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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Tad Martin is in his car as he is driving down the freeway. He stops at the Stateside Correctional Facility as his cell phone rings. Tad picks it up and answers it.

"Hello?" - Tad.

"Hey Tad, it’s Jesse" - Jesse.

"Oh hey man, how are you liking it at Martin and Hubbard Private Investigations?" - Tad.

"It's great now that you and me own the place. Im just here getting everything settled and ready. How about you?" - Jesse.

"Im at the Stateside Correctional Facility right now" - Tad.

"Stateside Correctional Facility? Don’t tell me that you're in trouble Tad" - Jesse.

"Ha! Im not Jesse. Let's just say that I’m here to pick up an old friend of mine.

Speaking of an old friend, here he comes now" - Tad.

"Who is it Thaddeus James Martin?" - Jesse.

"You'll find out when I bring him to our business. And let's just say that he's our new partner in crime. Talk to you later" - Tad

"Bye Tad" - Jesse.

Tad hangs up his phone and puts it in his pocket. He see's someone coming out and smiles...it's Aidan Devane! Tad opens the door for him as Aiden gets inside and closes the door. Tad starts the car as he drives.

"Welcome back Mr. Devane. Long time no see" - Tad

Tad shakes Aidan's hand.

"Like always old mate. It just feels so good to get out of that hell hole they call a facility" - Aidan.

"Couldn't agree more buddy. I just hope that you learned your lesson" - Tad.

"I have Tad. If I saw Kendell and Zach, I would of apologize to the both of them for what happened. I didn't mean to kidnap Kendall and take her hostage, I was just going so downhill inside since Greenlee's death and all" - Aidan.

"Well Aidan, you're going to be shocked when I say this, Greenlee's alive" - Tad.

Aidan looks at Tad with a blank face.

"You're kidding. She really is?" - Aidan.

"Yep....and married to David Hayward" - Tad.

"David? Why?" - Aidan.

"It's a long story, i'll tell you the whole thing later. First, I’m taking you to Martin and Hubbard Private Investigations, our new business" - Tad.

"Martin and Hubbard Private Investigations? You and Jesse? Well i'll be damned" - Aidan.

He smiles at Tad.

"You can say that again. Things are about to get more interesting around here" - Tad

In a couple of hours, Tad and Aidan stop at the P.I. business and go inside.


At Oakhaven Hospital, Liza is walking down the hallways and into the patients room where she see's Dr. Maggie Stone.

"Oh hey Liza, how are you?" - Maggie

"I’m good Maggie, how about yourself?" - Liza

"Great, and I’m so glad you're here. I have great news, today is the day your mother, Marian is leaving " - Maggie.

Liza's face lits up.

"Really? This has to be a joke or something, my mother is leaving today?" - Liza.

Maggie nods her heard.

"Yes she is. Maria has made great improvement in the last couple of months. I know how hard it's been for her since Stuart's death but overcame it" - Maggie

"Thank you so much Maggie, I don't know how to repay you. Can you show me where my mother is?" - Liza.

"Sure, follow me" - Maggie.

Liza follows Maggie and the both of them see Marian's room. Suddenly the door opens and out comes Marian Chandler looking good as ever in a sexy black dress. Liza and Maria give each other a big hug.

"Oh Liza it so good to see you again my daughter!" - Marian.

"Likewise Mother, likewise" - Liza.

"You and I have so much to talk about my dear, how's Colby doing?" - Marian.

"She's doing great mother. Colby can't wait to see you" - Liza.

"Well we should be going but Maggie, I would like to thank you for helping me get better and all. If it wasn't for you, none of this would never work. Thank You so much" - Marian.

She and Maggie hug.

"Don't thank me Marian, thank Stuart. He may not have been there with you in person but in spirit for you to be able to move on in your life" - Maggie.

"Me and my mother are leaving. Thanks Maggie and take care" - Liza.

"Yes, and come by and visit me and Liza" - Maria.

"I sure will, see you guys later" - Maggie.

Marian and Liza leave Oak Haven Hospital as Marian says something.

"Let's paint the town of Pine Valley Red shall we darling!?" - Marian

"That's you mother. Expect the unexpected." - Liza

Both laugh out loud as the two leave Oak Haven and go to the parking lot to Liza’s car. She unlocks it as Liza and Marian get it. Liza starts the car and drives.

“So mother, do you want me to drop you off at The Chandler Mansion or do you want to stay with me for the next few days to get settled?” - Liza.

“I’ll be staying at your place for the next days. I’ll contact the chandler residence to let them know about it” - Marian.

“That sounds good. A lot has changed so I’ll tell you everything” - Liza.

Liza tells Marian about what’s been going on in Pine Valley since she’s been gone.


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So glad Marian and Aidan are back! I thought Aidan knew Greenlee was alive already? Great to see him back though. This is perfect. Jessie, Tad and Aidan all owning a PI business together! smile.gif

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I like how you changed the format of your episodes a bit. :) I like it like this.

I love that you use the older characters and give them stories that aren't totally lame. I hate when soaps rarely use classic characters and then waste them on terrible stories.

Good job. :)

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