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Episodes 136-145



When Michael got another job offer, he hesitated because of his feelings for Susan. He confided in Kim that even though Susan broke things off with him, he knows she's not serious. She just needs breathing room. Kim urged Michael to take the job because she privately feared Michael's absence from town would send Susan back into Bob's orbit. Bob saw Kim's diehard attitude to keep Michael at Memorial as a sign that she had finally buried the hatchet. When Nancy confronted her daughter in law about her ulterior motives, Kim denied everything. Lisa soon heard about all the commotion and confronted Kim. In a powerful scene, she told her friend that she needs counseling to discard the ill feelings she still shows towards Susan. Lisa informed Kim that if Bob had any feelings for Susan, he would have never returned to Kim after his one night stand with Susan. Realizing how devious she had truly become, Kim broke the news of her untruthfulness to Bob and promised to seek counseling. However, when Kim stalled after Bob asked her to promise to bury the hatchet with Susan, he saw it as an action that spoke louder than words and vowed to sleep on the couch until Kim can make such a promise.

After Michael broke the news of his job offer to Susan, she urged him to do what's best for him. Hurt by Susan's rejection, Michael vowed to keep trying and showed himself at Susan's doorstep. When she didn't answer, he yelled through the window that he finally gave his answer to the hospital seeking him as their new specialist...and he told them no because he doesn't want to leave Susan. Touched by his words, she opened the door to him and the two made passionate love on the couch. Afterward, Susan realized what she had done and immediately tried to hurry him out. Later, Michael got a mysterious letter in the mail that set him on edge.

Lucinda sought out Noah to start a new account with a teen-friendly corporation, hoping to diversify her company's interests. Knowing it would mean less time for himself and Luke, he refused the offer but eventually accepted when Lucinda suggested this job might help Luke to see that Noah's serious about taking things slow. When Lily broke the news to Luke, he saw it as the final sign of the end of him and Noah. Hurt, Luke looked to Kevin for comfort. Kevin, still reeling from overhearing that Noah and Luke were reunited, blasted Luke for leading him on. "Pretty funny that all those years you accused me of playing mind games. And then when I finally express my feelings for you," Kevin hissed, "you turn around and play mind games with ME!!" Holden saw the boys fighting and suggested Luke speak with Lucinda. Lucinda apolgized to Luke for the misunderstanding and sighed that she thought the job would be a good chance for Noah and Luke to take things slow. Luke blasted his grandmother for interfering and stormed off. Later, Kevin was rushed to the ER after a car accident left him in critical condition. The driver that hit Kevin told Bob that it looked like Kevin was crying and didn't see the red light. Overhearing, Luke realized that his argument with Kevin must have made him so overcome with tears that he crashed.

On her first day at B.R.O., Carrie decided to act fast and look up the information that James had asked her to. Although he had originally set off to confront James, Paul had been sidetracked by a call from work. He soon found Carrie snooping in Barbara's files and angrily asked what the hell she was doing. Carrie apologized and came up with a lie to throw Paul off her track. Not thrown at all, Paul's suspicions grew even more when he recalled that James had pulled strings with Barbara to get hired. Not putting anything past his father, he decided to go home and sleep on it. However, a midnight visit from James startled Paul and Paul quickly raised a gun he had tucked below the bed. James cackled and told his son that he shouldn't do that; especially since he holds all the answers. Before Paul could ask his father what he meant, James vanished through the misty midnight air. Later in the week, a fellow intern tipped off Paul that Carrie hadn't exactly finished her snooping ways and was constantly making phone calls. During her lunch break, Paul saw Carrie accidentally left her phone behind. Not surprisngly, he found that her call history had been deleted. Defeated, he put the phone down but chuckled a little when the phone started vibrating. "James Calling", it read. His questions answered, Paul put the phone back down on Carrie's desk and walked away.

Finding the windows barred, and unable to get reception on either of their cell phones, Jack and Carly realized how bad their situation was quickly. Jack tried to stay positive, but Carly told him not to bother sugar-coating the situation for her. "No one knows exactly where we are and the sweltering summer heat has made the room into a sauna," she growled. Jack promised her they'd be fine and the two set their bed down for the night on some dusty old cardboard.

In the middle of the night, Carly woke up screaming. When Jack tried to comfort her, she sobbed and told him about her nightmare about the kids. Carly continued to ramble, remembering how Parker almost drowned looking for Jack after his accident on the bridge. Jack asked her to believe in him one more time, and vowed she'll see the kids again. No matter what it takes. His intensity left her speechless which made Jack question if that meant she no longer believes in him. Carly mumbled no, and the moment soon became charged between them. Jack leaned in and kissed her. Carly responded tentatively at first, but it quickly grew more passionate between them, and they made love.

