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All My Children - The Future Episode 9




In Tad's House (3420 Canyon Drive), Tad and Kathy are watching VH1 on television untill the doorbell rings.

“I’ll get it!” - Tad.

“No it’s okay Tad! I got this one” - Opal.

She comes downstairs after putting Jenny in bed and opens it, she almost starts to cry.

“Oh my…Petey Cortlandt come over here and give your momma a big hug!” - Opal.

The person is Petey Cortlandt, her son. The two give each other a big hug not letting go until Tad comes in and see’s her mom hugging his brother.

“Pete!” - Tad.

“Hey man, I can’t believe you’re here!” - Petey.

““You can’t believe I’m here? I can’t believe you’re here. ”

Thaddeus chuckled as he and his little brother hugged.

“Come on in, it’s been way too long. Mamma, close the door please” - Tad.

Opal closes the door as she, Tad and Pete go into the living room. Kathy notices Pete and runs towards him, giving Pete a hug.

“Uncle Pete!” - Kathy.

“Hi Kathy, man, the last time I saw you, you were just a little girl. You’ve grown a bit” - Pete.

“Well not that much” - Kathy.

Everyone laughs.

“Hey Kathy, go upstairs and get washed up for dinner. Make sure your homework is completed, because if not you need to finish it” - Tad.

Kathy nods and says goodbye to Petey, as she runs up the stairs to her room. Petey and Tad sit on the couch. Opal sits on the chair.

“So Petey, tell me, how was Switzerland?” - Opal.

“It was good but mom im sorry I couldn’t attend dad’s funeral, it was just too much for me to handle” - Petey.

“I can understand Pete, it’s no big deal, and even your father would understand” - Opal.

“That’s right Pete, Palmer always loved you but how did things go with that hot young lady of yours back over there?” - Tad.

“Well we broke it off, she just wasn’t my type” - Petey.

“That’s kind of harsh” - Tad.

“It was time for the both of us to move on. Anyway, I didn’t want to tell anyone about me being here. I wanted to surprise you guys” - Petey.

“You sure did gave me a surprise, me and Tad missed you so much” - Opal.

“I’ve missed you guys too” - Petey.

“And even your other brother Adrian Sword is coming back to Pine Valley” - Tad.

He smiles as Petey and Adrian are shocked.

“Ad…Adrian’s coming home Tad? Tell me this isn’t true” Opal.

“It is ma, he and Tina came back last night. They’re living at the 105 Garden Drive now. He’ll be apart of my PI business” - Tad.

“That’s great Tad! Great that you’re still in the PI business. I‘m staying here and not leaving anytime soon‘” - Petey.

Opal starts to shed a tear. She gets a tissue.

“Ma, don’t tell me that you’re still emotional” - Tad.

“Sorry but this is just wonderful, im gonna have all my sons with me in this town” - Opal.

“Yeah, so Pete where are you staying?” - Tad.

“At the new Cortlandt Manner where Ross is. I‘ll stay for dinner” - Pete.

Opal, Tad, Pete Kathy and Jenny have dinner and reminisce the old memories.


At the brand new Cortlandt Manor (564 White Oaks Drive), inside Cliff, Nina and there son Michael are bringing in their bags and everything else. Ross, Andrew, Caleb all welcome the three.

“Hey there! Welcome to our brand new home, the home you guys will be staying at” - Ross.

“Hi Ross, so good to see you again. You too Andrew” - Nina.

Ross, Andrew, Cliff, Nina and Micheal hug.

“Hey uh….uncle Ross, Andrew…who’s this guy?” - Micheal.

“I’m your cousin, Caleb Cooney at your service” - Caleb.

Cliff, Nina and Michael are stunned.

“You’re Palmer’s newphew? Caleb? My father told me stories about you. He was right about your history” - Nina.

“Yes, I was once a lawyer but then I suddenly got hoodwicked, bamboozled and robbed of everything” - Caleb.

“Who did all that Caleb….wait…Adam Chandler” - Cliff.

“That’s right. He also stolen my wife Sonia Reyes, ruining my law career. That‘s why I was living in Piegoen Hallow, West Virginia for all those years in the mountains but now im here ” - Caleb.

“It’s good that you’re here

“Well you’re still in one piece cuz. You plan on getting revenge against The Chandler’s for what they did to you Caleb” - Micheal.

“Let’s just say my nephew, we fired the first shot” - Andrew.

“That sounds good. What happened?” - Cliff.

“A few months ago, Caleb sold Cortlandt’s Electronics to someone because he felt at the time that he wasn’t ready to live up to our father’s wishes in the will. Caleb here sold it to JR and Scott Chandler, my cousin, which he didn’t know. He was conned” - Ross.

“And let me say it was a mistake. But on Tuesday, we got the company back” - Caleb.

“That’s wonderful news! I bet The Chandler’s were livid” - Nina.

“They were, heck, JR and Scotty boy’s mouths were off the floor! Even Scott had the nerve to mention that Palmer wouldn’t appreciate it after what he did!” - Andrew.

“Tell us…what did Scott do?” - Michael.

“He stole our father’s invention…nanotech” - Ross.

Nina, Cliff and Michael gasped.

“No way! Scott could of never done anything like this!” - Nina.

“It’s true Nina, he did do it, we were about to expose him but saved it for another day. Even JR doesn’t know about it” - Caleb.

“That little creep, even Stuart would be disappointed in him if he was alive to this day” - Cliff.

“It’s sad of what Scott has become now” - Micheal.

“Look, let’s not tell Scott anything until the time is right. What’s heard in this mansion, stays in the mansion. The only people who’ll say anything is me, Andrew, and Caleb” - Ross.

“We won’t say a word of this Ross. We’ll keep our moths shut and closed” - Cliff.

“Right, we trust that you’ll do the right thing” - Nina.

“You’re right guys for this” - Michael.

“Thanks Mike. Getting Cortlandt Electronics back from The Chandler’s was just the first step. This is just the beginning. Would anyone like to have a drink?” - Andrew.

He gets himself, Nina, Cliff, Mike, Ross and Caleb drinks of fresh wine. Andrew raises up his glass.

“I wanna make a toast. To our father Palmer Cortlandt, honorable, ruthless, wise and lovable. To palmer” - Andrew

Everyone raises their glass and drink.


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Great story, again loving all the character interactions. Chandler/Cortlandt feud is in full force!

LOL but what is Tad doing watching the Vh1 channel with Kathy?? LOL!!

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