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All My Children - The Future Episode 10



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee


At the offices of Fusion Cosmetics - (500 Front Street) Bianca’s there working on her laptop but then looks at a picture of her, Reese, Miranda and Gabby and smiles. Suddenly, the elevator door opens and Bianca gets up, it’s Kendall and the two embrace and hug.

“Kendall it’s you! You’re really back!” - Bianca.

“In the flesh. Good to see that my sister is still in one piecce” - Kendall.

“I know, ever since you left things have been almost out of control” - Bianca.

“Right, with Greenlee, David sabotaging our mother’s plane and all” - Kendall.

“With me back here at Fusion, things are going to settle down a bit” - Bianca.

“Just glad that you’re back. How’s Zach?” - Bianca.

“Zach’s good and so are Ian and Spike. Everything seems to be perfect for us so far but we got a long way to go” - Kendall.

“Me and Reese are still together and healed up our differences for what happened when Reese slept Zach” - Bianca.

“I hope that me and Greenlee can put aside everything we can work together and be friends” - Kendall

The elevator door opens and it’s Greenlee.

“Hey Bianca, do you…..” - Greenlee.

She see’s Kendall and the look on her face is full of anger.

“I’ll go” - Bianca.

Bianca leaves the Fusion Offices as it’s just Kendall and Greenlee.

“Hey Greenlee, it’s been a long time” - Kendall.

Greenlee just ignores her and sits at her desk working.

“Greenlee don’t ignore me, you know I’m here” - Kendall.


Greenlee stands up and gets in Kendall’s face.

“You know why I’m here Grenlee. One, to help you so we can bring Fusion back on top and two, build on a new relationship between me and you” - Kendall.

“That relationship was dead when you ran me off the road!” - Greenlee.

“Greenlee when are you gonna stop acting so mad and angry!?” - Kendall.

“Mad? Angry!?….How about pissed off!” - Greenlee.

“Are you even listening to yourself?” - Kendall.

Greenlee calms down and takes a few breather’s.

“Look…I’m sorry for going off on you like that…it’s just that things have been tough between me and David” - Greenlee.

“I can see that. Why haven’t you left him Greenlee?” - Kendall.

“Because me and David are a couple and we are in love with each other” - Greenlee.

“Oh please. I know you better than anyone else, you are MY friend. Tell me” - Kendall.

“Alright…..me and David were about to split and they single until….” - Greenlee.

“Until what Greenlee? Please say something” - Greenlee.

Greenlee sighs but tells Kendall the truth.

“David blackmailed me into staying with him because if I didn’t….then he would have evidence and proof that I was the one that caused your mother’s plane crash” - Greenlee.

“I don’t believe this, David doesn’t stop” - Kendall.

“Well you,Ryan and Zach can’t do anything about it?” - Greenlee.

“Uh yeah there is…..”- Kendall.

Greenlee listens in to Kendall’s idea.


At the Pine Valley Hospital - (620 Washington Avenue), in the conference meeting room, the board of directors, Angie, and David are sitting at a table.

“Okay then Angie, you can begin the meeting” - David.

“Uh…David…there’s someone else that’s joining us before we start” - Angie

The person that walks into the room is Cliff Warner. Angie smiles as David is confused.

“What’s he doing here Angie?” - David.

“David, I’m just here to take part in the meeting” - Cliff.

“You’re not on the board of directors Cliff Warner” - David.

“Let’s just get on with the meeting. I’m glad that everyone could make it here. Today we need to discuss the ownership of the hospital” - Angie.

“Wait….ownership of the hospital? I own it Angie!” - David.

“You do David? Cliff, do you mind telling David everything?” - Angie.

“Can someone tell me what the hell is going on!?” - David.

“With pleasure. David, you don’t own Pine Valley Hospital. You stoled it from Angie by using the trust fund. Remember?” - Cliff.

David is in panic mod and is nervous.

“Trust fund?” - Board member.

“Can someone explain this? It doesn’t make sense” - Board member.

“Sure, you see years ago Dr. Joe Martin and Dr. Hubbard’s mother Pat Baxter lset up, knowing that one day Angie Hubbard would make a fine Chief Of Staff. David found the trust fund, stoled all the money and that’s when he bough the hospital” - Cliff.

Everyone is shocked of what Ccliff

“Isn’t that right David?” - Angie.

“Face the music Hayward, you used it to get back at Angie” - Cliff.

“Okay! Yes, admitting it, I did use the trust fund to buy the hospital but I still own it damn it!” - David.

“Wrong david ! You don’t own it anymore, there was a second trust fund that my mother and Joe set up just in case someone like you would steal the first one and use it for your abuse of power” - Angie.

“So that means….?” - Board member.

“I used the second trust fund to buy the hospital from you David!” - Angie.

“Dr. Angie Hubbard is the sole owner and Chief Of Staff of Pine Valley Hospital!” - Cliff.

David is just shaking his head.

“No…no…no!” - David.

“It’s over David!” - Angie.

“Game over pal, that ship has just sailed!” - Cliff.

“This isn’t over Angie, it’s just the beginning!” - David.

“Oh really? Security!” - Angie.

Two security guard officers come into the room after Angie has called them.

“Can you two please take David Hayward outside the hospital? And make sure that he never comes back!” - Angie.

The two security officer guards grab David outside but David is just kicking and screaming like a little bitch. The board members in the room are appaled.

"This meeting is now ajourned. Thank you all for coming" - Angie.

They all leave as Angie and Cliff hug. She thanks him for everything.


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