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Tidbits of Dahlia! Episode 93



On_the_Tracks_by_amphetamine_ashley.jpgBack at the railroad tracks, Dahlia continues to scream and breathe heavily as the train heads right towards her! She looks back at Ashley with a desperate look in her eyes that are pouring tears out every second.


"Please, if you have an ounce of decency in you, you'll help me! I can't die, not now of all times! We can work something out, I promise you, I- "

Dahlia is stopped as the train is now only centimeters away, and a loud, long scream is heard as the train runs right over Dahlia!!! Ashley laughs maniacally, as Dahlia's screams are heard miles and miles away. Ashley continues to laugh as the scream is muffled after only a few seconds, and she grins as pieces of what's left of Dahlia go flying all over the place, even a piece of meat hits Ashley in the face. After the train passes, all that is left is a devoured corpse. Ashley smirks as she crosses her arms and walks over to it and kicks it a little.

Ashley dt_bb_act_large_ajones_4.jpg

"Well, looks like one bitch is down, two to go. I'm really sorry it had to end like…this, but that's what you get for trying to interfere in my plans. But if you can still hear me at all, wherever the hell you are, take comfort in the fact that your enemy Natalia will suffer even more than you did. "

Ashley then looks at the small remnants of Dahlia, with some skeletal parts showing that remained intact, one last time before turning and walking away, still with a huge smile on her face.

Ashley, muttering to herself

"And soon, Bryan will be mine."


Episode 93: Tidbits Of Dahlia

Written by ML Cooks, Tara Smith and Durand Saint Hilaire

The Williams House,Raw00052.jpg

blair-underwood.jpgAbe is stunned as he looks upon his brother, getting it on with his wife

"What the hell is going on?" He says furiously, slamming the door; as he steps inside the house.

dc-1.jpgDC looks up at Abe as he gets off of his brother's wife. Sister Patterson than stands up to look at her husband.

Abe: You and my brother; in my Home?

sispatterson.jpgSister Pat is speechless; fixing her clothes, as she tries stepping in between Abe and DC.


"What's the matter, can't talk now? "After 25 years of marriage, and after everything you and I have been through – and – and this is –

Sister Pat: Abe, it is not what it looks like – You have to believe – what's just happened here - was nothing –

DC: Woman please –

PAT: Husband, Abe look at me; your brother had his dirty fat sloppy hands on me…

DC: Now you are tripping –

Abe: Shut the hell up, DC!

Sister Patterson, wiping tears from her face

"Are you blind or what? What does it look like? Ever since he came to town he has been all over me, pushing me, and tempting me… Oh Gosh, Lord knows I hate him; I hate him for what I have become…

Abe: "What will Miss Jenkins say about this?"

DC: "Don't tell me you buy into this Miss Jenkins hoopla."

Abe grabs his brother by the chest and slams him against the wall, and with a punch straight in the jaw.

Sister Pat: Stop it!

DC laughs as he spits blood from his mouth to the ground.

"You boys gone quit hitting an old man now."

Abe: "What is that supposed to mean?"

DC: "Your damn sons. All you boys have been hitting up on me."

Sister Pat: "Give it up. Listen Abe, I can't do this no more. I have sinned. Lord have Mercy I have sinned" she says breaking in to a whirlwind of tears, almost becoming hysterical

"God, strike me down now, Lord have Mercy." She looks up into Abe's eyes

"I cheated on you with Don. Our daughter, Kelis, was his child. Don was the father of Kelis. But God punished you by taking her away from us. Lord I am so sorry."

DC pushes Abe away from him, Abe is taken aback as a flood of flashbacks enter his mind. He remembers, being at the hospital, and kidnapping Kelis. He then remembers, having her tied up to a bed, then molesting her for years on end.

Abe: "Kelis wasn't our child?"

Sister: "No. That's why I shut down from you Abe. That's why I pushed you away. I couldn't give myself to you no more knowing what I caused, the death of a child. I am sorry' She says wrapping her arms around his legs, still crying hysterically.

