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Episodes 146-150



Gwen stared at the note in disbelief. The more she tried to dismiss the note, the more she remembered Will's anger when Iris returned to town and his relentless attitude that she would never change. Broken-hearted, she hurried to pack overnight bags for her and Hallie before Will returned. As she packed, Gwen took out her cell and called Iris. Meanwhile, at Java, Will encountered his mother and shared his relief that their plot can't be exposed. His marriage would be over if Gwen ever found out he tried to sabotage her mother's "new beginning". Raising an eyebrow, Barbara asked if her son truly believed that Iris has reformed. "No," he quickly answered, shaking his head. Eventually Iris will trip herself up, and his wife will be hurt again, he concluded.

As Rosanna and Paul took Emma home and vowed to bring the kids back later, Jack drove Carly back to the Milltown house. Turning to grab her arm before she made a shot for the door, he asked if she was going to continue acting like nothing happened. Carly justified that they simply turned to one another in a time where their future was unknown, but now that they're safe and back in Oakdale, nothing has changed. Pulling her close, he gasped into her ear that everything could change.....if she would forgive him. In spite of the fact he doesn't deserve it. Jack owned up to being arrogant, rude, and judgmental. He can't change the past, he said, but he can apologize for all the hurt he's caused. All he wants is the chance to prove himself. Speechless, Carly's eyes shimmered with unshed tears. Jack released her, and she scurried upstairs without answering him.

After Rosanna and Paul were roped into a last minute dinner invitation from little Sage, Rosanna noticed the tense air between Jack and Carly. After the meal was over, she pulled Carly into the kitchen and questioned her sister about it. Something happened between them while they were trapped, Rosanna surmised. Carly tried to change the subject, but it only confirmed Rosanna's suspicions. Carly admitted that Jack wants another chance, but fears he'll change his mind once the drama of the moment fades away. After Paul and Rosanna left, Carly took the kids up to bed. When she returned downstairs to lock up, Jack was still there, asleep on the couch. Gently, she covered him with a blanket and brushed her lips against his cheek before heading back upstairs.

Before Gwen can scoop up Hallie and head out to her running car armed with luggage and a diaper bag, Will met her at the door and told her Barbara was right behind him, anxious to spend some time with her granddaughter. Gwen asked him to call his mother and ask her to visit another night. Perplexed, Will asked why and noticed her car running. Before she could answer, Barbara entered and gushed over Hallie as she fretted. Gwen snapped and emotionally implored Barbara to visit another time. Will politely scurried his mother out the door, unsure as to what Gwen's problem was. Teary eyed, Gwen confronted Will with the note she had found in the laundry, and asked him to explain. Calmly, Will looked it over and wondered if it meant anything--it's a random scrap of paper. Gwen pointed out that the torn paper reads "disabled cameras". Will tried to deny it, but Gwen cut him off. Just then, Iris emerged from the kitchen and added that she knew something was going on when she found Will's number in Stan's old jeans so she called the manager of Metro and he informed her that the camera was never disabled the night of the robbery. Gwen explained that she called Iris over the minute she found the note. Will furiously shouted, saying they're just ambushing him based on a heap of wild guesses and lies. Gwen was quick to point out that the only lies in all of this are the ones that Will has told. Mellow, Iris informed Will that she asked the manager (her old friend from grade school) to destroy the tape of he and Stan walking through Metro and walking to the safe during their "test run". Before he could ask why she did such a thing, Iris smirked and told her wayward son-in-law that losing his wife and baby girl will be punishment enough. As Gwen stormed out and Iris followed with Hallie in tow, Barbara tried to console her son.

Michael ignored Susan's many attempts to confront him and finally gave in when she confrotned him in the nurse's lounge. Alone, Michael informed Susan that it's best if she move on because he's re-thought his decision and he's re-applying for the position in Bakersfield. Stunned, Susan took her leave and later cried to Emily. She tried to be a comfort to her mother, but didn't hesitate in voicing her discomfort in watching Michael gush over her mother. Later, Michael grimaced as he re-read the troubling letter and immediately threw it in the trash. Newlyweds Brad and Katie arrived fresh from their honeymoon and agreed to help Michael housesit while he took a trip to Bakersfield for a job interview. Spilling the trash during their attempt at ballrom dancing, Brad and Katie worked to clean up the big mess, but a carefully folded envelope caught Katie's eyes. Never one to shy away from prying, she concluded that it must be a love letter from Susan and quickly opened it. In the letter, Doris warned Michael to take a job somewhere else or she'll make sure Susan pays. Terrified, Katie scrambled to call Susan and inform her. Meanwhile, Michael sat on his flight back to Oakdale and daydreamed of reuniting with Susan but Doris coming in and killing Susan. As he got in the cab headed home, he told the driver his address and occupied his sight with the rushing greens of tress wooshing past. A pair of feminine eyes squinted in the rearview mirror, gazing at Michael in the back seat, as the driver cooed, "Certainly, my dear Michael".

