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Episode 71



A day of ups and downs in Springfield........

San Cristobal:
Marah is speaking with the man, "So another man was in the room."
The man nods, "Yes. The first guy stumbled out after a couple of minutes then the other guy went in and woke up the girl and drover her home. He said he was a friend of hers."
Marah shakes her head, "But the girl.... Do you think she was raped? Or something."
The man shakes his head, "Oh no. I think she just passed out. That's all."
Marah is in shock, "Do you know who the man was? The one who took her home?"
The guy steps out for a moment.
Marah can't believe it.... Jeffrey isn't Ava's father!

Aitoro House:

Natalia and Alan are kissing.
Natalia pulls away, "Alan you need to go."
He shakes his head, "I'm not going anywhere."
She pushes him, "You need to forget about me and focus on getting back the company."
He looks into her eyes, "Natalia! I don't give a damn about the company!"
The two continue kissing.
Natalia moves away, "No! We can't."
He steps over to her, "Natalia, I don't care what's right or what's wrong lets just do whatever the hell we want!"
She turns around and kisses him again.
Outside Gus is pulling into the driveway.

Lewis Construction:

Lucy and Dylan are in the office.
Alexandra walks in wearing a hat and coat, "I need to talk to you."
Lucy stands, "Hello Alexandra. What can we do for you."
She shuts the door, "I need your help. In exchange I help you."
Dylan is confused, "What are you talking about."
Alex sighs, "Well you need information on Spaulding and I'm a Spaulding."
Lucy shakes her head, "No. Why should we trust you."
Alex walks over, "Because I want to take down Cassandra before she gets to powerful and then it will be to late!"
The three get to talking.


Coop sits with Ashlee, "Ashlee are you awake?"
She opens her eyes, "What happened?"
He holds her hand, "You collapsed at the dog park."
She worries, "Where's Moxie?"
He calms her down, "It's okay. Lizzie took her. She's at Company with my Dad. Everyone is worried about you."
Ashlee sighs, "Well when can I leave."
Coop looks down, "Ashlee we need to talk."
She gets upset, "Coop when can I leave?"
He looks at her, "The thing is Ashlee, you can't."
Ashlee is confused.

Cross Creek:

Bill pushes Ava's wheelchair inside.
She smiles, "I've missed this place."
He nods, "Well we've all missed you. My Mom and Dad went to get some stuff to make a special dinner."
Ava grins, "They're so sweet. I'm so glad to be home."
He looks around, "Well we better get you laying down. The doctor said you need to stay in bed for a while."
She sighs, "I'm sorry I know you don't want to wait on me."
He stops her, "Hey don't worry. I'm gonna do everything I can to take care of you and the baby."
She holds his hand, "I'm so lucky Bill."
Bill has a flashback to his night with Olivia.


Sam walks over to Stephanie who is reading, "Hi do you remember me?"
She smiles, "Hi Sam. How's your neice?"
He nods, "Ava? She's much better. They released her a couple of hours ago."
She grins, "That's great. You want to sit?"
He pulls out a chair, "Sure. So how have you been."
She smiles at him, "I've been pretty good. So how long are you in town."
He sighs, "Well it was just temporary to visit my friend but I just can't get enough of this place."
She nods, "I know what you mean."
The two continue talking.


Lewis Construction:
Lucy and Dylan chat with Alex.
Lucy questions her, "So Alexandra, you don't agree with Cassandra? You're living with her."
Alex scoffs, "Well she owns the house! I'm not going to be thrown out like Alan! The only reason I'm still there is because I have a friendship with Edmund."
Dylan looks at her, "Well what can you do for us?"
Alex scoots closer, "Well as you know, one of Cassandra's most powerful pawns is that she has Lewis information. And what I know is she has a few moles in here. Not to mention rats who have been leaking information for quite some time."
Lucy sits back, "So would you happen to know who these so called 'moles' and 'rats' are?"
Alex whispers, "I could get you list by next week if you promise to help take down Cassandra then allow me to take on as CEO of Spaulding."
Lucy shakes her hand.
Alexandra sneaks out.