Abe looks at his brother with hurt and anger in his eyes

"Why would the two of you do this to me? DO you know what you've caused? I can't take this. And My sons knew, and didn't say anything to me? My whole family" Abe shrugs his wife off him.

He looks at his brother and wife

"You two can have each other. I'm done." Abe then walks out the house with out saying another word.

Sister Patterson is still sitting on the floor crying and praying

"Lord have Mercy. Miss Jenkins is not going to like this. I lost my family."

DC: "It was bound to happen."

Pat: "And don't you start with me.

DC: You kept my child, my child! Away from me! I didn't have time to mourn her."

Sister Patter stops her water works upon hearing DC speak again and she gets up. She grabs her bible off the coffee table and begins to beat DC with it.Bible.jpg

Pasadena Police station12824943_551f054d6c.jpg

47.jpgAlexis is put back into her cell after coming from morning chow, when Rufus and Lisa approach her cell.


"You look so down Lexie. Cheer up, honey! Today is a good day!"


"Look I don't want to talk about Natalia……. Why is she dead?"


"Not yet… Soon I hope"

sundance.jpgLisa: "I don't know about all of that and it sounds like I don't want to; but we came down here because we have good news."

Rufus: "Welcome to freedom"

Alexis: "I'm being released?"

Lisa: "Yes ma'am." As she says that, the guard opens the cell door to release her.

Alexis: "Finally. It's about time. How did you do it Lisa?"

Lisa: "I was able to get the D.A. to drop the charges due to lack of evidence.. Like you said, it was a dark and stormy night' They all laugh as Alexis gives her a hug

"Thank you so much. "

Rufus: "Just in time too. Divine Design needs some damage control."

Alexis: "Not from you fruit cake"

Rufus: "Excuse me?"

Alexis: "Your services are no longer needed. You're dismissed. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Now get lost." She starts walking away.

Rufus: MMMM- Not so fast sweetie; I still have control of your shares, remember?"

Lisa and Alexis stop

Alexis: Excuse me?

Rufus: Yeah, remember that piece of paper you had me sign?

Alexis: Lisa?

Lisa: I am sorry; I was just doing you what you asked?

Alexis: Well, reverse it.

Rufus: "I'll give you two days to work it out… in the meantime you know where to find me;" Rufus starts walking away, and she stops. "And by the way if you need a place to stay, let me know; the penthouse is big enough for two people, oh here's a key just in case you change your mind."

She hands the key to Alexis, and Lisa takes it; and Rufus heads out.

Alexis: Fu(king bitch! That beast in a dress will not best me."

Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

Dr. Kiko Whitfield walks into Natalia's room. He sees Ria's watching Life in Salem's new spin off, Affairs of the Heart on TV sitting next to Natalia.

ria.jpgRia: "Well hello. Usually I would cuss anyone out for interrupting my stories, but for you cutie, I'll make an exception"

kiko16.jpgKiko: "Good to know you have a sense of humor"

With that Kiko heads towards Natalia on the bed.

"How are you feeling?"

davis.jpgNatalia: "I want to die."

Kiko: "I am really sorry for your loss."

Natalia begins to have tears come to her eyes,

"Some one killed my baby. I can't believe some one shot me and killed my innocent child."

Kiko: "I know this must be hard for you. I am prescribing some sedatives. I trust you will keep an eye on her Victoria?"

Ria: "You sounded sexy when you said my name. Can you say it again papi?"

Kiko: "I'll take that as a yes. Listen, Natalia, It would help to speak someone; preferably a counselor, I can recommend some good people for you; if you wouldn't mind." Kiko begins to walk out of the room when Ria jumps in front of him

"Why are you being shady? You don't like women or something? I know I am a pretty young thang out here."

Kiko: "You've already been with my brother. And I don't keep it in the family. Now if you'll excuse me" He says before walking out.

Ria: "Whatever. I will get me some of him. Fine ass. And he is a doctor too. He just don't know, I would rock his world!" She then looks at Nat.

"Girl you ready? Let's go back to my house and I'll fix up something good. You look like you can use a good meal."

Natalia looks into Ria's eyes

"My baby, the one thing holding Mark and I together; is gone Ria. And Mark didn't even have the decency to come over to check up on his baby."

