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Episode 152



As Jade searches for a new outfit to wear out on the town, Luke approaches her at Fashions. Jade growls that she doesn't want another lecture and immediately dashes to another rack. Luke follows closely behind and reprimands Jade for being so careless as to move so fast with someone she just met. She just met the guy and she's already moving in with him. Jade reasons that Colin simply needed a roommate and she said yes because she's too ashamed to ever return to Holden and Lily's. Luke tosses up the idea of living with Emma for a while until things quiet down. Jade stops him mid-sentence and orders him to either accept her decisions or join his father in scrutinizing her every move. Hurt, Luke tucks his tail and leaves. Later, Luke gazes through the hospital room and is shocked to see Holden sitting beside Kevin's side. Luke walks in and wonders aloud what Holden's doing there. After Holden leaves, Kevin soothes Luke's flaring temper and tells him he needs to forgive Holden for what he did by bringing Ms. Taylor to town. He was simply trying to look out for Lily, however wrong it might have been.

Alison enters through the door of Al's and takes a seat. She's startled when she looks in the booth across from her and finds Will softly crying alone. She approaches and asks her old friend what's wrong. Will sits up straight and wipes the tears from his face before angrily mumbling that he's lost everything. He's lost Gwen and Hallie and it's all because of Iris. Will explains that he tried showing his wife that her mother can't be trusted and in the process, he showed her that her husband is the one that can't be trusted. Alison comforts him the best way she can do, relating her experience in trying to intervene in other's relationships. She recalls how she used to resent Hal for marrying Emily and tried everything in her power to keep them from hitching, but now that Hal's gone, she realizes that she stole precious moments her sister could have spent with him. Will thanks Alison and excuses himself. Aaron comes up behind her and sternly asks her what the hell she was thinking by getting Casey hired.

Noah turns the corner as he walks towards the bookstore. Her hands loaded with books, Carrie violently crashes into Noah and sends everything flying. Noah quickly apologizes and reminds Carrie she should watch where she's going. A slight giggle slips from Carrie's mouth as she hastly fumbles for her books. Noah asks where she's headed to and Carrie reveals she hasn't talked to Carly since she returned from Iowa. Later, as Carrie turns the handle entering the door, Carly startles her by meeting her at the front door. Concerned, Carly asks why her roommate failed to mention she quit WOAK and got hired on as an intern at B.R.O. Carrie shrugs that she didn't think it was that important and quickly changes the subject. Carly's a tad perplexed as to why Carrie doesn't want to talk. Later, as Carrie goes out for a walk, Carly's unsettling curiousity finally gets to her. Carly cracks open the desk drawer, pulling out the file she and Jack obtained from the storage shed and sits down on the couch to quickly thumb through it before Carrie returns. She's soon jolted from her seat, however, when Barbara arrives looking for Carrie.

Slightly sighing as she sits down on a nearby bench, Katie wonders aloud to Brad when Margo's going to ever get done scouting for people who've seen Michael recently. Brad guesses that as soon as Margo gets a lead worth following, she'll let them know. Katie slouches and huffs that waiting kills her. Just then, Lyla arrives and tells Brad and Katie that Margo called her over to give them a ride home. Furious, Katie asserts that she's not going home until they find Michael. Lyla grabs Katie by the arm and snaps for her to pull it together. Michael is a grown man, she shouts. He can take care of himself. Meanwhile, a yellow taxi cab pulls up to a house. Doris gets out and groaning and grimacing, pulls Michael from the cab. The camera reveals that he is now tied and heavily sedated. As Michael gives Michael a final shove on to the couch, she chuckles that he's all hers now.


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