The next day, Carly skimmed over the stolen file. Immersed in thought, Jack startled her when he snuck up behind her and asked to have a look. Annoyed, Carly tossed the file at him and answered the door. Paul came in, wanting to find out if they learned anything more about Carrie. Jack admitted that searching through thousands of files was too big a task and they failed. Jack scrunched his forehead, perplexed, and questioned Paul why he's so interested. On top of Rosanna's concern, his mother has impulsively hired the young woman at BRO, he informed them. But he kept the info connecting James and Carrie to himself.

Answering another knock at her door, Carly found Gwen weeping on her doorstep with Hallie. Carly instintively took charge, handing Hallie off to Jack while she talked to Gwen on the porch. Immediately aware that the baby needed a diaper change, Jack grabbed the diaper bag, leaving Paul alone in the living room. Curious, he paged through the file on the coffee table, and turned pale when he read the name of the patient, "Carolyn Dana Crawford". Rifling through it, he ripped out a couple of pages, then closed the file and stuffed them into his jacket pocket before making his hasty exit.

Gwen tearfully informed Carly she left Will, and spent last night at the Wagon Wheel. Carly insisted she move out of that fleabag motel and stay in Milltown with her and the kids. Gwen promised to think about it and later, agreed.

Bob updated Lily, Holden, Lucinda, and Luke with word on Kevin's condition. Luke continued to feel regret for the words he spewed at Kevin and feared he might never see Kevin again to apolgize. Bob informed Luke that he can sit in with Kevin. Meanwhile, Noah showed up at the hospital fresh from a business meeting. As he stared at Luke crying over a comatose Kevin, he realized he could never have that sort of dedication. Disappointed in himself, he informed Lucinda to keep it between them that he came by. As he raced out the hospital, Luke looked up and scurried outside. Breathless, he panted for Noah to stop. Noah whirled around and whined to Luke that they're just not meant to be. Luke accused him of being jealous of Kevin, but Noah retorted that he can never have such strong feelings for Luke as Kevin obviously does. They deserve to be together, he panted, and they don't need him in their way. Before Luke could cry out for Noah, he was gone. Retreating back inside, he glanced in the window to monitor Kevin. As Kevin's parents rushed in, Luke gave them space. However, when Luke went to tell Kevin goodbye before heading home, he ended up falling asleep on Kevin's chest. The next morning, he was delighted to be awakened by Kevin brushing his hair tenderly. Excitedly, he asked if this is a dream and Kevin smiled before shaking his head no. As Bob came in to run some tests, he revealed that everything is looking good for Kevin. In fact, it's almost a miracle that he's doing this well. There must be a reason Kevin survived, he concluded, as Kevin and Luke smiled at one another.

Later, Jade ran into Luke and he confronted her as to where she's been. Jade replied that she's been rooming with a friend from work. Emotional, she revealed that she always thought Holden had it out for her, but bringing her adoptive mom to town to pur salt on open wounds was too much to bear. Luke quickly apologized for his father's actions and revealed that he hasn't been talking with Holden lately. Jade appealed to Luke and asked him to move in with her and her friend. Later, Luke was put off when he learned that Jade's new roomate was a male.

As Dusty scurried to get the new club open in time for a back to school bash, Aaron and Alison found themselves working closer than ever. Alison gushed about how nostalgic this all feels...them working together at a nightclub with Dusty. Aaron replied that it's a good feeling and wishes they had kept themselves together long enough after leaving Oakdale to work things out. Later, Alison found Casey looking through job ads. Revealing that he can't get much work due to his criminal background, Casey asked if Alison knew anyone hiring. Taking initiative, Alison approached Dusty about hiring Casey. When he agreed to hire Casey, Alison begged Dusty not to tell Aaron. Later, Casey informed Margo and Tom of his new job but Margo feared working so closely with a couple like Alison and Aaron might make Casey feel like the third wheel and strengthen his feelings of abandonment from Sofie. Tom chuckled that he thinks Casey will be just fine.

At BRO, Paul cornered Carrie in Barbara's office. Furious, he pinned her against the wall, and told her he knows exactly who she is...Carrie Crawford, his late sister Jennifer's half-sister. What he wants to know, he grumbled, is why she's hooked up with James, and what James wants from Barbara.


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