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Episode 154



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Casey appears late, but nonetheless present, for his meeting with Dusty, Alison, and Aaron. While Dusty takes the initiative to tell Casey what he'd be doing at the new nightclub, Aaron sees the meeting as an opportunity to plant the seed of doubt in regards to Casey's work ethic. As Aaron alerts Dusty that Casey was late, Alison rolls her eyes. Dusty warns his new employee not to be late anymore and gives him instructions for the first day of work. While Dusty shows Casey around the new building, Alison scolds Aaron and acccuses him of being jealous of her friendship with Casey.

Katie wakes up, startled at the sound of a truck door slamming. She raises up and notices Lyla's already at her feet. Katie recalls that Margo went to the station to check on a lead on Michael; and Brad had went with her, vowing to return the moment they found out anything. Katie got up and rushed to the door, joining her mother. "I thought you weren't concerned about Michael," Katie muttered. Lyla explained that she's not, but she would like to know he's alright. He's probably in some cheap motel room or something, Lyla guessed. Just then, Brad emerged from the doorway and asked to speak to the ladies on the couch. Sensing the serious air about him, Katie feared the worst. With a firm look on his face, Brad reported that Michael hasn't been found yet, but they did find Doris...stabbed to death at her house.

A car whooshes by and almost runs off the road trying to avoid a haggard looking Michael stumbling along on the side of the highway. Out of breath, he takes a seat on an old stump and collects his thoughts. Why did Doris let him go so easily, he wonders. She had to have some ulterior motive. An absence from his wrist makes him double check his attire. Huffing, he notices one of his new monogrammed cufflinks missing. Knowing where it is, Michael groans and almost chuckles at the instinctive thought of going to retrieve it. "She might have let me go the first time, but going back just to get a stinking cufflink would be the end all that ends all", he quietly chuckles. Getting up to continue walking, he watches a cop car speed by. He ducks into the bushes, afraid of Margo possibly seeing him like this. He grimaces at the thought of Lyla, Katie, and Margo's questions if they were to ever learn he was caught by a policeman walking on the side of the road in the middle of the night. This is all an experience he'd much rather pretend never happened. After a while, he notices another cop car speed by and heads towards a bush. Before he can budge, the car screetches to a halt and a bright light shines on his face. "Michael Peretti?" the officer inquires. "Yes", he hesitantly answers. "I think you need to come with me," the cop announces.

Kevin signs his name and grins at the nurse before turning to face Luke. He's ecstatic to be out of this hellhole, he declares to Luke. Luke smiles and suggests he take his friend home. "No, you've been extremely gracious. I can't. I just can't", Kevin explains. Not taking no for an answer, the two load up in Luke's car and drive off. Kevin shrugs that Luke can just drop him off at the dorm, but Luke explains it's not a good night for his friend to stay alone. "Come with me to the farm", he says. Kevin agrees, but after a while of silence, he starts to change his mind. Luke pulls the car over and lectures Kevin that he was just in a bad accident and he left against the doctor's wishes. They wanted him to stay another night, he reminds. Kevin finally sighs and nods his approval. At Emma's, Luke starts to apologize for the things he said to Kevin the other night, but Kevin cuts him off and heads to bed, citing he's too tired to talk. Emma sympathizes with Luke, but points out that Kevin might need some time to himself. Luke can't believe what a douche he was to Kevin, but he thought he could work things out with Noah. Taking his hand, Emma tells her grandson that he needs to decide who he'd rather be with. Noah or Kevin?


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Aaron's a jerk!

Could you help me in imagining this? Who is playing the characters of Alison and Casey. I was a fan of Jessica Dunphey and Zach Roerig and hated the recasts. I'm just trying to think who is playing who, since you don't have a cast list.

I loved Emma and Luke's conversation. It's so nice to see you writing this storyline, the way it should be written. A love story between two characters and nothing more. There's no need to add anything to make it interesting or to shy away from the fact that it's a love story about three gay characters. Good job for that.

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Aaron's jealousy is making him into a tattletale. I think Cindy Brady needs to slap him upside the head! LOL.

Oh-oh....Doris is DEAD?? That can't be good for Michael.

Emma has another guest at the Snyder Hotel? She should forget about farming and open up a B&B. LOL.

Great job, as usual Dusty!! Loved the imagery of Michael stumbling along the side of the highway. :D

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Alison is Jessica and Casey is Zach. ;) I'm with ya on that one, Drew. :P

P.J., read the next episode to learn about Doris. Last second re-write.

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