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Episodes 121-130



After the 4th of July celebration, Lisa urged Kim to seek counseling. The bitterness she still feels over Bob's affair isn't healthy. Kim refused, claiming everything is fine as long as Bob trusts her. Lisa urged her friend to let sleeping dogs lie. Many years have passed since Bob and Susan's one night stand and she needs to let it go before it rots her away on the inside. Lisa comments that Bob has showed her time and time again that his affair was a mistake and yet Kim still seems to hold a grudge against them both. Lisa found it all to be quite disturbing, and sought Nancy's advice. Nancy was shocked at the news, and tried talking to Kim herself. When Kim continued to excuse her own behavior, Nancy urged her to talk honestly with Bob for the sake of their marriage.

Casey found Alison and thanked her for saving his life after the concert. She was shocked when Casey tried to kiss her, and Aaron became irate when Alison told him of Casey's advances. A furious Aaron confronted Casey, who told Aaron that he was only showing his gratitude and Alison took the attempted kiss out of context. Margo was appalled to learn that Gabe sent pictures of himself and Sofie to Casey. She hid the photos from Casey and told Tom how sickening it was that Gabe finds this all comical.

Matchmaker Jade tried to push Luke and Kevin together. Luke continued to be shocked at their impulsive kiss, but found himself replaying it over in his mind. The next time they met, Luke blew off Kevin's apology, accusing him of playing sick mind games. Before Kevin could work up the courage to come out to him, Luke stormed off. Later, Jade broke the news to Luke, along with her belief Kevin's in love with him. After a heart to heart with Lucinda, Luke realized he still has feelings for Noah, in spite of Noah's one night stand with Carrie.

Noah urged Carrie to file a report with the police after being attacked. Carrie accused him of sticking his nose in her life, but Noah insisted he was only trying to make up for his irresponsible jerkdom while she was pregnant. Carrie agreed to file a report to shut him up, but didn't. Noah later overheard Jack and Carly arguing about Carrie and the trouble she could bring to Carly's doorstep if her "stalker" suddenly showed up while the kids were home. Alarmed, Noah went to Jack alone and revealed that Carrie was nearly attacked on the 4th of July. Jack used his pull at the OPD to see if Carrie had filed a report. Both Jack and Noah were stunned to realize she hadn't.

Jack confronted Carly with news of Carrie's latest lie. Carly insisted that Jack was being suspicious to the point of paranoia. Jack blasted Carly for sticking her head in the sand because she sees a similarity to the girl she used to be. He then informed her that "Carrie Whittington" never existed until three years ago, and that's a damn good reason to be "paranoid". Shaken, Carly admitted she knew Rosanna had doubts about Carrie as well, and both suddenly recalled that Carrie once worked as an intern at Cabot Motors in Buffalo. After phoning Rosanna, she had someone fax over "Carrie White"s personnel file. None of the personal information listed could be verified. Carly commented that Carrie's last name could have been changed in marriage, but Jack was skeptical. On a hunch, Jack checked her medical history, and found a doctor from Des Moines, Iowa listed.

Gwen continued to admire Iris' turnaround, while Will worried about being exposed by Stan. He was given a reprieve when Iris received a call about Stan. Iris was listed as Stab's family and the doctor informed her Stan had slipped into a catatonic state the previous night. Concerned about Stan's condition, Iris became curious when Will tried to convince her not to visit him. She went anyway, and a nurse at the jail informed her that Stan was being moved to a private facility. Iris' suspicions grew when she learned Stan was suddenly moved to solitary confinement shortly before the guard found him on the floor. When Iris mentioned it to Gwen and Will, Will's reaction seemed especially guilt-ridden to his mother-in-law. Her suspicions grew tremendously when Will became especially inquisitive about Stan's condition. Will called his mother and she assured him that she had the problem taken care of and all evidence destroyed.

Facing losing her best friends, Katie urged Brad to elope so Henry and Vienna could be part of the ceremony. Lyla hated the idea, and urged Katie not to be so reckless. After her previous large wedding fiascos, Katie stuck with her decision and suggested a Vegas wedding.

While in Canada, Rosanna and Paul searched for information about Cabot's whereabouts. Unable to find anything, Rosanna almost gave up but soon came into contact with a woman claiming to be a former housekeeper for Cabot's deceased adoptive parents. She told Rosanna and Paul that he was doing fine, and some close friends of his parents had been named guardians. Relieved, Rosanna agreed not to see him for his own safety. After saying goodbye, the woman made a phone call and reported that Ms. Cabot was returning to the U.S.

Susan and Michael decided to keep their burgeoning relationship a secret. Dusty spied them in a liplock, and told Emily that her mother had a new boyfriend. Emily blasted her mother for getting involved with a serial cheater with a psycho ex-wife. Alison walked in on the fight and begged them to stop bickering. After the explosive dramatics, Emily packed her bags and Dusty invited her to move in with him. Alison found out and warned Dusty not to lead Emily on by inviting her to move in.

Holden, still concerned about Jade's reappearance, sought Luke's help. Luke tried to find out what happened between Jade and the Taylors, to no avail. Jade later told Lily she felt that Holden was behind Luke's prying questions. Lily scolded him for using their son to do his dirty work, and pressured him to leave Jade alone. Luke apologized to his father for being too obvious with Jade, and Holden vowed to find out another way. Later, Jade came face to face with Holden and promised him that if she brings up her past, she'll never forgive him. Willing to take the risk, Holden invited Mrs. Taylor to Oakdale in an effort to find out what Jade's keeping from him.


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Ooh wonder what's going to happen with the Las Vegas wedding.

I love Jade! So glad she's back in Oakdale.

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