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The scene opens in the town of Pine Valley where everyone is enjoying their day so far. There's a building and it's called Martin and Hubbard Private Investigations as Tad Martin is in his office on his computer working until he gets a knock on the door.

“Come in!” -Tad. The door opens and it’s his secretary,Gloria Marsh.

“Hey Tad, is this a bad time? Someone’s here to see you, his name is Jesse Hubbard?” - Gloria.

Tad smiles.

“Bring him in Gloria, I’ve been waiting for him. And Gloria, let me ask you, how are you liking your new job here?” - Tad.

“I love it Tad, thanks for giving me this opportunity” - Gloria.

“No problem” - Tad.

Then Jesse comes in as Gloria closes the door behind him. Tad gets up and the two hug.

“Welcome Jesse, it’s going to be great having you and me working together now that you’ve resigned as Chief Of Police” - Tad.

“Yeah, and I did love being in charge of everything but it just got the best of me. I need to focus on my marriage with Angie and most importantly my family” - Jesse.

“Amen to that. Who’s taking your place?” - Tad.

“I’m not sure but I’ve heard that it will be two people. Natalya will let us know” - Jesse.

"Anyway, we got our first case coming up in a couple of weeks" - Tad.

"Do you know what it is?" - Jesse.

"I can't tell you Jesse. It's a secret" - Tad.

"Come on now Thaddeus. You can't give me a hint?" - Jesse.

"Well it'll revolve around one person that mattered to most to me who was killed years ago" - Tad.

He walks to his desk and holds a picture of Dixie, the true love of his life.


At the Pine Valley Police Department there’s a podium in front of the Chief Of Police’s office as police officers, people, and reporters wait for an announcement. Detectives Natalya Hubbard and Brot Monroe wait as well.

“Man Natalya, the suspense is killing me. Do you know who the new Chief Of Police is?” - Brot.

“Why are you asking me Brot? It’s not like I know anything” - Natalya.

“Come on, can you just give me a hint?” - Brot.

“There’s two Chiefs Of Police here in Pine Valley, and you may know them” - Natalya.

Mayor Iris Blanco comes out of the office and approaches the podium as everyone quiets down.

“Good mourning everyone. A few days ago, former Chief Of Police Jesse Hubbard resigned from his post. I myself and we here at the PVPD gives Jesse the best in his future projects. Today , I’ll announce the brand new commissioners that will take over. These two have been Chief Of Police before and have made great process in making sure Pine Valley is safe. So without any further things, let me bring you the Chief Of Police and Deputy Chief Of Police, Derek Frye and Anna Devane!” - Blanco.

Everyone is in shock and awe as Derek and Anna come out of the office.

“Derek Frye and Anna Devane!? I’m speechless and never saw this one coming!” - Brot.

“Tell me about it” - Natalya.

Derek gets near the podium as Anna stands behind him.

“It’s great to see everyone today as me and Anna would like to thank Mayor Iris Blancofor choosing us and Jesse Hubbard for his service to Pine Valley and what he’s done for the city. This is a brand new era, not for myself and Anna, but to Pine Valley. For too long the both of us have felt that it’s time to shake things up around here. I don’t want to waste everyone’s time so I’ll make this short so Anna can say her thing. A message to all, if you don’t like how things will be going with us, than that’s too bad and you can live with the consequences” - Derek

Derek steps aside as Anna approaches the podium to speak.

“For those who don’t know me, I’m Anna Devane, the new deputy Chief Of Police. I’ve been Chief Of Police in Pine Valley a few years ago and to be honest, it’s not an easy job. Me and Derek both know and expect that but with our experience in the past, we can overcome anything that gets our way. There are people here in Pine Valley who have gotten away with screwing the law, well I’m here to say, alongside with Derek, it won’t be happening around here. In closing, this will give me and Derek new opportunities on how to make Pine Valley more safer on the streets and all. Thank you” - Anna

Anna steps aside as May Iris Blanco gets near the podium to speak.

“Thank you to all the reporters, officers and everyone who made it today and have a wonderful day” - Blanco

The mayor, Derek, and Anna take a group picture, then they talk to reporters.

“This department will never be the same now with Anna and Derek in command” - Brot

“I know, these two are great and will show Pine Valley what they’re made of. I’ll call my dad and let him know” - Natalya

Natalya uses her cell phone to call Jesse while Brot talks to Anna and Derek.


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Great first episode! I'm glad Jessie resigned. JMO, but he needs to do the same thing on the real AMC, LOL! Making Anna and Derek Chiefs of Police was nice, will be interested in what they do next. Also like that you used Brot and Natalia. The Martin and Hubbard PI business is clever! I would much prefer Jessie and Tad, who are best friends, do that on the real AMC also. So far so good, looking forward to your next ep, ;-).

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I love the Martin and Hubbard PI. :)

So far I'm enjoying it. Hopefully I can catch up on the rest of the episodes soon :)

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