The next morning, a concerned Emma phoned Rosanna, wondering if she had heard from Carly or Jack. Rosanna assured her she hasn't, and agreed it's unusual that they haven't called the children last night or this morning. While Emma talked with Margo at the OPD, Rosanna put her private investigator on it, demanding hourly progress reports. She headed over to Carly's to see if there were any clues as to where they might have gone. All she found was the faxed copy of Carrie's personnel file she had sent from the office in Buffalo. Desperate for help, she called Paul and asked him to meet her at the Milltown house. When Paul arrived, he was upset to learn Rosanna's had suspicions about Carrie, too, but kept them to herself. Rosanna told him Jack fueled her concerns, since Carrie was living here with Carly and the kids. But now that Jack and Carly are missing, she concluded that Jack's investigation into Carrie's past must be the reason. Well, if there's a former cop running an investigation, there's a file, Paul surmised, and the two left to search Jack's room at the farm.

After doubting Barbara's story, Iris set out to prove herself right and unearth Barbara's hand in the scheme that left Stan unable to move or talk. While searching through his clothes, she came across a number in a pair of old jeans. She quickly noticed it as Will's number and tucked it away, knowing something's not right. When Gwen came over, Iris hid the piece of paper with Will's number on it. Gwen gushed about how far she and Will have both come since they first met and saw this latest ordeal with James's return as yet another hurdle they'll overcome. Iris wept, knowing how hurt her daughter will be if she ever finds out about Will having ties with Stan. She quickly passed off her tears as joy and Gwen took her leave. Later, while Will went out, Gwen sorted through some boxes and found a crumpled note that (although smeared and torn) read "disable cameras".

After their night of lovemaking, Carly woke first and was careful not to wake a still nude Jack. She caught her breath remembering the freedom and joy he made her feel the previous night, but convinced herself that the heat and claustraphobia had left them out of their heads and that's why they did what they did. Still searching through files, Carly came across one that sounded alot like Carrie, but tossed it aside when she realized the patient was too old and had died. With an eerie feeling, she set the file aside for the time being, vowing to return to it later. When Jack finally woke, he was disheartened to see Carly acting like nothing happened.

Just as Paul predicted, there was a file on Carrie tucked away in Jack's desk at the farm. Still flustered, Emma reported that Margo can't officially file a report yet. Rosanna reassured her that she already has people looking for Jack and Carly. Paul read what little Jack has learned about Carrie, and noticed James's handiwork in shrouding the young woman's past in mystery, but kept it all to himself for the moment. After Emma left the room, he snooped in Jack's computer. Just as Paul found a map of Iowa, Rosanna's private investigator reported in. The last transaction on Jack's credit card was at a gas station off of I-80, 45 miles east of Des Moines. The two set off to find Jack and Carly.

At their breaking point, Jack suggested they conserve the little water they have left and take a nap. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman phoned Paul and told him where to find Carly and Jack. Awakened by creeking metal and a heavy slamming sound, Jack and Carly stood attentive and prepared themselves for the worst. However, they were relieved to see an elated Rosanna, Paul, Emma, and Margo on the other side of the storage shed door. Jack asked Paul how they knew to look for them here and Rosanna revealed they got an anonymous tip. Relieved to be alive, Jack and Carly gathered their items. Just as they set off for the cars, Carly turned around and snatched the file she had set aside earlier before hurrying back to a waiting Rosanna.

After hearing both sides of the story, Lily furiously urged Holden to make things right with Jade. Holden apologized to Jade for bringing up such a horrible memory, but Jade just turned a cold shoulder at Holden's attempt at forgiveness. Later, Lily confronted Blanche and demanded that she see the truth and come to her senses about Mr. Taylor. Blanche denied her husband had done any wrong and left town. Luke heard about Jade's blast from the past and scolded his father. "After all Mom's gone through, the one thing she wanted to keep for herself was her memories of Aunt Rose. Jade coming into town helped her heal. Jade helped her hold onto Aunt Rose and her memory. But now, you've tainted all those memories," he told his father. Later, Blanche arrived home and cryptically told her husband that she had no luck finding anything. Irritated, he demanded they keep trying.

Aaron arrived back in Oakdale after seeing his father in rehab and looked for comfort from Emma. When Alison emerged, Emma took her leave and Alison apologized for comparing herself to him. Holding out her hand, she asked for a truce but Aaron's emotional state clouded his ability to see past all the hurt and he took off on his bike. Later, Emily and Alison decided that Dusty might be able to help. Dusty laughed and told the ladies he'd love to but he's too busy opening a new nightclub in town. With no other option, Alison tried to get through to Aaron once more. Seeing her genuity, Aaron accepted her apology and apologized for not seeing that she was trying to be there for him. As soon as they entered Java for a cup of coffee, the two were approached by Dusty to help manage the new nightclub. Later, Alison learned of her mother's reunion with Michael and surprisingly gave them her blessing. Emily, however, wasn't so open to the idea of her mom's new boyfriend.


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