Ria: "He was here girl. He knows the baby is dead."

Natalia: "And he didn't even come to see how I was doing. I am grasping at straws here."

Ria: "Girl what you talking about? I know you are not about to concede to defeat."

Natalia: "I just see everything so clearly now. Mark is never going to love me. I have no chance with him."

Ria: "Well girl, it could have been Bryan's baby. Oh and You know Sabryn just gave birth."

Natalia: "I don't want to hear nothing like that. It's time to take control of all these people that are after me. I have to find out who shot me. I want to find the person that killed my baby."

Ria: "I hate to say it but there is a lot of people who hate you."

Natalia: "Tell me about it, Sabryn, Rufus, Suga. This is war. I am back bitches." Ria gives Natalia a big hug,

'That's what I am talking about." Natalia pulls back from Ria's hug.

"That means you too Ria"

Ria: "Excuse me?"

Natalia : "Did you get revenge on me by shooting me for not letting you in the fashion?"

Ria is appalled and slaps Natalia

Down the hall, Kevin walks into Lauren room.

02_h.jpgKevin: "Is everything ok? Why are you here?"

kutdo.jpgLauren: "Well I fainted at Ty's mansion arguing with Jennifer. I found out I am pregnant Kevin."

Kevin's heart stops.

"Damn! So what does this mean? Am I the father?"

Lauren, wiping a tear

"I don't know . It could your's or Chris's. I feel like such a whore? " Kevin holds her.

Kevin: "Don't feel like that. " Kevin is so stunned he is at a loss for words.

"Does Daniel know?"

Lauren: "He thinks it's Chris's"

Kevin: "Lauren I am so sorry. What are you going to do?"

Lauren: "What do you mean, what I am going to do?"

Kevin: "Are you going to keep it?"

Lauren: "Of course I am. How could you ask something like that?"

Kevin: "Lauren, think about it. Having this baby is not good for anyone; If the baby turns out to be Chris's, well Chris is dead. He would not have a father. And if it's mine, then..?"

Lauren: "Then what?"

Kevin: "I love Sharan….. You love Daniel right?"

Lauren: "Yes I do, but regardless who's the father, I am going to love this baby no matter what. I can't really believe you were trying to suggest I get rid of it. What has gotten into you?"

Kevin: "I am just trying to do what is best for everyone. If this child is mine, it would hurt so many people. Lauren, we crossed the line. We made an error in judgment. Let's not put this baby through the pain of not having a family."

Lauren, wiping tears

"This baby is just an inconvenience for you. Don't worry about it Kevin. This is a gift from God. I am not going to alter that…. This child will have a family, two people who will love him and care for him for the rest of his life – Daniel and I will raise this child, no matter who's the father is… We don't need you and if you can't deal with that; I suggest you go to hell.

Kevin: "Lauren please don't be like that. Look I am sorry."

Lauren: Just get the hell out… When did you become so cruel?"

Kevin: "It's not even like that. Lauren we have been friends since high school. You know me better that that."

Lauren: I can't even look at you right now; just please – Just leave…

Kevin: Lauren;

Lauren: You are stressing me and my child… Please –

Kevin, obliges and leaves Lauren alone for the moment. He leaves Lauren in peace and as he leaves, she grabs her pillow and hugs it, bursting into tears.

Sabryn' s Room,

Bryan walks in and smiles at his new family. He watches Sabryn hold their new born son.infant-baby.jpg

tricia.jpgSabryn: "How nice of you to join us. Are you sure you're not going to pass out are you?"

datillo32106_92781.jpgBryan, chuckling,

"No I am not and I am sorry I did. It was all so over whelming." he says walking over to her and kissing her forehead.

"Our son is handsome. Looks just like his dad."

Sabryn: "No no, he gets his looks from his mother."

Bryan: "Can I hold him?"

Sabryn: "Yes you can." Sabryn hands Bryan Jr. to his dad." Bryan is overjoyed at holding his son for the first time.

"Hey little guy. I love you so much. I am going to do right by you and give you the kind of home I never had." He kisses his son on the forehead as Dr. Kiko Whitfield walks into the room.

