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Episode 153



Holden and Lily juggle giving Ethan animal crackers, Natalie her allergy medicine, and Faith her summer reading book. Lucinda comes in and laughs at the chaos, asserting that they should take a break. Lily sighs that she has alot of work to do for WOAK since she and Kim have agreed to split responsibilities at the station. Holden pulls Lily aside and tells her that he thinks it would be a good idea for Lucinda to watch after the kids for a while so they can have some alone time. Knowing he's wanting to speak with Lily privately, Lucinda urges her daughter to let her take charge. Eventually, she gives in and shouts to Lucinda some last minute instructions from the door.

Michael wakes up to hear Doris humming about the house, without a care in the world. Out of it, he tries to wiggle free from his constraints but there's no budging. Doris giggles that he can't get away that easily. Michael asks why she's doing this. He did just what she told him to. "Ah, but no you didn't," she sternly replies. "I told you to take the other job and what did you do? You never called them back and when you claimed to be going to Bakersfield, you really took a secret flight to Indiana." Doris explains that she followed him because she knew he would never do it. Michael questions her motives and reminds her of their rocky marriage. She never loved him until he left her, he claims. She shrugs that perhaps absence made the heart grow fonder. Michael tries to talk her out of whatever she's planning to do, even suggesting that they run away together since he was only dating Susan to make Doris jealous. Doris starts to fall for the act until Michael accidentally calls her Susan, which sends Doris into a rage. Michael calms her down once more and instructs Michael to cut himself loose and just go. At a loss for words, Michael cuts himself loose quickly and leaves the knife on the counter.

As Lily and Holden take a moonlit walk by the Snyder pond, Holden breaks the tension by speaking first. He explains that ever since Jade came to town, he feared Lily's obsession with trying to preserve Rose's memory would follow over into her relationship with her niece. He thought that Jade's questionable antics would cause Lily to blame herself for not being there enough. By bringing Mrs. Taylor to town, he wanted to give Lily a smidgen of reality that Jade's always been mischevious. It's not just something she developed in Oakdale. It's not Lily's fault. Lily thanks Holden for his touching apology, but warns him that her relationship with Rose and Jade is not something to be tampered with. Lily reasons that she knows Jade can be troublesome and she's sure Jade's hiding something, but until she knows for sure, all she can do is be there for Jade....just like she promised Rose she would.

Carly stands in her doorway telling Barbara that Gwen is not in the mood to see her mother-in-law. Irritated, she urges Barbara to catch the next broomstick back to town. Barbara sails past her into the house, insisting she's there to talk to her very talented employee, Carrie. Overhearing the exchange, Gwen emerges from the kitchen just as Carrie bounds downstairs. Before Gwen can say anything, Barbara assures her it's a work issue, and takes Carrie out to the porch. Outside, Carrie apologizes for Carly's attitude, but Barbara assures her the catty comments didn't phase her in the least. Barbara launches into the reason for her visit. She wants to offer Carrie the opportunity of a lifetime.

Alison pulls Aaron outside and denies having any involvement in getting Casey hired. He simply needed a job and Dusty hired him, she recalls. Aaron growls that Casey has been nothing but trouble for them and he refuses to work with him. Alison stands up for Casey by detailing how Casey almost died because of his deep depression after Sofie left him for Gabe. Aaron remembers, but tells Alison that she's always been one to look past the bad in people and trust their sad sob stories as truth. Alison's shocked to hear him say such a thing. Aaron scoffs and tells Alison that he's going back to Emma's for the night and reminds her to call Dusty about advertisements for the back to school/grand opening bash they're hosting at Dusty's new nightclub. Furious beyond words, Alison snaps that she'll just have Casey help her. Aaron whirls around, gives Alison a deep glare, and races off on his bike.

Barbara explains that BRO wants to relaunch their teen line, with Carrie as the assistant head designer. The new position means a raise, as well as long hours. Barbara pointedly suggests Carly's house is way too full of children to properly concentrate on work, and offers her the suite adjoining the penthouse. Not only is it quiet, but it will also make it easier for Barbara to mentor her. Elated, Carrie hastily accepts both offers. When Carrie tells Carly's she's moving out, Carly warns her that Barbara's motives are rarely generous and clear-cut. Carrie thanks her for her friendship during some of the worst times of her life. But she also admits it's been being around Hallie since she miscarried not too long ago. Carly sympathizes, and tells Carrie she's welcome to come back anytime.

Across town, Jack picks Sage up from her dancing lesson. When they arrive at Carly's, Carly vaguely mentions Carrie moving out. Jack doesn't hide his pleasure at the turn of events, assuming that Carrie was asked to leave. Annoyed, Carly quickly informs him Carrie moved out on her own.


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