Cross Creek:
Bill brings Ava some water, "Here."
She takes it, "Thank you. Oh how's Emma?"
Bill clears his throat, "Well she's happy to know your okay. She's over at Olivia's."
Ava smiles, "When is she coming over?"
Bill is confused, "Excuse me?"
Ava nods, "Well you said that this summer she was going to spend few weeks here. When is that?"
Bill sits with her, "Ava do you remember anything that happened the day before you went to hospital."
She shakes her head, "No."
Bill sighs, "You don't remember any of it?"
She shakes her head again, "I remember going to see Olivia at the Beacon and then ending up in the hospital but that's it."
Bill realizes that Ava forgot that Marah revealed her hand in Emma's kidnapping.

Stephanie and Sam are going for a walk.
He looks at the pond, "It's so beautiful isn't it?"
She smiles, "Yes it is. So your a Journalist?"
He nods, "Yep. I'm thinking of getting a job again at WSPR."
She nods, "Oh really? My sister Gilly used to work there. I bet your a great writer."
He grins, "So I'm told. I just really love writing. It gives me a chance to really explore things and express myself."
She puts her hand on his, "This has been a fun day."
Sam turns to her, "Maybe we can do it again sometime?"
She nods, "Yes. I'd like that a lot."
She gives him her number.

San Cristobal:
The guy returns with an old photo, "I took this that night. It was a group photo. See there is the girl and the guy."
Marah notices Olivia but Jeffrey looks a little different. She quickly remembers he had plastic surgery, "Oh my God. Do you know where the other man was?"
The Gentleman looks over the picture then turns it to her, "Oh yes there he is."
He points to a young man.
Marah's mouth drops, "Oh my God! I know him!"

Ashlee sits up, "Coop, what do you mean I can't go home?"
He has tears in his eyes, "Ashlee. The doctors are keeping you here for your own good. You can't keep starving yourself."
She shakes her head, "No! No!"
He holds her hand, "Yes. Ashlee, I discussed it with your Mother. We are both going to be here by your side for this whole thing."
Ashlee starts crying, "No Coop! Please!"
Coop holds Ashlee close as she cries in his arms.

Aitoro House:
Natalia pulls away from Alan, "No Alan! Just forget it! I'm tired of this."
Alan shakes his head, "You act like I attacked you. You kissed me too."
Natalia goes to say something but they are both startled by the door opening.
Gus walks in, "Hey Dad. What brings you by?"
Alan smiles, "I heard you had a new house. I thought I'd come check it out."
Gus kisses Natalia, "Has he been bothering you?"
She shakes her head, "No of course not. Alan was just leaving. Right Alan?"
Alan nods, "Yes I was. You two have a nice day. Oh and Natalia remember what I said: Do what you want."
Alan leaves.
Gus looks at her, "What is he talking about?"
She shakes her head, "I have no idea."

Ava makes a business deal
Bill and Olivia talk with Emma
Parenting Classes
Coop apoligizes to Rocky
Vi gets jealous of Maureen
Marah uncovers a shocking secret!!!


Recommended Comments

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VERY GOOD - Love it... and Alex and Lucy team partnership is wise; but we'll see how it play out... I mean I will take a lot to bring down ex-strippers - turned Princess; and running the Spaulding empire Girl like Cassie....

AVA has two possible fathers... Either Richard or Edmund...

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  • Members

Thanks for reading!

Marah's really got a lot of info to play! The one thing that Ava has been holding over her is that her Dad Jeffrey is wrapped around her finger. This could change everything!

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  • Members

The hottest plot was definitely Dylan/Lucy/Alex/Cassie. It has so much intrigue to it since everyone's going after power.

The other plot I'm liking is Marah digging dirt on Ava. I hope she uses it and shoves it in Ava's face. Can't wait for Bill to reveal that he did her mom. Such wonderful karma in Springfield.

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Thanks Matt!

I really enjoy writing the storys about the Lewis vs Spaudlings.

And there is so much coming up about Marah and Ava. They are currently my favorite rivals to write for.

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Sorry I h ave been away Jay. But a great episode. I am so glad Ashlee is staying put in that hospital. She needs help and I hope she gets it. SO sad to see her leave.

And I really wonder if natalia is really fakiong h er amnesia or not.

The Cross Creek was beatiful

I love how Alan keeps rocking the boat

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  • Members

Thanks ML! Great to have you back!

Ashlee's gonna get the help she needs. :)

Ava is very hard to trust.

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