Kiko: "Mr. Dattilo, nice of you to join us this time."

Bryan: "Sorry doctor."

Kiko: "It's quite alright. It happens a lot. And how is the new mother doing?"

Sabryn: "I am fine."

Kiko: "Good. I am here with your release papers."

Sabryn: "Thank you so much. Bryan and I have a wedding to plan."

Kiko: "I hope I get the first invitation. I did deliver you a baby."

Bryan: "Of course doctor. We are inviting you right now. It's in two days."

Kiko: "Congratulations. " Kiko says leaving.

Sabryn: "Let' take our baby home."

Bryan: "Good because I got a surprise for you."

Westwood ParkuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Natalia steps out of the shower when her door bell rings. She wraps her towel around her and goes to find out who it is. She opens the door and is not too pleased to see Mark.

"Oh how nice of you to show up now. Where the hell where you at when I needed you? I had to mourn the loss of this baby all by my damn self."

ffar15.jpgMark: "Please Natalia. I told you this baby was the only thing binding us together. The baby is gone and that means it's a wrap between you and I. I never loved you and I told you that repeatedly.'

Natalia: "I got the message. Loud and clear. You don't have to worry about me chasing you or trapping you no more. I am done. I've wasted my time fighting to be with you for the past year and look at where it has gotten me? Heart ache and pain."

Mark: "That's no one's fault but your own."

Natalia: "And you don't even give a damn. Why the hell are you here?"

Mark: "To tell you I know exactly what you did to be with me. You paid Suga to stab Dahlia in jail, thanks to you having her arrested. You are the reason why she could not have children."

Natalia: "How did you find out? Suga told you?"

Mark: "Dahlia her self did. In fact I am looking for her. Have you seen her?'

Natalia: "Dahlia? What do you mean she told you?"

Mark: "She's alive. She did not die in the trash compacter and she told me everything you did."

Natalia: "This can't be happening."

In an undisclosed location, Ashley is holding a baby as she sits in a rocking chair.big1.jpg

"Mommy got rid of an enemy today little guy. Mommy is fighting for our family." Then Diego walks in.

auto-deigoserrano.jpg"I got some interesting news for you.'

Ashley: "Which is?"

Diego: "Sabryn named her on Bryan Jr."

Ashley: "That bitch can't do this. My son is named Bryan Jr. Oh well, it will be settled at the wedding."

Diego: "Kiko released them today. The wedding is in two days."

Ashley: "Did you hear that Bryan Jr? You're going to meet your daddy in two days" She says kissing the baby. Then Ashley's cell phone rings

"Hello,…. It's about damn time. I'll meet you down there in a few minutes." She hangs her phone up.

Diego: "Who was that?"

Ashley: "The Lady in Black. Mona is back in Pasadena…"


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No F***in Way!!!!!!!!

I totally didn't see that beginning coming! Wow! Great job! I can't wait to see what Ashley does next.

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  • Members

LMAO - This is episode was crazy damn gooood.... First off, Ashley went over the edge reminded me of ANNIE Guilding Light!!!! and Alison OLTL... and Sheila B&B!!!! Holy Jesus...

Every scenes in this episode was well play out.... great read... RIA is need a cold shower, she hasn't got any lately - for awhile, she blowing out of control, - It would be nice if she hook up with ABE for a one night stand....

AWWWW - Lauren and Best Kevin, gangster/boyfriend Daniel with Dead man Chris baby drama - very touching emotionally moment... Starting feeling sorry for her - but four months... she would be showing by now... I cried reading the hospital scene with them -

OHHHH - THE ENDING was shocking.... Lady in Black is in town... Wheres Sharan, how they get back... okay my good!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

Nice Job... Very Good - LOVE IT!!!!!! ;)

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Ash is my new favorite psycho. She's crazier the second time around. I don't think Dahlia's dead.

Can't wait to see the bitch Nat is back. Everyone better watch out.

Lexi is dumb and Rufus has one upped her.

Sis Pat is a bad liar which should give Abe the ammo to diorce her.

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