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Episodes 131-135



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Aaron spoke with Holden about Caleb's possible return to Oakdale. Both were floored when Julie called to inform the father and son duo that Caleb had checked himself into rehab for depression. An emotional Aaron later lashed out when Alison made an analogy between her addiction problems and Caleb's problems. When she went to confide in Susan over at Memorial, Ali bumped into Casey who offered his shoulder. Susan warned her youngest daughter not to get involved with Casey, citing the emotional baggage he carries. Alison was irate and barked that Michael isn't any less of baggage than Casey is. Later, Michael took Susan out to a nice dinner at Mona Lisa. Seeing the strain her relationship with Michael was putting on her relationship with her children, she calmly broke things off with him.

At the chapel in Vegas, Henry and Vienna served as "man of honor" and "best woman" respectively at Brad and Katie's wedding. While Margo and Lyla looked on, Brad and Katie said "I do!" and opted to postpone the honeymoon to see their friends off. After a tearful farewell, full of classic stories and a comical montage of Henry and Bubble's misadventures, Henry and Vienna bid them adieu and set off for Paris.

Jack and Carly headed for the address in Des Moines that Carrie gave for "Dr. Baxter" on her medical forms. When they inquired about Dr. Baxter, they discovered he had died last winter. Quickly, Carly spun a lie of looking for a half-sister she never knew she had, whom Dr. Baxter delivered. The sympathetic receptionist gave her the address of Dr. Baxter's former secretary who might know what happened to his medical files. Carly repeated her performance to Ms. Masters, the retired secretary. Still sharp as a tack, Ms. Masters was skeptical there would be anything in the files to help them locate her "half-sister". Jack charmed her, however, and Ms. Masters gave them the address of the storage shed Dr. Baxter had on the edge of town. As Jack and Carly congratulated themselves outside, Ms. Masters placed a call. James answered, and the secretary told him that she carried out his instructions to the letter.

Nancy learned that Kim had still not spoken with Bob, she urged Kim to do it...or she would. Taking it in stride, Kim lectured to Bob about his past misdeeds and confessed that she'll never give up the notion that for one night, Bob would have rather been with another woman rather than his wife. Bob apologized and promised she was the only one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. His relationship with Susan, he defended, is nothing more than work-based.

Still seeking answers to the Stan fiasco, Iris sought help from Margo. After questioning the guard that found Stan, she learned that he had previously been jailed and sought answers from the warden. The warden informed Margo that Stan was moved to solitary confinement by her! Margo denied doing anything of the sort and upon seeing the signature on the paper, contronted Barbara. Barbara denied any wrongdoing and proposed she call her lawyers if Margo has anything else to say. Sickened, Margo warned Barbara that if she finds out she had any wrongdoing in any of this, she'll throw the book at her. Meanwhile, Iris confided in Gwen that she thinks Barbara's behind it all.

Facing James's wrath, Carrie sought out Barbara. She admitted that her first love has always been fashion and inquired about a job at BRO. After James made a call threatening to reveal Barbara's involvement with Stan, she accepted Carrie on as a part-time intern. Barbara later wondered aloud to Paul why James seemed so eager for Barbara to hire Carrie. Later, Carrie quit her job at WOAK and told Kim she was dealing with family issues. After bumping into Paul at the Lakeview, Kim told him one of her set designers recently quit and asked if he knew of suitable replacements. After he found out the set designer was Carrie, Paul went to his mother with the information and asked why she put up with James's threats. Curious as to James's motives, Paul set off to confront his father.

Lily hosted a dinner at her house to celebrate Noah's birthday upon Luke's request. Luke reasoned that now was as good a time as any to try and work things out with Noah. After a night filled with drama, Noah and Luke eventually decided to give it another try. Both still hurt over the initial breakup, the two opted to take it slow and passed on a goodnight kiss. Later, Lucinda echoed Lily's enthusiasm about Noah and Luke's reunion. However, they neglected to see Kevin (on his way to talk to Luke about the kiss) at the window overhearing everything.

Jack and Carly fiound the storage unit on the edge of town. Once he picked the lock, they were greeted by dozens of dusty boxes labeled "patient files". After hours of combing through the dusty heap of files, Carly sighed that tons of the files fit Carrie's general profile. Realizing the late hour, Carly suggested taking some of the files and finding a motel room for the night. Jack agreed, and started bringing boxes to take with them. Carly tried to raise the door, but couldn't. Impatiently, Jack grabbed the handle and threw his muscle into the task. Still nothing. Only then did they realize that they weren't just stuck...they've been locked inside.

Ms. Taylor arrived in town and thanked Holden for inviting her. When asked what prompted the fight between Jade and Mr. Taylor, Holden was less than thrilled to see that she seemed to know nothing. Jade was frustrated and emotional when Ms. Taylor finally came face to face with her. After Holden left, Ms. Blanche Taylor told Jade to stay far far away. Jade apologized for what she did but was stopped mid-sentence by Ms. Taylor's swift slap across the cheek. Holden saw the whole thing and demanded an explanation. Blance revealed that Jade got involved in the party scene and gambled away thousands of the couple's life savings. When confronted, Jade cried wolf and accused Mr. Taylor of molesting her since she was a child. Holden asked Jade if it was true and with tears in her eyes, she hissed that she warned Holden to leave it be. And now she'll never forgive him.

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