" - Annie.

"I know and it's all because I love you, my sexy wife. I can't believe we've been hiding and fighting these feelings since you were here Annie. Me, you, and AJ will make a great family" - JR.

"I hope so JR, I mean, lord knows I haven't been the mother of the year all the time" - Annie.

"So what? It doesn't matter if you're perfect or not, life isn't perfect. We make our mistakes but in the end, we show our responsibility" - JR.

"It's just that with Emma and all. It's just so hard" - Annie.

"Yeah, but you and me can do this thing together. I’m ready if you are. You're AJ's legal mother" - JR.

"You know what, you're right. I can do this. I love you so much JR" - Annie.

"Love you too sexy thang" - JR

The two kiss passionately and let go.

"You know JR, I’m starting to wonder about Scott and Marissa. I wonder how they've doing." - Annie.

"Why?" - JR.

"It's just that I feel Scott and Marissa, as a married couple, they deserve each other. Scott mostly cares about Marissa more than you did. Am I right?" - Annie.

"Both of us cared about Marissa a lot when she came to town. But when we were together we started to understand each other. Marissa was my comfort zone but now were friends. You and me are not only madly in love but were soul mates, and committed to one another” - JR.

“Thanks for saying that. I really needed it. It’s the same thing for Scott, when we first met, it was like Scott was all kind and stuff but he just wasn’t my type. There’s only one man in my life JR and it’s you, only you” - Annie.

They kiss some more and let go.

“Where’s AJ?” - Annie.

“He’s with Scott and Marissa right now but how about you and me head into the shower and finish this off?” - JR.

“Let’s do it” - Annie.

Annie gets up, in her full naked body, so does JR and the two head into the bathroom as JR closes the door behind him. Annie turns on the shower and steps inside. She signals for JR to come in. JR walks in as Annie closes the shower door as the two go at it. They make loud moans with their never ending passionate love making.


At 400 Lake Drive, Jake, Amanda, and Trevor are sitting at the dinner table in the kitchen as they begin to enjoy dinner.

“Mmmmm….this smells good babe. What did you cook?” - Jake.

“Chicken, Cesar salad , macaroni and cheese” - Amanda.

Jake and Trevor take a bite.

“This is delicious mommy. You’re such a good cook” - Trevor

“Why thank you sweetie, that’s very nice of you to say that”- Amanda.

“And may I add to that the greatest cook of them all” - Jake.

“Oh come on now Jake, don’t try to spoil me” - Amanda.

The door bell rings as Amanda gets up and answers it. She opens the door and it’s her brother…Timothy "Tim" Hunter Dillon!

“Tim! Oh my god! It’s really you!?” - Amanda.

“In the flesh little sis, give me a hug!” - Tim.

Amanda and Tim hug each other and Tim comes inside with his bags as Amanda closes the door.

“Little Timmy! Is that you!?” - Jake.

“It’s Tim not little Tim Jake, but it’s good to see you” - Tim

Jake and Tim shake hands as Tim see’s Trevor.

“And well who is this little fellow? Is this my nephew?”- Tim.

“Yeah, my name is Trevor. Who are you?”- Trevor.

“Trevor right? I’m your uncle, Tim” - Tim.

Tim and Trevor hug and Tim kisses him on the cheek and sits him back down.

“Were having dinner. Chicken, Cesar salad Macaroni and cheese, you up for it?” - Amanda.

“Sure! I’ll dig in!” - Tim.

Tim sits down and Amanda puts the food on his plate then she hands it to him.

“So Tim, how long are you staying in Pine Valley?” - Jake.

“I’m glad to say for a long time Jake because it’s time that I let this town know that Tim Dillon will make an impact!” - Tim.

“That’s great news Tim! It’ll be great having you here but will you be staying with us tonight?” - Amanda.

“Yeah, I can stay for tonight because tomorrow I’m moving into my new place” - Tim.

“New place?” - Jake.

“Yep. The Dillon House at 312 Pine Street” - Tim.

“Our old house! I haven’t been there in ages!” - Amanda.

“I know. I’ll need some help getting all the stuff in, do you guys mind?” - Tim.

“I have my day off tomorrow so I’ll help you our Tim” - Amanda.

“Tomorrow I have to be at the hospital but you two have fun”- Jake.

“Tim, you and me have a lot of catching up to do” - Amanda.

“You bet Amanda!” - Tim.

Amanda, Trevor, Tim, and Jake all eat and enjoy dinner.


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Love JR and Annie, so glad you have them together, as they should be wub.gif good that JR and Marissa are still friends, and I'm glad both JR and Scott admitted that they weren't really in love with Marissa or Scott. Maybe they were, but they were not meant to be.

Good to see Tim back, wonder what he will do next in PV.

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