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Episode#303: Death of a DiMera!




Episode#303: Death of a DiMera

-Steve and Kayla continue to talk as they walk around Bo’s bedroom, and they find the whole situation odd….but suddenly, Bo slowly wakes up, and asks whats going on!

-Jeremy tells Alexis that despite the irony of everything, he’s glad she’s alive. He slowly mutters that after this, though, he hopes they all can go their separate ways again….Jeremy stands up, and before staring at Alexis one last time, he leaves.

-Maggie and Mike continue to talk, and they see Jeremy leave, and he only says goodbye to Maggie! Mike says see, things are no different because of Alexis’s stabbing. Maggie says to just give it a little more time, and Mike looks at Alexis’s room, and he then wonders outloud who could have even done this to Alexis!

-The DiMera’s continue to cry and breakdown over the news of Peter’s death. Anna walks back in, and she looks at all of them, and walks over to Tony and Renee. She asks what happened, and Tony slowly says that Peter’s dead….and it must be his fault…he didn’t get him to the hospital in time…Anna and Renee both comfort him, and Crystal continues to watch them all, and she thinks to herself an innocent man is dead because of her, and now she’ll never get Arianna…everyone turns when Vivian walks in!

-Lexie tearfully walks into her office, only to see Stefano standing there! She hears him mutter how he’s so sorry this happened…and she begins to cry more. Stefano turns around at hearing her enter, and his eyes widen, and he asks her how Peter is…he asks if his son lived! She slowly says:

Lexie:I’m…I’m so sorry, father…but…but….Peter didn’t make it through the surgery…

Stefano:No…this can’t be true…there must be a mistake…..my son can’t be dead….NO!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Nicholas and Forrest are at the Alamain Mansion, and Forrest continues to rant and rave about his anger regarding Vivian taking over Alamain. He says he can’t believe he never saw this coming, and Nicholas snaps that he knows why, he’s a fool! Forrest yells that all they need is more fighting, so just shut up, but Nicholas argues that Forrest deserved this! Forrest says that if he’s a fool, Nicholas is a fool too, because he supported him until recently!

-Kayla rushes to Bo, and Bo asks what they’re doing here, and what happened. Kayla says they just got here and things have been….off. They were also wondering what happened, and Bo says that he came home, got a drink…and now he wakes up and they’re here! Kayla says that it looks like someone else has been here!

-Maggie says it is odd, but things like this happen so much in Salem! She asks if Alexis had any enemies, and Mike shakles his head, and says not from what he knew! Maggie and Mike continue to discuss the possibilities, but come up with nothing solid.

-Kristen tells Vivian to get out, she shouldn’t be here…all they need is her right now! As everyone continues to cry, Vivian says she’s as much of a DiMera as them, and Kate, Anna, and Billie are in here, so she should be! She asks what happened, and Renee slowly replies that Peter’s dead! Vivian gasps, and remembers how she set Peter up to be killed!

-Lexie comforts Stefano, and he tells her he can’t believe this, it just can’t be true! Lexie says she’s so sorry, she tried to save him, she really did! Stefano tells her he knows she did, and thinks to himself its his fault for hiring Crystal! He asks Lexie if he can see Peter, and she says certainly! After they talk a bit more, Stefano walks off…

-Nicholas explains to Forrest that he supported Forrest and his screw up moves until he made him break up with Belle! Forrest groans and says he needs to STOP whining about that, and he did what he had to! Nicholas snaps that its probably because of things like THAT that caused Forrest to lose Alamain to Vivian and the DiMera’s! Nicholas and Forrest continue to argue, and soon Nicholas suddenly says that now that he’s out of Alamain…he can be with Belle!

-Bo says its just been him as far as he knows, but he has brief flashes to being in bed with someone, but shrugs them off. Kayla asks how he feels, and he says right now he feels a bit groggy but fine, and he, Steve, and Kayla all talk a bit before Steve and Kayla leave, and Bo wonders if anything happened there….

-Vivian thinks to herself that Peter is dead…her revenge on another person is complete. She also thinks she does partially feel bad, watching them all in so much pain and that it had to end this way…but life is life. The DiMera’s continue to mourn peter, and Kristen wails out in pain…Crystal shakes, and mutters this has caused everything to go downhill, as she turns and leaves the hospital…

-Stefano walks into the morgue, and he makes sure he is alone, and sees Peter’s body there…he sits down beside him, and he says…he’s sorry. He says he never should have hired Crystal to kill Tony, he hates the man but this has caused a loved one to die. He says its his fault, he takes full responsibility…and he hopes wherever Peter is, he can forgive him. He says he was never prouder to have a son like him, even if he was adopted, and he was such a grand man. A few tears go down Stefano’s cheek as he thinks about whats happened tonight, and he cries as he gets up and walks away from Peter Blake’s cold, dead body…

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I bet Steffy does feel extra guilty. Wait until his family finds out.

Go head Nichoals. You give it to Forrest. I can’t stand Forrest!!!

Loved the ending with the Dimeras You are really giving them demiesion. I love it.

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